Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (2013– )


Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (TV Series 2013– )

"Is hell a hostile work environment?" It's a common question, and one that can be answered by Gary, a career demon with the anal fissures to prove it. Follow Gary's misadventures as he treads fire trying to do Satan's work.
IMDb   7.7 /10
TheMovieDb    7.1 /10
RottenTomatoes  93 %
FilmAffinity   5.8 /10
Creator Casper Kelly
Creator Dave Willis
Release Date2013-04-17
GenreComedy, Fantasy
Content RatingTV-MA (TV-MA)
AwardsNominated for 1 Primetime Emmy1 nomination total
CompanyFake Wood Wallpaper, Awesome Incorporated, Swindy Films
Satanas Satan
Claudeas Claude
Dizzayas Dizzay
Benjias Benji
Lucasas Lucas…
Eddie Pepitoneas Eddie Pepitone
William the Demonas William the Demon
Robert E. Bean
Robert E. Bean
Demon Bobas Demon Bob…
Ben the Demonas Ben the Demon
Ted the Demonas Ted the Demon
Tortured Soulas Tortured Soul…
V.C. Fuqua
V.C. Fuqua
V.C. the Demonas V.C. the Demon
Krampusas Krampus
Kamalas Kamal
Johnny Harvill
Johnny Harvill
Demon Johnnyas Demon Johnny
Priestas Priest
Geoffas Geoff

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell is an American live-action television series on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's late night programming block. The series made its official debut on April 18, 2013, on Adult Swim. The show is a live-action workplace comedy about Gary, an associate demon, as he attempts to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld. Gary hopes to advance in Hell, but he may be too stupid, lazy and kind-hearted to realize his dreams of promotion.

The show was renewed for a fourth season, which began production on June 5, 2017. The fourth season premiered on May 3, 2019.

On July 13, 2020, co-creator Dave Willis announced that a one-off extended finale special was in the works, with the possibility of internet-exclusive shorts in the future.

The show is titled after a song from the 1973 album Raw Power by the Stooges.


  • Gary Bunda (Henry Zebrowski) – a bumbling employee in Hell whose schemes to recruit humans to Hell often fail.
  • Claude Vernon (Craig Rowin, Season 1 & 2, Season 3 (second half), and season 4) – Gary's younger and more-respected intern who often shows him up at work. The character was not present for the first half of season three, though no mention is made of what became of him. He returned in the second half of season three, starting with the episode "Golden Fiddle Week".
  • "Satan", a.k.a. *Darren Farley (Matt Servitto) – Gary's boss who presents himself as THE Satan who rules all of Hell in seasons 1 & 2. But season three revealed that he is Darren Farley, who rose up the demon ranks to middle management and runs the eleventh circle of Hell, for "Miscellaneous" sins.
  • Lucas (Dana Snyder, Seasons 1 & 2) – Gary's former roommate who is still alive. He appears annoyed when Gary returns to earth to recruit him.
  • Benji (Dan Triandiflou) – one of Gary's co-workers in Hell. He is usually in charge of making the orientation and 'how to' videos of Hell. Formerly a TV weatherman in Charlotte, he was arrested by the FBI for raping, killing and eating 143 children. Despite his cheery and rather friendly personality, he is a rapist, a murderer, a cannibal, and a child molester.
  • Troy Ersatz (Dana Snyder, Season 3 & 4) – Gary's co-worker in Hell who replaced Claude for most of season three, different from Snyder's other character Lucas. Unlike Claude, Troy tends to end up suffering alongside Gary when their various schemes backfire and was once temporarily demoted to "tortured soul" status.
  • Eddie (Eddie Pepitone) – a tortured soul. He is often seen as the victim of various acts of sadism brought on by the demons or Satan himself. He gets briefly promoted to demon status when Troy is demoted, in season three, but Eddie was traumatized by the horrors inflicted upon him by the other demons and having a heart of gold, he failed to live up to the job. He still won out over Troy and earned his place as a real demon, but was demoted following a behind the scenes "real life" scene depicting Eddie Pepitone's refusal to go through the make-up procedures.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
PilotJanuary 20, 2011
16April 18, 2013May 23, 2013
212July 12, 2015October 11, 2015
312October 23, 2016May 7, 2017
412May 4, 2019June 14, 2019

Original pilot (2011)

TitleOriginal air date
"Pilot"January 20, 2011
After attending a self-help-like conference, two friends go to Hell and receive eternal unlimited virgins, pumpkin-flavored lattes and trees full of pizza. After several weeks these luxuries lose their appeal and the duo attempt escaping.

