Children of a Lesser God (TV Series 2018)


Children of a Lesser God (TV Series 2018–2018)
Jakeun Shinui Aideul (original title)

Chun Jae In is an elite detective with a genius IQ, who guided by only facts, logic, and numbers. Meanwhile, Kim Dan is a rookie detective who can see ghosts. They work together to uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization.
South Korea
IMDb   7.5 /10
TheMovieDb    8.0 /10
Creator Kang Shin-Hyo
Creator Woo-Ri Han
Release Date2018-02-24
Runtime1h 0mins
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Mystery
Content Rating
CompanyKPJ, Studio Dragon
CountrySouth Korea
Chun Jae In 16 episodes, 2018
Kim Dan 16 episodes, 2018
Hee-seop Sim
Hee-seop Sim
Joo Ha Min 16 episodes, 2018
Pastor Wang 16 episodes, 2018
Elliya Lee
Elliya Lee
Baek Ah Hyun 15 episodes, 2018
Kim Ho Ki 14 episodes, 2018
Seo-jin Han
Seo-jin Han
Kim Dan [Young] 11 episodes, 2018

Children of a Lesser God (TV series)

Children of a Lesser God (Korean: 작은 신의 아이들; RR: Jageun Sinui Aideul) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Ok-bin. It aired on OCN's Saturdays and Sundays at 22:20 (KST) time slot from March 3 to April 22, 2018.


The story of two detectives who work together to unravel the corruption behind a tragedy that happens within a powerful organization.



  • Kang Ji-hwan as Cheon Jae-in
  • Kim Ok-bin as Kim Dan Han Seo-jin as young Kim Dan
  • Han Seo-jin as young Kim Dan


  • Shim Hee-sub as Joo Ha-min
  • Lee Elijah as Baek A-hyeon
  • Lee Jae-yong as Kook Han-joo
  • Jang Gwang as Pastor Wang
  • Lee Hyo-jung as Baek Do-gyu
  • Yeon Je-hyung as Gye Do-hoon
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Kim Ho-ki
  • Kim Hyung-bum as Choi Sung-ki
  • Joo Suk-tae as Park Ji-hoon, Team leader
  • Kim Ji-yoo as Da Yun
  • Kim Dong-young as serial killer Han Sang-goo


  • The first script reading of the cast was held on December 17, 2017 at CJ E&M in Sangam-dong.
  • Jo Min-ki originally played Kook Han-joo but he was removed from the series after accusations of sexual harassment and assault. He was replaced by Lee Jae-yong.


SeasonEpisode numberAverage
Average TV viewership ratings
Ep.Original broadcast dateAverage audience share
AGB NielsenTNmS
1March 3, 20182.540%2.870%2.5%
2March 4, 20182.705%2.702%2.8%
3March 10, 20182.154%2.200%2.2%
4March 11, 20182.861%2.734%2.5%
5March 17, 20182.464%2.208%2.8%
6March 18, 20183.195%3.246%3.2%
7March 24, 20182.548%2.426%2.5%
8March 25, 20183.295%3.412%3.6%
9March 31, 20182.886%2.923%2.9%
10April 1, 20183.502%3.299%3.0%
11April 7, 20183.044%2.807%3.1%
12April 8, 20183.651%3.526%3.8%
13April 14, 20183.155%3.136%3.3%
14April 15, 20183.847%3.426%3.6%
15April 21, 20183.287%3.152%3.4%
16April 22, 20183.926%3.408%4.2%
  • In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • This drama aired on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).