Pat a Mat: Zimní radovánky (2018)


Pat a Mat: Zimní radovánky (2018)

Pat and Mat - Winter Fun Pat and Mat animated film devoted to traditional puppet animation. Both characters have been here since 1976. They first appeared in the children's series and later came two films. Pat and Mata Winter fun, is the third film, which as the name suggests is taking place in the winter. The film is composed of individual stories that form a thematic unit.The winter is nearing and our two handymen can't wait for their winter fun.It is for the first time to see Pat and Mat enjoying the winter. How will they handle the decoration of their houses for he Christmas, and what presents will they found under the Christma tree. And do they have the same Christmas tree as we know, or will they make their special one. How will the solve the snow calamity and what a new machine will they make? After having fun in the snow the hot sauna would be perfect so lets build it. And how do they celebrate the end of the year?Pat and Mat in this movie are surprised by the snow calamity. ...
Czech Republic
IMDb   7.1 /10
TheMovieDb    6.0 /10
Director Marek Benes
Release Date2018-11-22
Runtime1h 0min
GenreAnimation, Family
Content Rating
CompanyJust Film Distribution, Patmat Film
CountryCzech Republic
LanguageDutch, None
Siem van Leeuwen
Siem van Leeuwen