Season 1 (2013)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
11"Welcome to Hell"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 18, 20131011.504
Gary and Claude are tasked to make a God-praising pro baseball player start giving thanks for his success to Satan instead.
22"Bone Garden"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 25, 20131021.67
Gary has to protect the Devil's sex condo from being sold. Also, the Devil's mistress is Gary's first love.
33"Take Life by the Horns"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 2, 20131031.461
A plan to put Satan's face on the nickel leaves Gary stranded in the Appalachian mountains.
44"Schmickler83!"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 9, 20131041.63
Gary loses his summon word at a concert. Whoever finds it will have total control of Gary.
55"Devil in the Details"Casper KellyCasper Kelly, Dave Willis & Jon WursterMay 16, 20131051.56
Gary goes "back to school" to help a high school drama class make a Satan-glorifying musical.
66"People in Hell Want Ice Water"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 23, 20131061.866
The Devil has his demons compete for a drink of ice water.

Season 2 (2015)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
71"Psyklone and the Thin Twins"Casper Kelly & Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisJuly 12, 20152010.774
Gary, stranded on Earth, attempts to start up a business while trying to get his Born Again Christian step-brother to hide him from the demons sent by Satan to take him back to Hell.
82"Shoulder Work"Casper Kelly & Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisJuly 19, 20152020.869
Learning the ability to shrink down and stand upon peoples' shoulders to try and manipulate them into doing evil, Gary struggles with his rival, an Angel who tries to get people to do good.
93"Jett Copperhead, Six-pack Magician"Casper Kelly & Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisJuly 26, 20152050.944
Satan calls on Gary and Claude to accompany him to Las Vegas, where he intends to collect on a contract he signed four years ago with a famous magician, Jett Copperhead. In return for his immortal soul, Satan granted Jett four years of dark magic. The demons meet Jett, drunk and washed-up, in a Vegas hotel room, where he promises additional souls for Satan in return for one more month of magic. After signing over his family's souls, Jett takes the stage one last time, only to trap Satan, Gary, and Claude in a cage, bound by a cross. The trio easily escape after tipping the cage over, and Satan kills the magician by exploding his head on stage. Once in Hell, the now-dead Jett manages to escape torture and evade Satan, who failed to notice that the contract was changed to read "powers after death" instead of "until death". Infuriated, Satan threatens Jett's wife and children, but when Claude actually follows through and kills the family, Satan admits he has no leverage left. On the elevator ride up from Hell with the magician's "cleaning lady" (whom Gary mistakenly brought to Hell as a hostage), Jett reveals himself to have been hiding as her the entire time, and Satan hiding as Claude, prompting Gary to panic and try to figure out who's impersonating him as the elevator descends back into Hell.
104"True Love Will Find You"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisAugust 2, 20152061.026
At lunch, a woman rides in on a flying monster and saves one of the demons. Satan reluctantly informs the demons that, if someone with true love for a damned soul manages several heroic feats, they can return with them to the surface world. Satan then grants the group 48 hours on Earth to try and find someone to save them. Claude schemes to have an obsessed one night stand from college rescue him. Gary attempts to have his mother rescue him, but she declines after her priest advises against it. Claude succeeds, (by giving his stalker specific instructions and tools to complete the challenges) but his salvation turns to an even greater nightmare when his crush promptly imprisons him inside her home for a year, forcing Claude to kill himself to return to hell. At the end of the episode, Claude attempts to explain himself to Satan, only for his stalker to return and carry him off again.
115"New-cronomicon"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisAugust 9, 20152111.081
The demons compete to get Satan's new book, which masquerades as a supernatural teen romance novel, readers on Earth.
126"Witches"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisAugust 16, 20152080.936
