Jacqueline Sauvage: It Was Him or Me (2018)


Jacqueline Sauvage: It Was Him or Me (2018)
Jacqueline Sauvage, c'était lui ou moi (original title)

On Monday, September 10, 2012, Jacqueline shot three bullets into her husband's back. Her tormentor was dead. Jacqueline's story turns into the most highly mediatized court case in recent years. As she waits in prison, on trial for murder, she is forced to relive the drama and trauma she and her children endured. Jacqueline is so terrorized and helpless, she can't even begin to explain the life of shame she has been repressing for 47 years. Punished for her silence, she gets convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. But with the unfaltering support of her daughters, and the work of dedicated lawyers who fight tooth and nail on her behalf, Jacqueline manages to come out of silence and little by little, tell the story of her personal hell. The news media buzzes with controversy over her personality as the facts in her case lead us through endless twists and turns, charged with conflicting emotions. Will she be able to rise above her court conviction and win over public opinion?
IMDb  6.9 /10
Director Yves Rénier
Writer Jacqueline Sauvage
Writer Nathalie Tomasini
Writer Janine Bonaggiunta
Writer Catherine Touzet
Writer Marie Deshaires
Writer Jean Falculète
Writer Négar Djavadi
Release Date2018-09-25
Runtime1h 31mins
GenreCrime, Drama
Content Rating
Awards1 win & 2 nominations.
Jacqueline Sauvage
Norbert Marot
Me Tomasini
Me Bonaggiunta
Samantha Rénier
Samantha Rénier
Laura Sepul
Laura Sepul
Anissa Allali
Anissa Allali
Nicky Zuliani
Directeur Prison
Catherine Demaiffe
Catherine Demaiffe
Présidente Cour d'Assises
Hélène de Saint-Père
Hélène de Saint-Père
Présidente Cour d'Appel
Agnès Guignard
Agnès Guignard
Christiane Marot
Avocat parties civiles
Adèle Sierra
Adèle Sierra
Jacqueline jeune