Balchikhage Gogo (2015)


Balchikhage Gogo (TV Series 2015–2015)

With cheerleading as the background, the drama depicts the friendships and loves of youths, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasizes competition.
South Korea
IMDb   7.4 /10
TheMovieDb    8.0 /10
Creator Lee Eun-Jin
Creator Soo Jung Yoon
Release Date2015-10-04
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Content Rating
AwardsAwards3 wins & 5 nominations
CountrySouth Korea
Ha Dong-jaeas Ha Dong-jae
Kang Yeon-dooas Kang Yeon-doo
Kim Yeolas Kim Yeol
Seo Ha-joonas Seo Ha-joon
Kwon Soo-ahas Kwon Soo-ah
Kim Byung-jaeas Kim Byung-jae
Choi Hyun-mias Choi Hyun-mi
Park Hae-mi
Park Hae-mi
Principal Choi Kyung-ranas Principal Choi Kyung-ran
Im Soo-yongas Im Soo-yong
Tae-pyungas Tae-pyung
Min Ah Kang
Min Ah Kang
Park Da-mias Park Da-mi
Director Leeas Director Lee
Yang Tae-bumas Yang Tae-bum
Nam Jung-aas Nam Jung-a
Park Sun-youngas Park Sun-young

Cheer Up! (TV series)

Cheer Up! (Korean: 발칙하게 고고; RR: Balchikhage Gogo; lit. Sassy, Go Go) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Jung Eun-ji, Lee Won-keun, Cha Hak-yeon, Ji Soo and Chae Soo-bin. It aired from October 5, 2015 until November 10, 2015 on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST for 12 episodes.


Set at the elite Sevit High School in Seoul, the drama follows the lives of five students as they attempt to survive in a vicious environment where academic elitism takes place. Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) is the leader of outcast street dance club "Real King", a group of students who band together because of their poor academic performance, whereas Kim Yeol (Lee Won-keun) is the President of "Baek Ho", an elite club composed of students from the top 5 percent. When the two clubs are forcibly merged to create a cheerleading squad, the two put their differences aside for the benefit of their clubs. As they go on with their misadventures, many things happen that result in a strong and unbreakable bond. Cheer Up! is a story that aims at ordinary high school students' misadventures including love, heartbreak, pain and friendship.



  • Jung Eun-ji as Kang Yeon-doo
  • Lee Won-keun as Kim Yeol
  • Chae Soo-bin as Kwon Soo-ah
  • Cha Hak-yeon as Ha Dong-jae
  • Ji Soo as Seo Ha-joon



  • Kim Min-ho as Min Hyo-sik
  • Shin Jae-ha as Choi Tae-pyung
  • Kang Min-ah as Park Da-mi
  • Park Yoo-na as Kim Kyung-eun
  • Ooon as Joon-soo
  • Jung Hae-na as Han Jae-young
  • Kang Gu-reum as Kim Na-yeon
  • Son Beom-jun as Cha Seung-woo


  • Kim Ji-seok as Yang Tae-bum
  • In Gyo-jin as Im Soo-yong
  • Park Hae-mi as Principal Choi Kyung-ran
  • Lee Mi-do as Nam Jung-a
  • Gil Hae-yeon as Director Lee


  • Kim Yeo-jin as Park Sun-young (Yeon Doo's mother)
  • Go Soo-hee as Choi Hyun-mi (Soo Ah's mother)
  • Choi Deok-moon as Kim Byung-jae (Yeol's father)
  • Kim Jae-yong as Hyun-su

Original soundtrack

Cheer Up! OST
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedNovember 16, 2015
GenrePop, K-pop, soundtrack
LabelThe Groove Entertainment, Bridge Music, Sony Music Korea
1."거북이 날다" ("Turtles Fly")Jadu3:57
2."Shooting Star"HanByul3:44
3."플라플라" ("Flower")Lizzy (Feat. Kanto)3:19
4."반칙이야 너" ("Lovely Girl")Shin Min-chul (2max)2:59
5."Cheer Up"Oh Hye Ju2:18
6."The Sassy Girlz"Choi Chul Ho2:23
7."Hold On There"Choi Chul Ho3:01
8."Sentimental Trumpet"Choi Chul Ho3:26
9."발칙하게 고고" ("Sassy, Go Go")Choi Chul Ho2:28
10."The Operation"Choi Chul Ho2:01
11."Golden Hope"Choi Chul Ho4:51
12."Less Than Nothing"Oh Hye Ju2:39
13."Happy School Days"Choi Chul Ho2:00
14."Real King"Choi Chul Ho1:35


Ep.Broadcast dateAverage audience share
TNmSAGB Nielsen
1October 5, 20153.1%3.6%2.2%2.4%
2October 6, 20154.1%4.7%3.2%3.4%
3October 12, 20153.5%3.8%3.3%3.6%
4October 13, 20154.0%4.4%3.8%3.9%
5October 19, 20154.2%2.9%2.7%
6October 20, 20154.2%3.5%3.8%
7October 26, 20154.3%4.4%4.3%4.6%
8October 27, 20154.4%4.8%3.6%3.9%
9November 2, 20154.1%4.5%3.0%3.4%
10November 3, 20154.5%4.1%3.5%3.8%
11November 9, 20153.8%4.4%3.4%3.7%
12November 10, 20154.1%4.2%4.5%
Average4.0%4.29% 3.4%3.6%

Awards and nominations

4th APAN Star Awards
Best New ActressChae Soo-binWon
KBS Drama Awards
Best Supporting ActorKim Ji-seokNominated
Best Supporting ActressLee Mi-doNominated
Best New ActorLee Won-keunNominated
Best New ActressChae Soo-binWon
Popularity Award, ActorLee Won-keunNominated
Popularity Award, ActressJung Eun-jiNominated
Chae Soo-binNominated
Best Couple AwardLee Won-keun and Jung Eun-jiNominated