Gary, Claude, and the rest of the minions are ordered by Satan to take his place at the annual witches' orgy.
137"Cerberus"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisAugust 30, 20152071.044
Gary is tasked with tying Cerberus, Satan's beloved dog, to the back gate of Hell. But after the dog runs to Earth and takes Gary with him, Gary promises to show the dog's three heads a great time on Earth. Unfortunately, Cerberus is an unrepentant believer of antisemitism, which leads to Gary killing the dog and giving Satan a kitten as a replacement.
148"Nü-Byle"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisSeptember 13, 20152040.947
Satan, angry at modern music, attempts to reunite his favorite '80s era heavy metal band "Byle". Gary is assigned the task to get the now aging rockers in shape for their big comeback, only to find out that the band loathe Satan and treated the sycophantic Satan as their personal slave. Despite Gary and Claude's protests, Byle performs their new song, "Velvet Lurker", which mocks Satan as "The Prince of Dorkness". Once Satan realizes the lyrics are mocking him, he orders Claude to burn down the concert venue. In Hell, Byle is forced to perform eternally, as skeletons.
159"National Lampoon's Fireballz"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisSeptember 20, 20152030.97
Satan decides to make a chicken hell, and all the demons are sent to excavate it. During the excavation they come across a rift in space which shows naked women. They soon find out that there is a slut circle where all the fornicators are kept. In an attempt to reach it, Gary covers himself with peanut butter and gets swallowed by a monster which spits him out. But he overshoots the slut circle and lands in chicken hell, where he meets Medusa and gets turned to stone.
1610"Spunk"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisSeptember 27, 20152101.063
The Demons in hell discover they can make wine for them to get intoxicated from and enjoy. Satan finds them all intoxicated from the drink while working and is offered some of the wine for him to try. After a psychedelic experience, Satan decides he is going to kill the spider that the demons use to help make the wine, but the Demons propose that they produce more of the wine for the people of Earth to drink and destroy themselves. Production on an advertisement they decide to make ensues and the final commercial ends up looking not even close to the standard Satan and the demons had envisioned. The spider is finally found to not be able to produce the wine ingredients anymore, leaving only one bottle of the wine left. Gary and Claude are challenged to fight over the last bottle, only to find in the end the side effects of the bottle make their heads explode.
1711"Krampus Nacht"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisOctober 4, 20152120.983
It is Christmas time in hell and Satan comes in to talk to Gary and Claude about an old friend he once had named Krampus. Him and Krampus used to terrorize bad children on Christmas, and now Satan has the idea of bringing Krampus back in to business. He sends Gary and Claude to go get Krampus and tell him to come out of retirement. Once Krampus is back in work, Gary and Claude decide the Krampus' methods are too extreme for teaching children lessons, and they decide that they want to stop Krampus before he goes to Gary's step nephew's house to punish him. In the climax of their rescue attempt, the two demons find Krampus in a struggle with a mall security guard. The two stop Krampus from continuing his plans and send him off in a van. The final scene shows Gary's step-nephew receiving the christmas gift he wanted that was secretly given to him by Gary.
1812"Heaven"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisOctober 11, 20152090.913
Gary is called into Satan's office and told that when he died he was supposed to go to Heaven and not Hell. Gary, thrilled by this news, is sent to Heaven to explore all of the treats and pleasures the place has to offer. After being introduced to the lifestyles and work environments of Heaven, Gary finds that he needs to go to the bathroom. This is unusual, for people in Heaven do not need to go to the bathroom, but when he attempts to relieve himself, he finds that Claude and the other demons are shrunken and inside of him. Gary was sent on a sabotage mission to infiltrate Heaven, and the demons go around the palaces so they can plant dynamite. Once Heaven is destroyed, the angels discover Gary was behind it and he is sent back to Hell.

