Sora Tobu Kôhôshitsu (2013– )


Sora Tobu Kôhôshitsu (TV Series 2013– )

Inaba Rika, whose childhood dream was to become a news reporter, is instead a director for an informative TV program. At one point, she was a reporter; however, her career was cut short after her ambitious habits for obtaining and reporting news provoked too many people. Sorai Daisuke is a former fighter pilot, who was so~ close to achieving his dream of being a pilot for the flying squadron, "Blue Impulse. Unfortunately, his involvement in an accident causes him to be reassigned to the public relations office. This is the story about how two people who have to deal with having their dreams crushed.
IMDb   5.6 /10
Creator Nobuhiro Doi
Creator Daisuke Yamamuro
Creator Hiro Arikawa
Creator Akiko Nogi
Release Date2013-04-14
Content Rating
CompanyTokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Inaba Rikaas Inaba Rika
Sorai Daisukeas Sorai Daisuke
Sagisaka Masashias Sagisaka Masashi
Kogureas Kogure
Katayama Kazunorias Katayama Kazunori
Fujieda Toshikias Fujieda Toshiki
Otsu Yuichias Otsu Yuichi
Yuzuki Norikoas Yuzuki Noriko
Higa Tetsuhiroas Higa Tetsuhiro
Akutsu Mamoruas Akutsu Mamoru
Ai Ohkawa
Ai Ohkawa
Sato Juruas Sato Juru
Hirota Otsuka
Hirota Otsuka
Ishibashias Ishibashi
Sakate Hajimeas Sakate Hajime
Tsutomu Takahashi
Tsutomu Takahashi
Maki Hiromias Maki Hiromi
Mana Mikura
Mana Mikura
Kozuka Tomomias Kozuka Tomomi
Moto Fuyuki
Moto Fuyuki
ASDF Chief of Staffas ASDF Chief of Staff
Naohiro Masuda
Naohiro Masuda
TBS announceras TBS announcer
Noa Manaka
Noa Manaka