Waiting for You (2017)


Waiting for You (2017)

Paul (Morgan) investigates his late father's increasingly disturbing past and becomes suspicious of the mysterious, melancholic, and possibly dangerous Madeleine (Ardant).
IMDb   5.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.4 /10
Director Charles Garrad
Writer Charles Garrad
Writer Hugh Stoddart
Release Date2018-10-26
Runtime1h 32mins
GenreDrama, Mystery
Content Rating
Awards3 wins.
CompanyPopular Films, Generator Entertainment
CountryUK, France
LanguageEnglish, French
Paul Ashton
Madeleine Brown
Abdelkrim Bahloul
Abdelkrim Bahloul
Fergus Craig
Fergus Craig
Vincent Jouan
Vincent Jouan
Sam Cox
Sam Cox
Daniel Poyser
Daniel Poyser
Rachel Gill
Rachel Gill
Funeral Attender

Waiting for You (film)

Waiting for You is a British mystery drama film directed by Charles Garrad, and co-written by Garrad and Hugh Stoddart and Charles Garrad. It stars Colin Morgan and Fanny Ardant with Audrey Bastien and Abdelkrim Bahloul featured in supporting roles.


Waiting for You is a coming-of-age feature that centres on Paul Ashton, played by Colin Morgan, who investigates his late father's increasingly disturbing past and becomes suspicious of the mysterious, melancholic and probably dangerous older woman, Madeleine, played by Fanny Ardant.


Main Cast

  • Colin Morgan as Paul Ashton
  • Fanny Ardant as Madeleine Brown

Supporting Cast

  • Audrey Bastien as Sylvie
  • Abdelkrim Bahloul as Ahmed

Minor Cast

  • Clare Holman as Janet
  • Norah Lehembre as Celine
  • Bellamine Abdelmalek as Hassan
  • Fergus Craig as Dave
  • Vincent Jouan as Antoine
  • Sam Cox as Len
  • Jacky Nercessian as Archivist
  • Daniel Poyser as Tony
  • Fred Pearson as Fred
  • Pamela Betsy Cooper as Mouner
  • Rachel Gill as Funeral Attender
  • Sona Vyas as Nurse
  • Atlantik Bikliqi as Funeral Attender
  • John Neville Family Member



Artist and Production designer Charles Garrad makes his feature directorial debut on the project, which he describes as "a lyrical mystery." The film, written by Hugh Stoddart and Charles Garrad, was designed by Ben Smith and shot by cinematographer David Raedeker.


On 1 June 2015, Colin Morgan and Fanny Ardant were announced to join the cast.


It was announced that Waiting for You started principal photography in France on 1 June 2015. The film, funded by private equity, did a shoot for five weeks on location in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France until June 20. Production then moved to Ilford in the UK for a week. Filming ended on 25 June 2015.