Boi (2019)


Boi (2019)

Boi is a young man starting out in a new job as a chauffeur. While anxiously waiting for news from his girlfriend regarding a decision that could change both their lives, he must accompany his first clients, Michael and Gordon, two Asian businessmen who have come to Barcelona in order to close a multimillion-dollar deal.
IMDb  5.0 /10
Director Jorge M. Fontana
Writer Jorge M. Fontana
Release Date2019-03-29
Runtime1h 50mins
GenreMystery, Thriller
Content RatingTV-MA (TV-MA)
Awards1 nomination.
CompanyAquí y Allí Films, Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA), Versus Entertainment
LanguageFrench, Spanish, English
Fina Rius
Fina Rius
Tia Boi
Jefe de Boi (voice)
Botones hotel
Jack Campmany
Jack Campmany
Seguridad hotel
Berta Pipó
Berta Pipó
Amiga Anna
Consuelo Solsona
Consuelo Solsona
Abuela calle
Pep Payo
Pep Payo
Eli Iranzo
Eli Iranzo
Dueña Bar
Eduard Fontana
Eduard Fontana
Joven cliente 1
David Miró
David Miró
Joven cliente 2
Chica anuncio

Boi (film)

Boi is a 2019 Spanish thriller film directed and written by Jorge M. Fontana.


  • Bernat Quintana as Boi
  • Andrew Lua as Michael
  • Adrian Pang as Gordon
  • Anatoly Chugunov as Mafioso
  • Miranda Gas as Anna
  • Macarena Gómez as Dueña Club Privado
  • Rachel Lascar as Mme. Tabard
  • Pol López as Felipe
  • Man Mourentan as Mou
  • Jean Claude Ricquebourg as Eduardo
  • Fina Rius as Tia Boi


Carlos Aguilar writing for the Los Angeles Times gave the film a bad review, stating: "'Boi', from first-time Spanish writer-director Jorge M. Fontana, aims to examine an individual with unfulfilled artistic aspirations wrapped in a cryptic thriller; however, its stylish features overpower its many attempts at philosophical depth." Helen T. Verongos from the New York Times also disliked the movie, writing: "The tantalizing clues, occasional laughs, and lapses, in reality, are not enough to hold this film together."