Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia (2020)


Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia (2020)
Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia (original title)

A young artist, imprisoned within the trammels of opium addiction, relives his phantasmagorical courtship with a mysterious Soprano known only as Ligeia. While exploring these opium induced memories, the lines dividing reality and fantasy, memory and hallucination, begin to blur into an indecipherable labyrinth of obsession and despair. Though he is nursed back to health by a new love, the Lady Rowena, the haunting of Ligeia's memories as well as the spirits of Azrael and Nehushtan, continue to plague his mind and soul. Will the young artist move past his attachment to opium's bliss and his obsession with the deceased Ligeia, or will he succumb to the serpent's kiss of the opium pipe?
IMDb   4.1 /10
Director Griffith Mehaffey
Writer Griffith Mehaffey
Writer Edgar Allan Poe
Release Date2019-12-31
Runtime1h 40min
Content Rating
Young Artistas Young Artist
Ligeiaas Ligeia
Rowenaas Rowena
Frank Dolansky
Frank Dolansky
Azraelas Azrael
Gideon Hodge
Gideon Hodge
Nehushtanas Nehushtan
James Horan
James Horan
The Narratoras The Narrator