Season 3 (2016–17)

With season three, the character "Claude" was written out of the series as actor Craig Rowin left the series. Dana Snyder, who played Gary's best friend Lucas in seasons 1–2, was made series regular to replace Rowin. However, rather than continuing in the role of Lucas, Snyder was cast in a new role as "Troy", a new demon coworker for Gary.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
191"Straight Outta Hades"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisOctober 23, 20163010.992
Gary produces a hip, new orientation video to prepare new arrivals for Hell. Gary produces several new videos, all variations on "Straight Outta Hades". Ripping off the N.W.A classic: Straight Outta Compton. Eventually, the video series spirals out of control, leaving Gary only 24 hours to produce one video for every letter of the alphabet. Benji, who was previously removed from video production in favor of Gary, helps Gary finish the videos in time. At the time of the premiere, Satan reveals that there is no audience, and that Gary and Benji will be forced to watch the training videos for the next 50 years.
202"Circle Jerk MCMCVIII"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisOctober 30, 20163021.073
Satan attends a work conference with other demons, where it is revealed that he is not actually Satan, but Darren Farley, Senior Vice President of the 11th Circle of Hell, "Miscellaneous". After a disastrous presentation on terrorism (put together at the last minute by Gary), the real Satan (Damian Young) reveals that Miscellaneous will be flooded with bile and transferred to the Treachery department. In an attempt to stop the takeover, Satan rigs the explosives meant to flood the office to instead blow up the real Satan and the head of Treachery. However, after Gary and Troy both flee, a series of betrayals lead to the head of Treachery and Satan being pushed over the cliff, leaving Kip, the head of Gluttony, an obese demon, as the new Satan. In order to protect his secret, Satan lobotomizes Gary and Troy using chopsticks.
213"Three Demons and a Demon Baby"Casper KellyCraig Rowin, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisNovember 6, 20163031.223
Satan wants to have a kid, but a snake transformation and Gary lead to a very messed-up result.
224"Healy"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisNovember 13, 20163040.914
An alien creature, after being shot by a young child, arrives in Hell. Gary, ecstatic at the prospect of extraterrestrial life, rescues "Healy" from torture and has him join the office. Satan orders Gary to decapitate Healy, but Gary instead helps Healy escape to a secret government facility where his body is being held. Upon discovering that his body is dissected beyond repair, Healy promises to bring Gary to his home planet if he helps call his brother. A massive alien spacecraft arrives right before Satan can permanently destroy Healy's soul, and Healy cuts off his own feet in order to get rid of Gary. At the end of the episode, Satan threatens to punish Gary for trying to escape Hell, but is disgusted by Gary's apparent enthusiasm.
235"The Tree-Huger Bomber"Casper KellyAndy Lucy, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisNovember 20, 20163051.047
Ted, a demon with a fondness for dolphins and the environment, is given a roast after 25 years in Hell. At the roast, Satan reveals that Ted is the "Tree Huger Bomber", a semi-literate ecoterrorist who choked to death on an acorn in the Montana wilderness. Furious at the humiliation, Ted attempts to bomb Satan and his co-workers, but fails due to lack of ingredients. His living CPU helps Ted get over his fear of technology and learn more about bomb-making, resulting in a terror campaign across Hell. Ted's computer encourages him to return to the surface to repossess his body. Immediately after regaining his body, Ted's computer shoots out CDs to slash his ankles, then turns in Ted to the FBI for the $2 million bounty. After being executed, Ted returns to Hell, where Satan condemns him to torture dolphins. Gary and other demons appear to help Ted out, offering to reattach the dolphins' snouts and disinfect their wounds.
246"Torture"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisNovember 27, 20163061.010
After tortured soul Eddie complains about the quality of torture in Hell, Satan calls in a "torture coach" (Jon Glaser) to inspire the demons. The demon with the worst torture at the end of the seminar gets demoted to a tortured soul. Gary, desperate to come up with something, resorts to ripping off a horror franchise that scarred him as a child. When he tries it out on his victim, the tortured soul immediately realizes that Gary stole the idea. Gary winds up bringing the soul to the surface in order to reconnect with his estranged father, only for the victim to lock Gary in a car with the puppet from his childhood threatening him outside. The "victim" is actually Gary's co-worker Troy, who is declared the winner of the torture contest. However, Gary manages to hotwire the car and escape. He meets with his father, who apologizes for Gary's childhood trauma before they go fishing on a lake. As a result, Troy is demoted, since Gary accidentally accomplished Troy's greatest fear: being shown up by Gary.
257"Eddie the Demon"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 2, 20173070.986
Troy's horns are removed by Satan and he becomes a tortured soul while Eddie is promoted to a demon. However, Eddie is having a hard time adapting to his new demon job, having flashbacks of being a tortured soul and hesitating making dark choices in a simulation program. Meanwhile, Troy is doing everything he can to sabotage Eddie so he can become a demon again. In the end, Satan decides to challenge the two with a wall climbing and ringing a bell. Despite Troy actually climbing it up, Eddie won by simply ringing the bell Troy ripped off. Although it shows Eddie and the other demons happy, the scene is cut to the real life actors in a make-up session where Eddie is complaining about the painting process. He tells the writers that this is the only time he wants to do it, although they already had the rest of the season planned out for Eddie to be a demon. Dana Snyder (Troy's actor) is shown to be happy he no longer has to go through the process. However, after talking with Eddie's agent, the writers swapped Eddie's and Troy's role again, much to Dana's dismay.
268"Golden Fiddle Week"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 9, 20173081.156
Troy loses one of Satan's golden fiddles in trivia contest to a bar fly named Todd (played by Andrew Bowser). He then must win it back with the help of Gary, Claude, Dizzay and some rotten fruit.
279"Lee"Casper KellyCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 16, 20173091.251
Satan brings some women into the workplace and Gary gets serious with a ghost monster called Lee.
2810"Hammerman"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 23, 20173101.002
Satan sends Gary and Claude out to confront Dr. Paul Nickgibbion about the drop in incoming souls from his assisted suicide program.
2911"Snow Job"Casper KellyAndy Lucy, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisApril 30, 20173111.158
Dustin Diamond is dead, and Satan decides that his torture will be starring in a cheesy sitcom for all eternity.
3012"The Dammed"Casper KellyMatt Foster, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 7, 20173121.154
While investigating a clog in the soul intake line, Gary and Claude discover Josef Mengele and a lot of beavers.

