The Daltons (2010–2016)


The Daltons (TV Series 2010–2016)
Les Dalton (original title)

The Dalton brothers (Joe, Jack, William, and Averell) are imprisoned in Nevada Penitentiary under the watchful eye of warden Melvin Peabody. They repeatedly devise escape plans, taking advantage of weaknesses in the security system or opportunities presented to them. Their freedom and their return to a life of crime are their ultimate goals. However each successful escape is short-lived. They find themselves either back to the penitentiary or other prison-like environments. The Daltons' daily lives are further complicated by a group of recurring characters, such the dim-witted guard dog Rantanplan, sexy librarian Miss Betty, eccentric witch-doctor Fabulous Falcon, and tribal chief Crazy Wolf. Sometimes they help out the Daltons, and sometimes they hinter their plans.
IMDb   7.3 /10
TheMovieDb    7.3 /10
Creator Jim Gomez
Creator Charles Vaucelle
Creator Gregory Baranes
Creator Yves Coulon
Release Date2010-05-23
GenreAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
Content Rating
CompanyDargaud Marina, Lucky Comics, Xilam
Averell Daltonas Averell Dalton
William Daltonas William Dalton
William Daltonas William Dalton
Miss Bettyas Miss Betty
Jack Daltonas Jack Dalton…
Michel Dodane
Michel Dodane
Emettas Emett
Marie-France Ducloz
Marie-France Ducloz
Gretaas Greta
Bruno Flender
Bruno Flender
Jack Daltonas Jack Dalton
Luq Hamet
Luq Hamet
Jesse Jamesas Jesse James
Averell Daltonas Averell Dalton…
Christophe Lemoine
Christophe Lemoine
Joe Daltonas Joe Dalton
Edwige Lemoine
Edwige Lemoine
Miss Bettyas Miss Betty
Bruno Magne
Bruno Magne
Loup Cingléas Loup Cinglé
Joe Daltonas Joe Dalton
La féeas La fée
Rantanplanas Rantanplan
Emmanuelle Pailly
Emmanuelle Pailly
Lucyas Lucy
Vrai Fauconas Vrai Faucon

Les Dalton (TV series)

The Daltons (known as Les Dalton in French) is a French comedy animated television series based on the works by artist Morris and writer René Goscinny as it focuses on the four main villains of the comic book series Lucky Luke who try to escape the prison they get locked up in every time Lucky Luke captures them. The show is being adapted by Olivier Jean-Marie and Jean-François Henry while the series is directed by Charles Vaucelle.


Prisoners of a penitentiary in the Nevada desert , the Dalton brothers try to escape from the penitentiary but without achieving their ends.



  • Joe Dalton - Joe is the oldest of the Dalton brothers, the smallest in stature and the one who makes all the decisions. He is smarter than his brothers, he is very nervous, impulsive, brawling and very often angry or annoyed. He invents ever more imaginative, wacky and creative plans to escape, but which never come to fruition because of either his impulsiveness, or Averell's stupidity, or Rantanplan's stupidity, or of an unforeseen element. (voiced by John Mariano (Seasons 1-2) / Marc Thompson (Fort Dalton)) His tremendous anger stems from his hatred of Lucky Luke due to him putting them in prison multiple times.
