11 A.M. (2013)


11 A.M. (2013)
Yeolhansi (original title)

In the not-so distant future, researchers at a deep-sea labaratory have finally succeded in inventing a time machine. Heavily burdened by financial stress, head researcher Woo-seok is promised more funding from a mega-corporation, if he successfully completes a test flight. Ji-wan tries to stop his colleague and lover, Young-eun from going on the dangerous flight, but Woo-seok and Young-eun carry out the mission and travel to 11 A.M - the next day. They arrive at the planned time only to find the base on the verge of collapse. What could have happened in the 24 hours?
South Korea
IMDb   5.7 /10
TheMovieDb    5.6 /10
FilmAffinity   5.4 /10
Director Hyun-seok Kim
Writer Seung-Hwan Lee
Release Date2013-11-28
Runtime1h 39mins
GenreSci-Fi, Thriller
Content Rating
CompanyCJ Entertainment
CountrySouth Korea
Young-Eun's father
Head of a department Jo
Geon-ju Lee
Geon-ju Lee
Moon-Soon (as Gun-Joo Lee)
Park Yeong-sik
Da-eun Sin
Da-eun Sin
Nam Goong Sook (as Eun Shin Da)