The Best Years (2020)


The Best Years (2020)
Gli anni più belli (original title)

The story of Italy, from the 80s to nowadays, told through the life of four friends, Giulio, Gemma, Paolo e Riccardo; during 40 years of loves, aspirations, success and failures.
IMDb   6.2 /10
TheMovieDb    6.7 /10
FilmAffinity   7.0 /10
Release Date2020-02-13
Runtime2h 9min
Content Rating
Awards1 win & 12 nominations.
CompanyLotus Production, Rai Cinema, 3 Marys Entertainment
Paolo Incoronato
Riccardo Morozzi
Margherita Angelucci
Alma Noce
Alma Noce
Gemma adolescente
Francesco Centorame
Francesco Centorame
Giulio Ristuccia adolescente
Andrea Pittorino
Andrea Pittorino
Paolo Incoronato adolescente
Matteo De Buono
Matteo De Buono
Riccardo Morozzi adolescente
Mariano Rigillo
Mariano Rigillo
Avvocato Nobili
On. Sergio Angelucci
Madre di Paolo
Padre di Giulio
Gennaro Apicella
Gennaro Apicella

The Best Years (2020 film)

The Best Years (Italian: Gli anni più belli, lit. 'The nicest years') is a 2020 drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino.

The film, which was initially to be titled I migliori anni, began to be filmed on 3 June 2019 between Cinecittà, Rome, Naples, and Ronciglione and continued for the next nine weeks.

The soundtrack includes the song "Gli anni più belli" by Claudio Baglioni.


Giulio, Gemma, Paolo and Riccardo have been friends since adolescence. In 40 years their aspirations, successes and failures are told, and the film also telling the changes to Italy and the Italians.


  • Pierfrancesco Favino: Giulio Ristuccia
  • Micaela Ramazzotti: Gemma
  • Kim Rossi Stuart: Paolo Incoronato
  • Claudio Santamaria: Riccardo Morozzi
  • Emma Marrone: Anna
  • Nicoletta Romanoff: Margherita Angelucci
  • Francesco Acquaroli: Sergio Angelucci
  • Francesco Centorame: Giulio Ristuccia adolescent
  • Andrea Pittorino: Paolo Incoronato adolescent
  • Matteo De Buono: Riccardo Morozzi adolescent
  • Alma Noce: Gemma adolescent
  • Fabrizio Nardi: Padre di Giulio
  • Mariano Rigillo: lawyer
  • Paola Sotgiu: Paolo's mother
  • Elisa Visari: Sveva Ristuccia
  • Federica Flavoni: Luisa, Riccardo's mother


The Best Years premiered on 13 February 2020 in Italy.


Box office

As of 2 September 2020, the film grossed $0 in North America and $7 million worldwide, against a production budget of $9.5 million.