Fire Force (2019– )


Fire Force (TV Series 2019– )

The world we know is no more. A mysterious phenomenon stripped the humanity of the right to have a quiet life, with hopes and dreams. This plague is known as Spontaneous Human Combustion and turns people randomly into mindless creatures known as Infernals, which is the fate worse than death and causes one sufferings unimaginable. However, there are people that can control this cursed power and become pyrokinetics, who can manipulate the power of flame. To solve the mystery and cure the humanity, the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Army and The Holy Sol Temple form The Special Fire Force, also nicknamed Blue Stripes. Will the Special Fire Force solve the mystery and save the humanity from its new curse?
IMDb   7.7 /10
TheMovieDb    8.6 /10
RottenTomatoes  83 %
FilmAffinity   6.6 /10
Creator Yuki Yase
Creator Shuntaro Tozawa
Creator Yamato Haishima
Creator Yoriko Tomita
Release Date2019-07-04
GenreAnimation, Action, Drama
Content RatingTV-14 (TV-14)
AwardsAwards2 nominations
CompanyDavid Production
Shinra Kusakabeas Shinra Kusakabe
Akitaru Obias Akitaru Obi
Takehisa Hinawaas Takehisa Hinawa
Arthur Boyleas Arthur Boyle
Takehisa Hinawaas Takehisa Hinawa
Maki Ozeas Maki Oze
Maki Ozeas Maki Oze
Tamaki Kotatsuas Tamaki Kotatsu
Akitaru Obias Akitaru Obi
Shinra Kusakabeas Shinra Kusakabe
Konro Sagamiyaas Konro Sagamiya
Princess Hibanaas Princess Hibana
Arthur Boyleas Arthur Boyle
Viktor Lichtas Viktor Licht
Vulcan Josephas Vulcan Joseph
Benimaru Shinmonas Benimaru Shinmon