  • Jack Dalton - Jack is the most reserved of the Dalton brothers. He is quite withdrawn, attentive and calm; we discover him as a mechanical genius. (voiced by Brian Cummings (Season 1) / Tom Wayland (Fort Dalton))
  • William Dalton - William is the most intelligent and cultured of the Dalton brothers. He is quite thoughtful and calm, he is also the one who solves even the most complex problems, he is even able to translate ancient texts like Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs) and he is close to Jack. (voiced by Barry Dennen (Seasons 1-2) / Tom Wayland (Fort Dalton))
  • Averell Dalton - Averell is the tallest, youngest, and dumbest of the Dalton brothers (which is a common cause of escape failures). He is sensitive, and honest in spite of himself. He is very often in the moon. He is also a great foodie, however he sometimes has strokes of genius or shows himself to be very talented in certain fields (especially art), such as making trompe-l'oeil, making origami or sculptures. with just about anything: stones, soap, food. (voiced by Maurice LaMarche (Season 1-2) / Marc Thompson (Fort Dalton))
  • Melvin Peabody - Melvin is the warden of the penitentiary (although most of the decisions are made by Miss Betty). He closely monitors the actions of the Dalton brothers. He is also fairly self-assured, greedy, impulsive, and he panics quite easily when the Daltons try to escape. He also has a soft spot for Miss Betty. He dreams of his penitentiary becoming famous and holding onto its reputation. It sometimes receives famous people like Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Queen Victoria, Ulysses S. Grant, the Dr. Jekyll (renamed Dr. Jeffkyll), Jesse James, Charles Darwin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Antonio López de Santa Anna, etc. It also has a language twitch and replaces most suffixes with "tude", in the english dub, he has a language twitch and replaces most suffixes with an "-ism". In the episode "The Prisoner", he tells the new prisoner to call him George while his name is Melvin. (voiced by Barry Dennen (Seasons 1-2) / Darren Dunstan (Fort Dalton))
  • Miss Betty - Betty is the prison host. The majority of inmates have a soft spot for her, as do Mr. Peabody and True Falcon. She has her character and at the same time gentle and caring. She seems to have a crush on Averell Dalton. She turns out to be very skilled with anything: firearm, bow and arrow, driving, etc. (voiced by E.G. Daily (Season 1) / Eileen Stevens (Season 2))
  • Rin Tin Can/Rantanplan - Rin Tin Can is the penitentiary's watchdog who is totally stupid. He is the only animal in the show who can talk. He seems to have a surge of affection for the Daltons and in particular Joe who he sees as his beloved master. He is primarily responsible for the failures in the Dalton escapes. It is shown in the episode "The Contrary of an Indian" that he understands the opposite of what he is told, and in the episode "Inside Rantanplan" that his stupidity is due to the inactivity of his brain capacities. (voiced by Maurice LaMarche (Seasons 1-2) / Darren Dunstan (Fort Dalton))


  • Pete and Emmett - They are the two guards at the penitentiary. They are close and not very smart. They often make bets on whether the Daltons are able to escape or not and spend more time chatting than watching them.
  • Loup Cinglé - He is the chief of the Bras-Cassés tribe. He is the one who most often brings the Dalton back to the penitentiary, often with arrows in the back. Despite his appearance and calm voice, he is very touchy and impulsive.
  • Vrai Faucon - He is a street vendor. He frequently comes to the penitentiary to sell anything: bread, traditional objects or magic potions. He is a born manipulator and crook, who is often fooled by the Daltons who steal personal and even magical objects from him, which can help them escape, even if he maintains a certain collaboration with them. Like Miss Betty, he is an animator at the penitentiary where he presents Native American customs and culture. He is also a sorcerer and doctor.
  • Ma Dalton - Ma Dalton is the Dalton's mother. She is similar in height to Joe's (whereas in the comics she is a little taller than him). Despite her dishonesty, she attaches great importance to the politeness and good education of her children, whom she loves, especially Averell.
  • Lucky Luke - Lucky Luke is a lone cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow and hero of the series of the same name, who kept stopping the Daltones to Joe's dismay. Although he is absent from this series, he appears in the blink of an eye in some episodes. According to Mr. Peabody in the episode "The Escape For Dummies", he would have retired but note that in this same episode, Joe was furious to see him (it was Peabody disguised as Lucky Luke) because it would seem let him be responsible for their incarceration in the penitentiary.
  • Ming Lee Fu - He is the Chinese penitentiary launderer. He is gifted in acupuncture , hypnosis , kung fu … He lives in a pagoda which also serves as a laundry. He also has boxes of explosives that he uses to unclog the washing machine, or fireworks for Chinese New Year.


