The Great Flip-Off (2018)


The Great Flip-Off (2018)

The Great Flip-Off follows extreme circus bareback riding families in what may be their final feat against the loss of their livelihood and the death of their art form. Join these legendary families from Italy, Mexico, Hungary and France as they bring the history, risk and beauty of the original circus act to a multi-generational audience, one last time in Orlando, Florida. Then, return 10 years later to discover how these families have dealt with the passing of time in a range of unusual happy endings and ultimate heartbreak. In 2006, we meet the best-of-the-best bareback artists past and present -- The Donnerts, the Turveys, The Suarezes, the Zamperla-Zoppes, Timi Loyal and Mark Karoly. Each family holds a unique place in American circus riding history. They are competitors that agree to unite for a one night performance for the sake of keeping their art alive. From the seventh generation Italian Zamperla Zoppes, to the Donnerts who escaped from communist Hungary, to the Loyals of ...
IMDb  9.2 /10
Director Dafna Yachin
Writer Gabriella Bottoni
Writer Gabe Wiener
Writer Dafna Yachin
Release Date2018-04-15
Runtime1h 27mins
Content Rating
CompanyLunchbox Communications