Speed Racer: Race to the Future (2016)


Speed Racer: Race to the Future (2016)
Speed Racer Movie (original title)

Speed's dad's research about Time Orbs turns out to be a success. Time Orbs are machines that help travel in short spans of time, forwards or backwards, according to the charge put in it. Speed's car is installed with one to help prevent crashes, but when his car is hit by a thunderbolt, he and his team are sent far into the future. When they reach the future world, they meet Sparky's son, who tells them about the retaliation they organised, as their future selves, against Leland building robots programmed to take over the humans. They plan to help them and get back home safely for which they need an energy source to power the orb. Speed decides to compete in the Superdome 1000 against robot drivers to win some money for the energy to power the orb. They then carry out the mission to stop Leland from his evil plan.
IMDb  2.7 /10
Director Bob Fuentes III
Writer Michael Maurer
Release Date2016-01-12
Runtime1h 6mins
GenreAnimation, Action
Content Rating
CompanyToonz Media Group
CountryIndia, USA
Zack Cohen
Zack Cohen
Sparky / Older Sparky (uncredited)
Victoria Feinerman
Victoria Feinerman
Trixie (uncredited)
Karine Hyman
Karine Hyman
Jennifer (uncredited)
Gabriella Lewis
Gabriella Lewis
Little Bot (uncredited)
Simon Shocket
Simon Shocket
Speed (uncredited)