Poor Folk (2012)


Poor Folk (2012)
Qiong ren, liu lian, ma yao, tou du ke (original title)

Arranged by a smuggling syndicate, A-Hong and his young teen sister along with a group of Burmese youngsters sneak across the Myanmar/Thailand border and arrive in a remote town called Dagudi in Northern Thailand. A-Hong's sister is taken away by the gangs as her mother has sold her to them. A-Hong goes to Bangkok and works under a tour guide, a wildcatter from Myanmar who has lived in Thailand illegally for years. The flood has killed the tourism business. A-Hong followed this big brother back to Dagudi, trying to sell a batch of medicine that could be made into profitable drugs to local gang leaders. All A-Hong wants is to get the cash quickly and redeem his sister, but he cannot reach the smuggling ring anymore as the phone number never works. San Mei, a young Burmese woman who is assigned a job by the smuggling syndicate to fetch A-Hong's sister, has been taking her risk by smuggling Burmese teenage girls overseas, hoping to get the Taiwanese Identity Card promised by the gang ...
IMDb  5.9 /10
Director Midi Z
Writer Midi Z
Release Date2013-04-19
Runtime1h 45mins
Content Rating
Awards6 nominations.
CompanyMontage Film Production, Seashore Image Production
CountryMyanmar, Taiwan
LanguageThai, Chinese
Shin-Hong Wang
Shin-Hong Wang
(as Ke-Hsi Wu)
De-Fu Zhao
De-Fu Zhao
Meng-Lan Zheng
Meng-Lan Zheng