Osvobozhdenie: Proryv (1970)


Osvobozhdenie: Proryv (1970)

A five part WW2 epic drama that gives a dramatized detailed account of Soviet Union's war against Nazi Germany from 1943 to 1945.Each of the five parts represents a separate major eastern front campaign.The first part deals with the 1943 great tank Battle of Kursk.The second part details the September 1943 Lower Dnieper Offensive.The third part depicts the various stages of Operation Bagration during the summer of 1944.The fourth installment of the epic deals with the January 1945 Vistula-Oder Offensive and the final segment climaxes in the April-May 1945 Battle of Berlin.
Soviet Union
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.3 /10
FilmAffinity   7.6 /10
Director Yuriy Ozerov
Writer Yuri Bondarev
Writer Oskar Kurganov
Writer Yuriy Ozerov
Release Date
Runtime1h 27min
GenreDrama, History, Romance
Content Rating
CompanyMosfilm, Zespól Filmowy "Start", Avala Film
CountrySoviet Union, Poland, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Italy
Nikolay Olyalin
Nikolay Olyalin
Sergey Tsvetaevas Sergey Tsvetaev
Boris Seidenberg
Boris Seidenberg
Major Orlovas Major Orlov
Sashkaas Sashka
Lieutenant Colonel Lukinas Lieutenant Colonel Lukin
Colonel Vladimir Gromovas Colonel Vladimir Gromov
Yuri Kamornyj
Yuri Kamornyj
Lieutenant Vasilevas Lieutenant Vasilev
Sergeant Dorozhkinas Sergeant Dorozhkin
Igor Ozerov
Igor Ozerov
Lieutenant Leontyevas Lieutenant Leontyev
Marshal Georgiy Zhukovas Marshal Georgiy Zhukov
General Konstantin Rokossovskiyas General Konstantin Rokossovskiy
Yevgeni Burenkov
Yevgeni Burenkov
Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevskiyas Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevskiy
General Nikolay Vatutinas General Nikolay Vatutin
General Aleksey Antonovas General Aleksey Antonov
Yuri Legkov
Yuri Legkov
General Ivan Konevas General Ivan Konev
Nikolay Rushkovskiy
Nikolay Rushkovskiy
General Kirill Moskalenkoas General Kirill Moskalenko
General Pavel Rybalkoas General Pavel Rybalko
Konstantin Zabelin
Konstantin Zabelin
General Mikhail Katukovas General Mikhail Katukov