Lady Gaga: Poker Face (2008)


Lady Gaga: Poker Face (2008)

The music video is set by a pool, as well as in a mansion. It begins with Gaga emerging from the pool wearing a mirror masquerade mask and a black sleeveless latex bodysuit with a jagged shoulder pad, with two Great Danes beside her. She throws the mask aside and the song begins with a facial shot of Gaga singing it. Gaga wears a metallic sticker on her left cheek in this shot. Featured in the video are scenes of Gaga in a mansion and dancing poolside with her dancers in a turquoise leotard. Gaga attends a wild party where every man and woman tries their luck on a strip poker game. The party gets wilder when all the party's guests strip down to their underwear, dance around, and share kisses with each other. The video also features several white mannequins on her swimming pool deck. During the musical interlude before the "I won't tell you that I love you" hook, Gaga is shown in her trademark "Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow" sunglasses while sitting beside the pool. The video ends with the head shot of Gaga singing the Mum-mum-mum-ma hook.
IMDb   7.3 /10
FilmAffinity   5.7 /10
Director Kay Ray
Release Date2008-10-21
GenreShort, Music, Musical
Content Rating
AwardsAwards2 wins & 6 nominations
Dave Aquino
Dave Aquino
Poker playeras Poker player
Lady Gagaas Lady Gaga