Blind Spot (2019)


Blind Spot (2019)
L'angle mort (original title)

Dominick has the gift of turning invisible, but that doesn't make his life any better. In fact, he even hides his power from his loved ones, as if it were some kind of disease. It becomes increasingly harder for him to keep his ability under control, and that puts his relationships and his stability in check. Trading the brightness of skyscrapers for the dampness of the suburbs, Blind Spot is the melancholic, anti-spectacular flip side of superhero movies.
IMDb   5.6 /10
TheMovieDb    5.7 /10
FilmAffinity   5.4 /10
Director Patrick-Mario Bernard
Director Pierre Trividic
Writer Patrick-Mario Bernard
Writer Emmanuel Carrère
Writer Pierre Trividic
Release Date2019-10-16
Runtime1h 44mins
Content Rating
Awards2 nominations.
CompanyEx Nihilo, Les Films de Pierre, Rouge International
Jean-Christophe Folly
Jean-Christophe Folly
Dominick Brassan
Viveka Behring
Richard Jaskowiak (as Sami Ameziane alias Comte de Bouderbala)
Cynthia Brassan
Marlette Brassan
Elliot Jenicot
Elliot Jenicot
Charbonell (as Elliot Jenicot de la Comédie Française)
Peter Bonke
Peter Bonke
Dany de Rovère
Hugues Jourdain
Hugues Jourdain
L'homme qui a son avis sur Brahms
Yannis Bougeard
Yannis Bougeard
L'homme qui a son avis sur les fiancés de Viveka
Jessica Leyemberger
Jessica Leyemberger
Jessica de Woodbrass
Le voisin au chien
Aude Lachaise
Aude Lachaise
La partenaire de Dany de Rovère
João Fernando Amorim Cabral Filho
João Fernando Amorim Cabral Filho
Le partenaire de Dany de Rovère
La mère de Richard Jaskowiak