Siyah Beyaz Ask (2017–2018)


Siyah Beyaz Ask (TV Series 2017–2018)

Ferhat a cold-blooded, emotionless and cruel man who is a shooter for his uncle and has a wounded past.Asli, is a naive female doctor who wishes to serve humanity. An unforgettable love will be experienced with these two contrasting characters. Black and white as opposed to the love of the opposite characters will encounter a full of adventure.
IMDb   8.1 /10
TheMovieDb    6.1 /10
FilmAffinity   5.9 /10
Creator Altan Dönmez
Creator Emir Khalilzadeh
Creator Erkan Birgören
Creator Eylem Canpolat
Release Date2017-10-15
Runtime2h 20min
GenreAction, Drama, Romance
Content Rating
AwardsAwards8 nominations
CompanyD Production
Ferhat Aslanas Ferhat Aslan
Asli Çinaras Asli Çinar
Namik Emirhanas Namik Emirhan
Cüneyt Koçakas Cüneyt Koçak
Idil Yamanas Idil Yaman
Yigit Aslanas Yigit Aslan
Abidin Adaklias Abidin Adakli
Gülsüm Aslanas Gülsüm Aslan…
Yeter Aslanas Yeter Aslan
Yaprakas Yaprak
Özlem Zeynep Dinsel
Özlem Zeynep Dinsel
Vildan Koçakas Vildan Koçak
Burcu Cavrar
Burcu Cavrar
Hülyaas Hülya
Gökhan Soylu
Gökhan Soylu
Necdet Aslanas Necdet Aslan
Suna Dizdar
Suna Dizdar
Zeynepas Zeynep
Ugur Aslan
Ugur Aslan
Cem Çinaras Cem Çinar
Azadas Azad
Selin Sekerci
Selin Sekerci
Ayhanas Ayhan
Turgay Kantürk
Turgay Kantürk
Sahinas Sahin

Siyah Beyaz Aşk

Siyah Beyaz Aşk (English title: Black and White Love) is a Turkish romantic drama television series starring İbrahim Çelikkol, Birce Akalay, Muhammet Uzuner, Arzu Gamze Kılınç, Ece Dizdar and Deniz Celiloğlu. It premiered on Kanal D on October 16, 2017 and concluded on May 28, 2018.


It is a story about Asli, an uptight and kind-hearted doctor who is an orphan living in Istanbul with her police brother, Andfer gets entangled in a kind-of-mafia situation. In order to live, she has to marry the lead enforcer of that mafia, named Ferhat, a cold-blooded killer with a wounded past. Ferhat works with his uncle,buisnessman Namik Emirhan. Ferhat's father was shot when he was 12 in market in front of him. Ferhat at the age of 12 was persuaded by namik killed the killer of his father pushing him into wrong world. Ferhat and his family including his mother and sister lives in Namik's house. Ferhat younger brother is a prosecutor who does not like ferhat and Namik due to there illegal works. Asli comes to know that ferhat father is Namit, but Ferhit does not know this. With a perod of events Asli falls in love with Ferhit and becomes pregnant with his son. She also changes Ferhit making him a warm hearted and loving man.


  • İbrahim Çelikkol as Ferhat Aslan, Yeter's son, Asli's lover/ husband.
  • Birce Akalay as Aslı Çınar Aslan, Cem’s younger sister, Ferhat's lover/ wife.
  • Muhammet Uzuner as Namık Emirhan, Ferhat's father’s friend (who raised Ferhat and brought in the Aslans to his home) and Handan’s brother
  • Arzu Gamze Kılınç as Yeter Aslan, Ferhat, Yiğit and Gülsüm’s mother
  • Ece Dizdar as İdil Yaman Emirhan, Namik’s wife
  • Deniz Celiloğlu as Yiğit Aslan, Yeter’s son, Ferhat’s and Gülsüm’s brother, Suna’s husband and Özgür’s father
  • Cahit Gök as Cüneyt Koçak, Vildan’s husband, Gülsüm’s former lover and Necdet’s father
  • Uğur Aslan as Cem Çınar, Asli’s older brother, Ebru's lover.
  • Sinem Ünsal as Gülsüm Aslan Adaklı, Yeter’s daughter, Ferhat and Yiğit‘s younger sister, Abidin’s wife and Necdet’s mother
  • Özlem Zeynep Dinsel as Vildan Koçak, Cüneyt’s wife, Ferhat’s former lover, Handan’s daughter and Özge’s mother
  • Timur Ölkebaş as Abidin Adaklı, Ferhat’s cousin, Gülsüm’s husband, Handan’s son and Necdet’s adoptive father
  • Burcu Tuna as Suna Aslan, Yiğit‘s wife and Özgür’s mother
  • Kadriye Kenter as Handan Adaklı, Namik’s sister, Vildan and Abidin’s mother
  • Fatih Topçuoğlu as Dilsiz, Ferhat’s right hand man and Hülya’s lover
  • Ceylan Odman as Deniz, Asli's close friend.
  • Nihan Aşıcı as Yaprak
  • Burcu Cavrar as Hülya, maid of the Aslans and Dilsiz’s lover
  • Selin Köseoğlu as Jülide, Asli and Cem’s long lost niece
  • Özgül Sağdıç as Ebru, Asli’s best friend-turned enemy, Cem's lover.
  • Batuhan Davutoglu as Özgür Aslan, Yiğit and Suna’s son.
  • Roza Çelik as Özge Koçak, Vildan and Cüneyt’s daughter, Handan's granddaughter.