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
178May 31, 2010October 5, 2012
2113April 29, 2013November 18, 2016

Season 1 (2010–2012)

No. in
No. in
TitleWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateU.S. air date
"Ça bulle pour les Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieCharles Vaucelle31 May 2010TBA
"Les Dalton twistés"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonStéphane Annette7 June 2010TBA
33"Mind VS Body"
"Esprit es-tu là?"
Michel CoulonJean Cayrol8 June 2010TBA
44"Stormy Weather"
"Le rideau d'eau"
Olivier Jean-MarieLaurnet Jennet9 June 2010TBA
"Le toutou des Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieFrédéric Mintoff10 June 2010TBA
66"Dots and Stripes"
"Une affaire de goût"
Jean-Marc LenglenVincent Dubost11 June 2010TBA
77"Hostage Havoc"
"Crise d'otages"
Jean-Marc LenglenAlexandre Viano14 June 2010TBA
88"Last Will"
"Dernières volontés"
Yves CoulonAlexandre Viano3 July 2010TBA
99"Hand off my Rocks"
"Touche pas à mes diams"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon7 August 2010TBA
1010"The Great Green Escape"
"Les Dalton atteignent des sommets"
Olivier Jean-MarieLaurnet Jennet6 September 2010TBA
1111"The Director's Girlfriend"
"La fiancée du directeur"
Yves CoulonLaurnet Jennet7 September 2010TBA
1212"I Spy"
"Le mouchard"
Jean-Marc LenglenFrédéric Mintoff8 September 2010TBA
1313"Tunnel Trouble"
"Galères en galeries"
Jean-Marc LenglenFrédéric Mintoff9 September 2010TBA
1414"The Magician"
"Le magicien"
Jean-Marc LenglenLaurnet Jennet10 September 2010TBA
1515"Totem Pole Daltons"
"Les Dalton en totem"
Olivier Jean-MarieAndres Fernandez13 September 2010TBA
Olivier Jean-MarieAndres Fernandez14 September 2010TBA
1717"Sceptical Sorcerer"
"Mamma mia!"
Jean-Marc LenglenAndres Fernandez15 September 2010TBA
1818"Joe Playboy"
"Joli cœur"
Jean-Marc LenglenVincent Dubost16 September 2010TBA
1919"The Daltons play Rugby"
"Les Dalton en mêlée"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette17 September 2010TBA
2020"The Daltons go Snow Crazy"
"Les Dalton à la neige"
Jean-Marc LenglenVincent Dubost11 October 2010TBA
2121"Too Many Tunnels"
"Le trou de trop"
Jean-François HenryLaunret Jennet18 October 2010TBA
2222"The Daltons go Cleaning"
"Les Dalton font du propre"
Jean-Marc LenglenMatthieu Pitschon25 October 2010TBA
2323"Crazy Firecrackers"
"La poudre d'escampette"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon1 November 2010TBA
2424"Locked Outside"
"Enfermés dehors"
Olivier Jean-MarieFrédéric Mintoff29 November 2010TBA
2525"Free at Last"
"Enfin libre!"
Jean-Marc LenglenAndres Fernandez3 January 2011TBA
2626"The Fakir"
"Le fakir"
Olivier Jean-MarieAlexandre Viano & Laurnet Jennet7 February 2011TBA
2727"The Daltons Afloat"
"Les Dalton à l'eau"
Olivier Jean-MarieFrédéric Mintoff14 February 2011TBA
2828"The Desert of Death That Kills"
"Le désert de la mort qui tue"
Olivier Jean-MarieAndres Fernandez21 March 2011TBA
2929"Nitroglycerine Nightmare"
"Et que ça saute!"
