Anubrata Bhalo Achho? And a Verse Called Life (2015)


Anubrata Bhalo Achho? And a Verse Called Life (2015)

To live a life is a challenge. Just to live, eat, drink and die without any sense of purpose is the reason for which we are born? Without really creating any value in life? Then suddenly a moment comes when Death knocks at the door. Its uncompromising, we all have to face it someday. We cling to this idea of "someday", expecting it to be far off in the future. But reality of life is that it may come to an end at any moment. Death creeps up on us from behind. But are we prepared enough to greet Death with open arms and a broad smile? No, we are not. Then are we scared of it? Yes, most of us are. Rather, all the normal human beings are. Anubrata is not an exception. He is scared of death and wants to live a happy life ever after as we all want. As if there were no death. Life would just go on and on and on. On the contrary, Anubrata is negotiating with it at every point of time, and is utterly confused about his future actions which he thinks will bring him joy in life. What we tend to ...
IMDb  6.3 /10
Director Partha Sen
Writer Padmanabha Dasgupta
Writer Partha Sen
Writer Partha Seny
Release Date2015-08-07
Runtime1h 40mins
GenreDrama, Romance
Content Rating
CompanyFrames Multimedia
LanguageBengali, English