Secret Bridesmaids' Business (2019)


Secret Bridesmaids' Business (TV Series 2019–2019)

The power of friendship comes to hand as three friends find this out through life and death situations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   7.2 /10
TheMovieDb    9.3 /10
Creator Tori Garrett
Creator Jennifer Perrott
Creator Andrew Anastasios
Creator Chelsea Cassio
Release Date2019-09-29
Runtime1h 0min
GenreDrama, Romance, Thriller
Content Rating
Awards1 nomination.
Melanie Heyward 6 episodes, 2019
Saskia De Merindol 6 episodes, 2019
Olivia Cotterill 6 episodes, 2019
Jakob Novak 6 episodes, 2019
Alex Blake 6 episodes, 2019
Michael Heyward 6 episodes, 2019
Bill Cotterill 6 episodes, 2019
Arlia Phieler
Arlia Phieler
Daisy Heyward / ... 6 episodes, 2019
Olive Trinchi
Olive Trinchi
Luci Heyward / ... 6 episodes, 2019
Oscar Kayo 6 episodes, 2019
Christof Delis 3 episodes, 2019
Colleen Cotterill 5 episodes, 2019
Uzma Abbassi 5 episodes, 2019
James Biasetto
James Biasetto
Eric Ramsey 5 episodes, 2019
Julia Parkes 4 episodes, 2019
Bruno Pippos 4 episodes, 2019
Dr. Elise Reardon 4 episodes, 2019
Kerri Lane 3 episodes, 2019
Nicole Vrisaki 3 episodes, 2019
Bree Tan 3 episodes, 2019
Janine Antonia 3 episodes, 2019
Det Mackenzie 2 episodes, 2019
Ginger Connor 2 episodes, 2019
Marieka Cummins 2 episodes, 2019
Kerrie Gee
Kerrie Gee
Mei-Lin 2 episodes, 2019
Dante 2 episodes, 2019
Bruce Hughes
Bruce Hughes
Jack Mey 2 episodes, 2019
Oliver Coleman
Oliver Coleman
Evan Reid 2 episodes, 2019

Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Secret Bridesmaids' Business is a six-part Australian television miniseries, produced by Seven Studios for the Seven Network.


Olivia's perfect wedding turns deadly after one of her bridesmaids unknowingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives, triggering a deadly chain reaction that blows open a hidden world of secrets.



  • Abbie Cornish as Melanie Heyward
  • Katie McGrath as Saskia de Merindol
  • Georgina Haig as Olivia Cotterill
  • Alexander England as Jakob Novak
  • Dan Spielman as Michael Heyward
  • Oliver Ackland as Alex Blake
  • Annie Jones as Colleen Cotterill
  • Nicholas Bell as Bill Cotterill
  • Charlotte Seedsman as Charlotte Seedsman


  • Jacquie Brennan as Kerri Lane
  • Artemis Ioannides as Uzmma
  • Jackson Tozer as Oscar
  • Emily Taheny as Nicole
  • Hannah Bath as Janine


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateAustralian viewers
1Episode 1Tori GarrettAndrew Anastasios29 September 2019426,000
The joy of an unexpected wedding proposal brings three best friends closer than ever, until a series of secrets are uncovered, and a dangerous obsession begins to spiral out of control.
2Episode 2Tori GarrettTrent Roberts30 September 2019N/A
Saskia and Alex go to extreme lengths to conceal damning lies from the past while Olivia wrestles with her life-threatening secret.
3Episode 3Jennifer PerrottTrent Roberts1 October 2019424,000
As Melanie fights for her marriage in the wake of her affair, Olivia rebounds from her failed engagement with a charming stranger, and an impetuous misstep of Saskia's catches up with her.
4Episode 4Jennifer PerrottChelsea Cassio and Alli Parker8 October 2019443,000
Melanie provokes a dangerous new rage in Jakob when she digs into his past. Olivia hides her diagnosis from those closest, while Saskia's unexpected relationship history is revealed.
5Episode 5Jennifer PerrottShanti Gudgeon & David Hannam15 October 2019N/A
Melanie turns stalker in a bid to save another woman from Jakob's harassment, while Olivia discovers Alex's darkest secret and Saskia starts to spiral in the aftermath of a vicious attack.
6Episode 6Jennifer PerrottDavid Hannam22 October 2019N/A
Olivia's wedding has finally arrived. None of the women realise that Melanie is still in danger — Jakob is hell-bent on revenge.