Jean-Marc LenglenMatthieu Pitschon28 March 2011TBA
3030"Invisible Daltons"
"Les Dalton disparaissent"
Yves CoulonVincent Dubost11 April 2011TBA
3131"Camera Scam"
"Les Dalton font leur cinéma"
Patrick Regnard & Michel HaillardCéline Goblinet22 April 2011TBA
3232"Jailbreak for Dummies"
"L'évasion pour les nuls"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette23 May 2011TBA
3333"The Wager"
"Le pari"
Michel CoulonFrédéric Mintoff29 May 2011TBA
3434"Up Up and Away"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette27 June 2011TBA
3535"Signed Stamped and Delivered"
"Les Dalton timbrés"
Olivier Jean-MarieMatthieu Pitschon18 July 2011TBA
3636"Oil Leak"
"Les Dalton carburent"
Olivier Jean-MarieMatthieu Pitschon25 July 2011TBA
3737"Smoke without Fire"
"Ça va fumer"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon1 August 2011TBA
3838"The Daltons go Time Travelling"
"Les Dalton remettent les pendules à l'heure"
Patrick Regnard & Michel HaillardAndres Fernandez26 September 2011TBA
3939"Buffalo Bluff"
"Bisons futés"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette3 October 2011TBA
4040"Prison Sickness"
"Le Mal du pénitencier"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette7 October 2011TBA
4141"Freewheel Daltons"
"Les Dalton en roue libre"
Jean-Marc LenglenAndres Fernandez10 October 2011TBA
4242"The Flint Daltons"
"Les Dalton tombent sur un os"
Olivier Jean-MarieFrédéric Mintoff14 October 2011TBA
4343"The New Warden"
"Joe le dirlo"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette17 October 2011TBA
4444"Not Exactly Aztec"
"Les Dalton dans la jungle"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette18 October 2011TBA
4545"Loony Daltons"
"Ils sont fous ces Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieVincent Dubost19 October 2011TBA
4646"The Daltons Christmas"
"Un Noël pour les Dalton"
Yves CoulonAndres Fernandez20 October 2011TBA
4747"The Daltons go Babysitting"
"Les Dalton pouponnent"
Michel CoulonAndres Fernandez21 November 2011TBA
4848"The Daltons Fan"
"Fan des Dalton"
Yves CoulonAndres Fernandez5 December 2011TBA
4949"The Dalton Code"
"Le code Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette12 December 2011TBA
5050"Chain of Misfortune"
"Le maillon faible"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon20 January 2012TBA
5151"Joe the Ostrich Man"
"Joe fait l'autruche"
Olivier Jean-MarieAndres Fernandez6 February 2012TBA
5252"The Daltons Aloft"
"Les Dalton prennent l'air"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon5 March 2012TBA
5353"The Daltons get Recycled"
"Les Dalton à la poubelle"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette6 March 2012TBA
5454"Magnetic Joe"
"Magnetic Joe"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette7 March 2012TBA
"La vache et les prisonniers"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon8 March 2012TBA
5656"Sleepwalkers Escape"
"Averell, tu dors?"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon9 March 2012TBA
5757"The Daltons go Baking"
"Les Dalton dans la farine"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette9 April 2012TBA
5858"The Two Minutes Stop"
"2 minutes d'arrêt"
Yves CoulonAlexandre Viano14 May 2012TBA
5959"The Lady Bandit"
"La prisonnière"
Olivier Jean-MarieAndres Fernandez25 June 2012TBA
6060"The Daltons Rodeo"
"Rodéo pour les Dalton"
Michel CoulonJean Cayrol9 July 2012TBA
6161"The Daltons go Electric"
"Les Dalton se mettent au courant"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon27 August 2012TBA
6262"Dr Jeffkyll and Mr Averell"
"Bête et méchant"
Michel CoulonAndres Fernandez3 September 2012TBA
6363"Dalton Land"
Olivier Jean-MarieVincent Fouache4 September 2012TBA
6464"The Prophesy"
"Le devin"
Michel CoulonJean-Luc Abiven5 September 2012TBA
6565"A Solid Friend"
"Une solide amitié"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon6 September 2012TBA
6666"Goofy Golf"
"18 trous pour 4 Dalton"
Yves Coulon & Charles VaucelleMatthieu Pitschon7 September 2012TBA
6767"The Secret Passage"
"Le passage secret"
Yves CoulonJean Cayrol10 September 2012TBA
Note: This has cameos from Xilam's Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches.
