Traitors (2019)


Traitors (TV Series 2019–2019)

Feef Symonds is a young British training to become a spy overseas when WWII ends and her aspiration of living an exciting life full of purpose ends. She is then approached by her American lover, who is working for the American intelligence. He recruits her to Work fo the Americans as she becomes a civil servant secretary in order to find Russian moles, which they believe infiltrated the British govermemt. Pressure rapidly grows as alliances are tested and she learns that in the spying game you cannot really trust anyone.
IMDb   6.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.7 /10
FilmAffinity   6.0 /10
Creator Dearbhla Walsh
Creator Alex Winckler
Creator Bathsheba Doran
Creator Emily Ballou
Release Date2019-03-29
Content RatingTV-MA (TV-MA)
Company42, Twenty Twenty Television
Feef Symondsas Feef Symonds
Jackson Coleas Jackson Cole
Priscilla Garrickas Priscilla Garrick
Hugh Fentonas Hugh Fenton
Jimmy Derbyas Jimmy Derby
Freddie Symondsas Freddie Symonds
Mark Stephensas Mark Stephens
Herbert Quickas Herbert Quick
Alex Mulliganas Alex Mulligan
Jerry Roxboroughas Jerry Roxborough
Rae Savittas Rae Savitt
Sullivan MI5as Sullivan MI5
Martin Garrickas Martin Garrick
Nevilleas Neville
David Hennesseyas David Hennessey
William Beaumontas William Beaumont…

Traitors (TV series)

Traitors is a British television drama miniseries created by Bathsheba Doran and broadcast by Channel 4 and Netflix in 2019. Set in 1945 London after the end of World War Two, Traitors follows a young woman recruited by the American Office of Strategic Services to identify a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office.

Cast and characters

  • Emma Appleton as Feef Symonds, a young, naive and little analytical-intelligent upper-class civil servant in the Cabinet Office recruited as an agent by the Office of Strategic Services
  • Luke Treadaway as Hugh Fenton, a Labour Party Member of Parliament for Derbyshire and Royal Tank Regiment veteran
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Thomas Rowe, a senior American agent handler of the Office of Strategic Services
  • Keeley Hawes as Priscilla Garrick, a senior civil servant of the Cabinet Office
  • Brandon P. Bell as Jackson Cole, an American army driver and Rowe's assistant at the Office of Strategic Services
  • Matt Lauria as Peter McCormick, an American army soldier and a staff of the Office of Strategic Services
  • Greg McHugh as David Hennessey, a civil servant in the Ministry of Housing
  • Jamie Blackley as Freddie Symonds, Feef's brother, a closeted gay man, and an unsuccessful Conservative Party parliamentary candidate
  • Bijan Daneshmand as Abu Selim, Minister from the Arab League addressing the Cabinet Office


The series begins and each episode ends, with a recording of the Pete Seeger song "There is Mean Things Happening in This Land", recorded for the purpose by Graham Coxon.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUK viewers
1"Feef"Dearbhla WalshBathsheba Doran17 February 2019N/A
In 1945 London, Feef, a vibrant British twenty-something is seduced by an American agent into spying on her own country. Her task is to find a Russian mole leaking secrets from the heart of government.
2"Hugh"Dearbhla WalshBathsheba Doran24 February 2019N/A
Feef's lover goes missing, just as things begin to heat up in her hunt for the Russian mole. And she commits her first personal betrayal when she's instructed to spy on the MP who is falling for her.
3"Priscilla"Dearbhla WalshBathsheba Doran3 March 2019N/A
The truth about Jarvis is revealed. And the Soviet mole begins to notice Feef's mission. The game of cat and mouse is on - and the stakes are deadly.
4"Rae"Alex WincklerEmily Ballou10 March 2019N/A
Feef makes an enemy of her handler, when she threatens to quit and reveal all - just as a trap is laid for her by the Russian mole, who will kill the unknowing Feef if she makes the wrong move.
5"Jackson"Alex WincklerTracey Scott Wilson17 March 2019N/A
Feef finds out what happened to her missing lover and who the mole is. She kills one enemy, but makes a deadlier one. Time is running out, her life is at risk and she doesn't have any allies left.
6"It's Me"Alex WincklerBathsheba Doran24 March 2019N/A
With no one left to protect her, Feef is forced into the mole's path when she is asked to try and 'turn' them, and escape a new and dangerous enemy. And Hugh gives her an ultimatum.