The Falls (2018)


The Falls (2018)

Old Lin has been running a moderate company as a small boss. There are three members of his family: his wife lives abroad and his son is preparing for the college entrance exam. His daily life is simple. Except for clocking in and clocking out of the company, he stays at home to watch TV and scold his son, or hangs out with old friends for a drink. His life goes in no hurry. When summer comes, old Lin makes a deal with a big company, but that company does not pay him as promised. Old Lin has to retrieve his money as soon as possible, or his small company will get into serious trouble. From now on, the life of Old Lin's has changed.
IMDb  5.3 /10
Director Lidong Zhou
Writer Lidong Zhou
Release Date2018-10-13
Runtime1h 48mins
Content Rating
Awards1 win & 2 nominations.
CompanyBochean Films
Daju Lu
Daju Lu
Mr. Lu
Luyang Yan
Luyang Yan
Mingyi Yang
Mingyi Yang
Zhang Peng
Lidong Zhou
Lidong Zhou
Old Lin