6868"New Faces for the Daltons"
"Les Dalton se refont une beauté"
Yves Coulon & Charles VaucelleCéline Gobinet11 September 2012TBA
6969"The Daltons Oath"
"Le serment des Dalton"
Yves CoulonYann Provost12 September 2012TBA
"La réincarnation"
Jean-François HenryLaunret Jennet13 September 2012TBA
7171"Morse Code"
"Joe le funambule"
Olivier Jean-MarieCéline Gobinet14 September 2012TBA
7272"Trompe l'oeil"
Yves CoulonAndres Fernandez17 September 2012TBA
7373"The Daltons on high"
"Le vol de trop"
Vincent BonjourJean-Luc Abiven18 September 2012TBA
7474"Jungle Jinx"
"Le fils de la jungle"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon19 September 2012TBA
7575"The Daltons go Climbing"
"Les Dalton font le mur"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon20 September 2012TBA
7676"UFO Goofs"
"Un ovni pour les Dalton"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon21 September 2012TBA
7777"The Daltons go Wrestling"
"Les rois du ring"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonAndres Fernandez1 October 2012TBA
7878"Chicken Soup"
"Le coup du poulet"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon5 October 2012TBA

Season 2 (2013–2016)

No. in
No. in
TitleWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateU.S. air date
791"The Art of Being Dalton"
"L'art d'être un Dalton"
Sébastien GuéroutYoshimichi Tamura29 April 2013TBA
802"The Scent of Freedom"
"Parfum d'évasion"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse6 May 2013TBA
813"The Masked Avenger"
"Le justicier masqué"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon13 May 2013TBA
824"Evil Jenny"
"Jenny La Terreur"
Nicolas GalletYoshimichi Tamura20 May 2013TBA
835"Size Wize"
"Un problème de taille"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse27 May 2013TBA
846"Zoo Break"
"Une sacrée ménagerie !"
Sébastien GuéroutCédric Lécer3 June 2013TBA
857"What a Ball"
"Boulets et boulettes"
Jean-Marc LenglenYoshimichi Tamura10 June 2013TBA
868"Gigi the Giraffe"
"Le coup de la girafe"
Yves CoulonLionel Brousse17 June 2013TBA
879"The Jailbird's Genie"
"Coup de génie"
Marie Eynard & Armand RobinJean-Louis Champault24 June 2013TBA
8810"An Unnatural Catastrophe"
"Catastrophe au pénitencier"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Louis Champault1 July 2013TBA
8911"The Scene of the Crime"
"En piste, les Dalton!"
Arnold Boiseau & Yves CoulonYoshimichi Tamura8 July 2013TBA
9012"The Daltons take Royal Leave"
"Un plan royal !"
Nicolas GalletLionel Brousse26 August 2013TBA
9113"The Walker through Walls"
"Le passe-muraille"
Marie EynardMatthieu Pitschon23 September 2013TBA
9214"The Daltons Cousins"
"Les cousines Dalton"
Jean-Charles FinkLionel Brousse7 October 2013TBA
9315"A Very Special Indian"
"Le contraire d'un indien"
Jean-Charles FinkJean-Louis Champault11 November 2013TBA
9416"Wanted: Four Cute Boys"
"Quatre beaux gosses pour une évasion"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse9 December 2013TBA
9517"The Two Winged Daltons"
"Dalton avec deux ailes"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon14 January 2014TBA
9618"The Daltons and the Beanstalk"
"Roule ma poule !"