Season 4 (2019)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
311"The Flip"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 3, 20194010.523
Because Gary is making bad deals and not getting souls, Satan schedules special training tor his minions with a special theme song by a Chubby Checker knock-off called "Beefy Backgammon". The demons are trained to twist (flip) their victims' words around so as to not grant their actual desires in their damnation-deals.
322"The Poor Horsemen of the Apocalypse"Dave WillisAndy Lucy, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 3, 20194020.494
The comically-aged Four Horsemen (George Wendt, John Amos, Tony Hendra, Lory Tom Thompson Sr.) from the biblical Revelation myth are disgruntled with their current contract with Satan. They threaten to strike to win this absurd labor dispute. Satan assigns five of his trusted demons as new horsemen (increased headcount being one of the demands of the original four) to swing the vote against a strike.
333"OMGouija"Casper KellyChristina Romo , Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 10, 20194030.448
Amy (Hazel Armenante), a socially-outcast adolescent girl, is given a present by her parents. This is a Ouija board, updated by Satan with modern emoticons, enabling the user to communicate with the dead. Gary feels sorry for her, and tries clumsily to make her "the most popular girl in school". He comes to her school in the persona of Joey Fatone, which backfires and further ostracizing Amy at her school. She ends up as the most popular; the demons inadvertently kill the rest of the girls in the school.
344"The High Heel"Casper KellyMatt Foster , Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 10, 20194040.394
A wacky doomsday cult based on foot fetishism commits mass suicide. Upon their arrival in hell they recognize Gary as their messiah, the so-called "High Heel". Predictably, Gary gets carried away with his self-importance and his new adored status, and angers Satan and his fellow demons with his aloofness and conceit.
355"The Party Hole"Casper KellyNick Gibbons, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 17, 20194050.436
Some lower rank demons, led by Gary, endeavour to tempt people on their deathbeds to enter hell by way of a 'party hole'. They are not achieving great results until they simply start kidnapping living people and imprisoning them in a cave in hell which greatly enhances their tally of souls. Eventually Claude discovers the cave and its prisoners and informs Satan, however Satan does not seem too concerned and Gary is only punished with a literal slap on the wrist.
366"Trial by Gary"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 17, 20194060.409
An outdated rule, a basket of law rocks and Gary stand between a devout barbecue purveyor and eternal damnation.
377"Stan the Man"Dave WillisCasper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 31, 20194070.387
Satan finds his new calling, dropping truth bombs on real Americans.
388"Gary Bunda: Demon Killer"Casper KellyNick Gibbons, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisMay 31, 20194080.406
When Gary gets kidnapped by a ghost-hunting show, he must choose between fame and friendship. He chooses fame.
399"Milk and Honey"Matt ServittoCasper Kelly & Dave WillisJune 7, 20194090.433
When Hell runs out of ball clamps, Satan sends his best men to get more. Unfortunately, Gary is one of his best men.
4010"Five-Card Duds"Casper KellyTodd Doogan, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisJune 7, 20194100.375
When Gary and Troy go to Vegas to steal some souls, they learn you actually can have too much of a good thing.
4111"Conceal and Gary"Todd RohalTodd Rohal, Casper Kelly & Dave WillisJune 14, 20194110.421
After Gary gets shot by one of the unborn, Satan institutes an unsensible gun policy to ensure something like that will happen again.
4212"Fried Alive"Dave WillisMatt Foster , Casper Kelly & Dave WillisJune 14, 20194120.355
Gary and Satan decide to reboot their favorite fast-food horror movie franchise, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew.