Killing Daddy (2014)


Killing Daddy (2014)

Callie Ross is scarred by the suicide of her mother, which occurred when Callie was a child. She is convinced that her father was to blame for her mother's death. Callie's older sister, Laura, has always sided with their father, so for years Callie has been estranged from her family. When Callie discovers that her father has had a debilitating stroke, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to return home and seek justice for her mother. Confiding in her mute and helpless father her plans to destroy her sister and stepmother and ultimately kill him, Callie sets out on her path to destroy her broken family and take all of their riches. But Callie's revenge won't come as easy as she thinks as hidden truths about her family may derail her entire plan.
IMDb  5.8 /10
Director Curtis Crawford
Writer Suzanne Dolan
Writer Trent Haaga
Release Date2014-07-05
Runtime1h 25mins
GenreCrime, Mystery, Thriller
Content RatingTV-14 (TV-14)
CompanyReel One Films 6
William Hanover
Sabrina Mangiaracina
Sabrina Mangiaracina
Eight Year Old Callie
Dean Hagopian
Dean Hagopian
Burt Hankins
Young Female Singer #1
Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan
Young Female Singer #2
Karl Claude
Karl Claude
Fry Cook
Tough Guy (as Matt Stefiuk)
Mohi Awal
Mohi Awal

Killing Daddy

Killing Daddy (also known as My Father Must Die) is a 2014 TV movie that aired on Lifetime. The film stars Elizabeth Gillies, Cynthia Stevenson, and William R. Moses.


At a young age, Callie Ross (Sabrina Mangiaracina) has been scarred by the death of her mother (Jenilee Murray). When she is grown up, Callie (Elizabeth Gillies) has blamed her father George (William R. Moses) for her mother's death and has estranged herself from him and her sister Laura (Tori Anderson). Upon hearing that her father has come down with a stroke, Callie sees this as an opportunity to take revenge on her father and his housekeeper Emma Granger (Cynthia Stevenson) and regain what George has taken from her.


  • Elizabeth Gillies as Callie Ross Sabrina Mangiaracina as 8-year-old Callie Ross
  • Sabrina Mangiaracina as 8-year-old Callie Ross
  • Cynthia Stevenson as Emma Granger
  • William R. Moses as George Ross
  • Sebastian Pigott as Jake Watkins
  • Tori Anderson as Laura Ross
  • Tom Barnett as William Hanover
  • Jenilee Murray as Callie's Mom


The film was released on July 5, 2014 on Lifetime, with re-airings on the Lifetime Movie Network. The film also aired in Canada on The Movie Network. International airings of the film occurred on TF1 in France, on RTL-TVI in Belgium, on Real Time in Italy, on Divinity in Spain and on HRT 2 in Croatia.


The Movie Scene said that the film "is entertaining in a routine sort of way with that over the top style which frankly makes it an incredibly obvious movie."