Michel CoulonLionel Brousse25 February 2014TBA
9719"Joe's Amnesia"
"Trous de mémoire"
Hervé NadlerLionel Brousse3 March 2014TBA
9820"High on a Cactus"
"Sur un cactus perché"
Nicolas GalletJean-Louis Champault4 March 2014TBA
9921"The Daltons and the Web"
"Les Dalton tissent leur toile"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon5 March 2014TBA
10022"The Daltons Fury"
"La fureur du Dalton"
Jean-Marc LenglenThomas Astruc6 March 2014TBA
10123"Cactus Joe"
"Cactus Joe"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse7 March 2014TBA
10224"The Voice of Freedom"
"La voix est libre"
Sébastien CuéroutMatthieu Pitschon14 March 2014TBA
10325"A Hairy Situation"
"Les Dalton se font les cheveux"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Louis Champault25 April 2014TBA
10426"The Daltons On Line"
"Les Dalton surfent sur le réseau"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon5 May 2014TBA
10527"The Daltons get Fit"
"Les Dalton ont la forme"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Louis Champault9 June 2014TBA
10628"Beauty and the Beasts"
"La belle et les bêtes"
Jean-Marc LenglenMatthieu Pitschon7 July 2014TBA
10729"Highly Gifted Daltons"
"Les Dalton sont surdoués"
Yves CoulonJean-Louis Champault8 July 2014TBA
10830"Inspection Time"
"Inspecteur Dalton"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon9 July 2014TBA
10931"The Daltons and the Ghost"
"Ramon le fantôme"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse10 July 2014TBA
11032"A Piece of Cake"
"C'est du gâteau"
Sébastien GuéroutStéphane Annette11 July 2014TBA
11133"The Daltons Reality Show"
"Les Dalton font de l'audimat"
Yves CoulonAlexandre Ulmann14 July 2014TBA
11234"Firefighting Daltons"
"Au feu les Dalton"
Jean-Marc LenglenMatthieu Pitschon15 July 2014TBA
11335"A Back Up Plan"
"Mauvais plan"
Nicolas GalletLionel Brousse16 July 2014TBA
11436"The Puppeteer"
"Le marionnettiste"
Denis Lima & Yves CoulonStéphane Annette17 July 2014TBA
11537"The Ideal Dog"
"Un mal de chien"
Michel CoulonLionel Brousse18 July 2014TBA
11638"Daltons are Moonstruck"
"Les Dalton sont dans la lune"
Nicolas GalletStéphane Annette21 July 2014TBA
11739"Multiple Joes"
"Il voit des Joe partout"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette22 July 2014TBA
11840"Origami Time"
"Les rois du pliage"
Renaud PhillipsMatthieu Pitschon23 July 2014TBA
11941"Who Kidnapped Rintindumb"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Louis Champault24 July 2014TBA
12042"The Travel Box"
"Les Dalton se téléportent"
Olivier Jean-MarieMatthieu Pitschon25 July 2014TBA
12143"The Bread War"
"La guerre du pain"
Yves CoulonLionel Brousse28 July 2014TBA
12244"Monkey Business"
"Malin comme un singe"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse29 July 2014TBA
12345"Inside Rintindumb"
"À l'intérieur de Rantanplan"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette30 July 2014TBA
12446"Daltons Onstage"
"Les Dalton entrent en scène"
Michel CoulonStéphane Annette31 July 2014TBA
12547"Daltons in Hardhats"
"Les Dalton en chantier"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse1 August 2014TBA
12648"Daltons in a Kit"
"Les Dalton en kit"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette4 August 2014TBA
12749"Bouncing Daltons"
"Les Dalton rebondissent"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette26 September 2014TBA
12850"Guards Stop those Daltons"
"Gardes, arrêtez les Dalton !"
Renaud PhillipsStéphane Annette17 October 2014TBA
"C'est géant"
Nicolas GalletMatthieu Pitschon14 November 2014TBA
13052"Prince of the Desert"
"Le prince du désert"
Jean-Marc LenglenMickaël Mérigot5 December 2014TBA
13153"Funny Fangs Dalton"
"Les Dalton ont les crocs"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon9 January 2015TBA
13254"Service Station"
"La station-service"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Louis Champault20 February 2015TBA
13355"The Wand"
"Coup de baguette"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette27 March 2015TBA
13456"Model Inmate"
"Un prisonnier modèle"
Sébastien GuéroutLionel Brousse24 April 2015TBA
13557"Gust of Wind"
"Coup de vent"
Olivier Jean-MarieArthur Peltzer29 May 2015TBA
13658"Mommy knows Best"
"Maman, j'ai raté l'évasion"
Yves CoulonAlexandre Viano9 June 2015TBA
13759"Super A Verell"
"Averell qui valait super cher"
Yves CoulonSylvain Ciault3 July 2015TBA
13860"An Indian Wedding"
"Mariage à l'indienne"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette27 July 2015TBA
13961"All Hands on Deck"
"À l'abordage !"
