Mimi (2014– )


Mimi (TV Series 2014– )

Minwoo Han is a 28-year-old webtoon writer, quiet but talented, his works quickly catching the attention of publishers and readers alike. But when he begins to draw a new story, the inspiration from which he doesn't wholly realize draws from his own past, he develops a writers block that turns out to be much more. As Minwoo tries to complete the work titled December 8, the mounting pressure from his publisher as well as fans of his story begins to take a toll on his health. Amongst frequent nightmares and even hallucinations, he suffers severe headaches which he comes to attribute to missing memories. Determined to find out what could have caused such a thing in the first place, the already introverted Minwoo distances himself from those around him as he retraces his past and delves deeper into the mysteries of his 18-year old self, the traces of his forgotten first-love, and his connection to the girl from his hallucinations, Mimi.
South Korea
IMDb   6.5 /10
Creator Chang-su Song
Creator Yoo Sun Seo
Release Date2014-02-21
GenreHorror, Mystery, Romance
Content Rating
CompanySM C&C
CountrySouth Korea
Chang-min Shim
Chang-min Shim
Han Min Wooas Han Min Woo
Mi Mias Mi Mi
Jang Eun Hyeas Jang Eun Hye
Ji-Soon Jung
Ji-Soon Jung
Team Leader Of Manhwa Business Divisionas Team Leader Of Manhwa Business Division