Imperium (TV Series 2012)


Imperium (TV Series 2012–2012)

Back from the campaign of Numancia, Galba has been dispossessed of everything that made him a respected and powerful man. The Senate repudiates him, his family is ruined and his wife, Claudia, fled with his firstborn Cayo to the arms of the man who made him fall into disgrace: Quinto Servilio Cepión. Without his honor and without his newborn son, Galba swears revenge against Quinto and he begins an inexorable rise to power to recover the position that he snatched him. His family, the Sulpicio, must get back the name that they deserve in Rome and Galba is willing to do anything for it. He does not know that an error from his past is haunting him. An error with a womans name... Cora. A young patrician that is determined to unmask Galba, the man who killed her mother and her brother and got to imprison her father, Tiberius, before leaving for Numancia. A woman willing to come to an agreement with his greatest enemy to save her father, a man firmly resolved to regain his lost glory and a ...
IMDb   7.0 /10
TheMovieDb    4.0 /10
FilmAffinity   5.0 /10
Creator Carlos Sedes
Creator Jorge Torregrossa
Creator Galder Arriaga
Creator Ramón Campos
Release Date2012-09-05
Runtime1h 0mins
GenreDrama, History
Content Rating
Awards1 nomination.
CompanyBambú Producciones
Galba 6 episodes, 2012
Quinto 6 episodes, 2012
Claudia 6 episodes, 2012
Marco 6 episodes, 2012
Cora 6 episodes, 2012
Antonio Mourelos
Antonio Mourelos
Octavio 6 episodes, 2012
Cordelia 6 episodes, 2012
Fernando Andina
Fernando Andina
Druso 6 episodes, 2012
Sabina 6 episodes, 2012
Paula Prendes
Paula Prendes
Vera 6 episodes, 2012
Javier Ríos
Javier Ríos
Tito 6 episodes, 2012
Robert González
Robert González
Décimo 6 episodes, 2012
Gaia 6 episodes, 2012
Nasser Saleh
Nasser Saleh
Craso 6 episodes, 2012
Santi Marín
Santi Marín
Libo 6 episodes, 2012
Antonia 6 episodes, 2012
Esclavo de Galba 6 episodes, 2012
Sila 5 episodes, 2012
Tiberio 4 episodes, 2012
Alicia González Laá
Alicia González Laá
Mesina 4 episodes, 2012
Manuel Sánchez Ramos
Manuel Sánchez Ramos
Mario 4 episodes, 2012
Iván Trasgu
Iván Trasgu
Líctor romano 3 episodes, 2012

Imperium (Spanish TV series)

Imperium is a Spanish historical fiction television series set in Rome in the 2nd century BC.


  • Lluís Homar - Servius Sulpicius Galba
  • José Sancho - Quintus Servilius Caepio
  • Nathalie Poza - Claudia Fabia Mara
  • Jesús Olmedo - Marco
  • Aura Garrido - Cora
  • Antonio Mourelos - Octavio
  • Belén Fabra - Cordelia
  • Fernando Andina - Druso