Jean-Marc LenglenStéphane Annette28 July 2015TBA
14062"Daltons in the Movie"
"Les Dalton crèvent l'écran"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon29 July 2015TBA
14163"Penintentiary Palace Hotel"
"Pénitencier palace hôtel"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon30 July 2015TBA
14264"Marshmallow Trap"
"Piège de guimauve"
Marie Eynard & Armand RobinPierre Cerutti31 July 2015TBA
14365"Good Old Joe"
"Ce bon vieux Joe"
Jean-Marc LenglenPierre Cerutti7 August 2015TBA
14466"Fries for Free"
"Les Dalton ont la frite"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon14 August 2015TBA
14567"Hell's Bells"
"Un paradise d'enfer"
Nicolas GalletArthur Peltzer28 August 2015TBA
14668"The Daltons get Jabbed"
"Les Dalton sont vaccinés"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon31 August 2015TBA
14769"Brother Blow your Horn"
"Sonnez clairon !"
Emmanuel Leduc & Tom LeducArthur Peltzer1 September 2015TBA
14870"Neanderthal Ninnies"
"Un plan cro-mignon"
Jean-Christophe Hervé & Claude PerrinLionel Brousse2 September 2015TBA
14971"Suds for the Daltons"
"Les Dalton se font mousser"
Hervé Nadler & Yves CoulonPierre Cerutti3 September 2015TBA
15072"Enemy Sisters"
"Les sœurs ennemies"
Sébastien GuéroutLionel Brousse4 September 2015TBA
15173"First Escape"
"Première évasion"
Romain Canet & Clarie EspagnoPierre Cerutti5 October 2015TBA
15274"Top Gear"
"En quatrième vitesse"
Michel CoulonLionel Brousse6 October 2015TBA
15375"The Daltons and the Tortoise"
"Les Dalton et la tortue"
Yves CoulonPierre Cerutti7 October 2015TBA
15476"Averell's Big Chill"
"Averell jette un froid"
Philippe ClercArthur Peltzer8 October 2015TBA
15577"Matador Daltons"
"Corrida pour les Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieLionel Brousse9 October 2015TBA
15678"Daltons and Dragon"
"Les Dalton et le Dragon"
Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon2 November 2015TBA
15779"Gold Fingered Averell"
"Averell aux doigts d'or"
Mattieu Choquet & Léonie de RudderStéphane Annette3 November 2015TBA
15880"Coyote Brothers"
"Frères coyotes"
Philippe ClercLionel Brousse4 November 2015TBA
15981"Roll up Daltons"
"Les Dalton se plient en quatre"
Jean-Marc LenglenPierre Cerutti5 November 2015TBA
16082"Dancing with Buffalo"
"Danse avec les bisons"
Emmanuel Leduc & Tom LeducMatthieu Pitschon25 November 2015TBA
16183"The Fault Less Plan"
"Le plan sans faille"
Jean-Christophe Hervé & Claude PerrinMatthieu Pitschon15 February 2016TBA
16284"Ferris Wheel Daltons"
"Les Dalton font la roue"
Olivier Jean-MarieLionel Brousse14 March 2016TBA
16385"Dalton Bunnies"
"Les lapins Dalton"
Philippe ClercStéphane Annette25 April 2016TBA
16486"Hysterical Daltons"
"Les Dalton rient à pleines dents"
Jean-Marc LenglenChristof LeFébure23 May 2016TBA
16587"Yogi Daltons"
"Mauvaises graines"
Nicolas GalletChristof LeFébure29 May 2016TBA
16688"Pick Pocketing Daltons"
"C'est dans la poche"
Michel CoulonOlivier Derynck3 June 2016TBA
16789"Deck Hand Daltons"
"La croisière, ça m'use"
Yves CoulonStéphane Annette9 June 2016TBA
16890"Daltons on Cloud Nine"
"Les Dalton sont sur un nuage"
Jean-Marc LenglenOlivier Derynck29 July 2016TBA
16991"Fort Dalton"
"Fort Dalton"
Jean-Christophe Hervé & Claude PerrinStéphane Annette29 August 2016TBA
Note: This is a double-length episode as it also shows Candy from Space Goofs and Oggy from Oggy and the Cockroaches as cameos.
