Cipollino, the Onion Boy (1961)


Cipollino, the Onion Boy (1961)
Chipollino (original title)

Chipollino is a fabulous onion boy. Contrary to the general opinion that tears are flowing from a bow, Chipollino is a very cheerful and kind boy. Once, during a procession of Prince Lemon through the streets, Chipollino accidentally stepped on his foot. The prince, furious, orders to find the criminal. Old Chipollone, the father of Chipollino, to save his son, takes his guilt upon himself, saying that he himself crushed the prince's leg. The old man is immediately seized and arrested. Chipollino decides at any price to save his father, in what his friends will help him.
Soviet Union
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.5 /10
Director Boris Dyozhkin
Writer Mstislav Pashchenko
Writer Gianni Rodari
Release Date
GenreAnimation, Short, Family
Content Rating
CountrySoviet Union
Chipollino (voice)
Uncle Grapes (voice)
Prince Lemon / Soldiers Lemons (voice)
Seignior Tomato (voice) (as Georgiy Shpigel)
Irina Pototskaya
Irina Pototskaya
Little Countess Cherry (voice)
Second Street Gossip / Uncle Blueberry / Mr. Carrot (voice)
The Cactus (voice)
Yuriy Khrzhanovskiy
Yuriy Khrzhanovskiy
The Pumpkin (voice)
The Radish (voice)
Anastasiya Georgievskaya
Anastasiya Georgievskaya
The Countess Cherry (voice)
Margarita Kupriyanova
Margarita Kupriyanova