Waking Up with You (TV Series 2016– )


Waking Up with You (TV Series 2016– )
Despertar contigo (original title)

Pablo Herminio loves being a bodyguard. When he rescues Antonia, a magnate in the flower industry, she offers him a full time position as her personal bodyguard. Pablo soon learns that working for Antonia involves a lot of personal sacrifice and could cost him the love of his life...a young doctor named Maia who happens to be the daughter of Antonia's worst enemy and business rival.
IMDb  7.2 /10
Creator Pedro Damián
Creator Eloy Ganuza
Creator María Eugenia Cervantes
Creator Rocio Lara
Release Date2016-08-08
Content Rating
CompanyTelevisa S.A. de C.V.
Daniel Arenas
Daniel Arenas
Pablo 122 episodes, 2016-2017
Maia 122 episodes, 2016-2017
Sara Corrales
Sara Corrales
Cindy 122 episodes, 2016-2017
Othón 121 episodes, 2016-2017
Antonia 120 episodes, 2016-2017
Federico 118 episodes, 2016-2017
Tulia 117 episodes, 2016-2017
Roberta Damián
Roberta Damián
Jenny Paola 115 episodes, 2016-2017
Frida 110 episodes, 2016-2017
Cristian 108 episodes, 2016-2017
Sebastián Poza
Sebastián Poza
Mosquito 106 episodes, 2016-2017
Rafael 105 episodes, 2016-2017
Rodolfo 103 episodes, 2016-2017
Eligio 99 episodes, 2016-2017
Silvestre 94 episodes, 2016-2017
Carmen 90 episodes, 2016-2017
Eloy Ganuza
Eloy Ganuza
Álvaro / ... 86 episodes, 2016-2017
Lucas Bernabé
Lucas Bernabé
Wilson 85 episodes, 2016-2017
Luz Aldán
Luz Aldán
Flora 82 episodes, 2016-2017
Néstor 78 episodes, 2016-2017
Tatiana 73 episodes, 2016-2017
Alejandro Valencia
Alejandro Valencia
Ferney 68 episodes, 2016-2017
Arturo García Tenorio
Arturo García Tenorio
Ismael 67 episodes, 2016-2017
Isidora Vives
Isidora Vives
Rosalía 60 episodes, 2016-2017
56 episodes, 2016-2017
Claudia Acosta
Claudia Acosta
Rufina 55 episodes, 2016-2017

Despertar contigo

Despertar contigo (English title: Waking up with you) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Damián for Televisa. It is a free version of the Colombian telenovela Pobre Pablo. The series originally aired from August 8, 2016 to January 22, 2017

The series is starring Daniel Arenas as Pablo Herminio, Ela Velden as Maia Alcalá, Aura Cristina Geithner as Antonia and Enoc Leaño as Othón.


At a flower-growing convention, destiny brings together two young people whose love story begins when they meet. Maia and Pablo come from different social classes. Maia is Othón's oldest and only daughter after losing his son, Gael, in a house fire. Othón is one of the most important entrepreneurs of the flower cultivation and is heavily strict towards her. On the other hand, Pablo is part of the bodyguard squad of Antonia, the rival of Othón ... two people with many account slopes.

And it is because Antonia and Othón have known each other since they were young and do not miss a chance to hurt themselves, Antonia takes advantage of the meeting between Maia and Pablo to deceive Maia by saying that Pablo is one of the most important floriculturists of the country ... a lie whose purpose is not to hurt Maia, who does not care if Pablo is from a rich social class or not, but Othón, who is heavily strict towards Maia, wants her to be married to a wealthy man and would be actually more than destroyed if he knew that she loves a poor man.

But in addition, the love between Maia and Pablo is not only condemned by the entanglements that surround their encounter, but also by their former flames: Cindy and Federico. Cindy, who was Pablo's girlfriend in the past and calls him by his middle name, Herminio, comes back into his life, wanting Pablo back in a desperate and obsessive manner. Meanwhile, Federico is a junior who is with Maia for interest and wants to marry her with Othón's support (who believes that he is a millionaire). Both will do whatever they can to prevent a "stretched" and "naughty" from taking away, what they believe, belongs to them. With making things even worse for both Maia and Pablo, Maia turns out to be pregnant with Pablo's baby and decides to keep this a secret, by claiming that the baby is Federico's.

Bad blood, spite and jealousy are the condiments of this love story, which is born suddenly in the least expected place and tests the ingenuity and decision of Maia and Pablo.



  • Daniel Arenas as Pablo Herminio Leal Bueno
  • Ela Velden as Maia Alcalá González
  • Aura Cristina Geithner as Antonia Santamaría
  • Enoc Leaño as Othón Alcalá


  • Alejandro Calva as Rafael Reyna
  • Anna Ciocchetti as Cynthia Madrigal / Isaura Hidalgo de Reyna
  • Antonio De Carlo as Rogelio
  • Mara Cuevas as Carmen González de Alcalá
  • Arturo García Tenorio as Ismael
  • Leticia Huijara as Tulia Ventura
  • Rodrigo Murray as Eligio Vallejo
  • Sara Corrales as Cindy Reyna
  • Christian Chávez as Christian Leal
  • Estefanía Villarreal as Frida Díaz de la Vega
  • Daniel Tovar as Rodolfo Soler
  • Eloy Ganuza as Álvaro
  • Gonzalo Peña as Federico Villegas
  • Marcus Ornellas as Néstor
  • Lucas Bernabé as Wilson
  • Alejandro Valencia as Ferney
  • Roberta Damián as Jenny Paola Leal
  • Sebastián Poza as Abel
  • Isadora Vives as Rosalía
  • Claudia Acosta as Rufina
  • Luz Aldán as Flora
  • Armando Silvestre as Silvestre Leal


  • Claudio Báez as El Coronel
  • Maluma as Himself

Awards and nominations

35th TVyNovelas Awards
Best Co-lead ActressLeticia HuijaraNominated
Best CastDespertar contigoNominated