17092"You'll be an Indian My Son"
"Tu seras un indien mon fils"
Jean-Christophe Hervé & Claude PerrinOlivier Reynal5 September 2016TBA
17193"Carrier Pigeon Wanted"
"Pigeon vole !"
Mattieu Choquet & Léonie de RudderLionel Brousse6 September 2016TBA
17294"The Good Luck Charm"
"Le porte-bonheur des Dalton"
Emmanuel Leduc & Tom LeducLionel Brousse7 September 2016TBA
17395"The Daltons Hit the Headlines"
"Les Dalton en première page"
Sébastien GuéroutOlivier Reynal8 September 2016TBA
17496"The Daltons at the Races"
"Le dada des Dalton"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonPierre Cerutti9 September 2016TBA
17597"Miss Betty the Rebel"
"Miss Betty se rebelle"
Clarie Espagno & Yves CoulonStéphane Annette3 October 2016TBA
17698"Teen Trouble"
"Roulez jeunesse !"
Nicolas GalletOlivier Reynal4 October 2016TBA
17799"Bounty Hunter"
"Le chasseur de primes"
Emmanuel Leduc & Marie EynardMatthieu Pitschon5 October 2016TBA
178100"Daltons on the Move"
"Les Dalton déménagent"
Philippe ClercOlivier Reynal6 October 2016TBA
179101"Foreign Legion Daltons"
"Les Dalton légionnaires"
Philippe ClercMickaël Mérigot7 October 2016TBA
180102"Grandpa Dalton's Will"
"Le testament de pépé Dalton"
Michel CoulonLionel Brousse10 October 2016TBA
181103"A Grain of Sand for the Daltons"
"Un grain de sable pour les Dalton"
Clarie Espagno & Yves CoulonMatthieu Pitschon11 October 2016TBA
182104"Shock Treatment"
"Traitement de choc"
Mattieu Choquet & Léonie de RudderMickaël Mérigot12 October 2016TBA
183105"The Dalton Fairy"
"La fée Dalton"
Renaud PhillipsMickaël Mérigot13 October 2016TBA
184106"Popcorn for the Daltons"
"Du pop-corn pour les Dalton"
Jean-Marc LenglenLionel Brousse14 October 2016TBA
185107"Daltons on Vacation"
"Les vacances des Dalton"
Charles Vaucelle & Yves CoulonAlexandre Viano7 November 2016TBA
Note: This is a double-length episode.
186108"Triple Idiot"
"Triple Idiot !"
Michel CoulonMatthieu Pitschon8 November 2016TBA
187109"Old Folks"
Jean-Christophe Hervé & Claude PerrinPierre Cerutti9 November 2016TBA
188110"The Stew Affliction"
"Ragoût maudit"
Mattieu Choquet & Léonie de RudderEric Cosselet10 November 2016TBA
189111"Inflatable Jail"
"Les Dalton se ballonnent"
Clarie Espagno & Yves CoulonOlivier Derynck11 November 2016TBA
190112"In the Air"
"Au vol !"
Olivier Jean-MarieStéphane Annette14 November 2016TBA
191113"The Daltons Chill Out"
"Au frais, les Dalton!"
Olivier Jean-MarieLionel Brousse18 November 2016TBA


The series was released on May 31, 2010. It aired on France 3 and Canal+ Family, and then on Télétoon+, France 4 and Boomerang. In India, the show is broadcast on Hungama TV in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.