Joko gegen Klaas - Das Duell um die Welt (TV Series 2012– )


Joko gegen Klaas - Das Duell um die Welt (TV Series 2012– )

Joachim Winterscheidt ("Joko") and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf ("Klaas") are messing with each other in different disciplines and challanges around the world.
IMDb  6.7 /10
Creator Mark Achterberg
Creator Johannes Spiecker
Creator Micky Beisenherz
Creator Jakob Lundt
Release Date2012-07-21
Runtime2h 28mins
GenreComedy, Game-Show, Reality-TV
Content Rating
Awards2 wins & 4 nominations.
Joko Winterscheidt
Joko Winterscheidt
Self / ... 16 episodes, 2012-2019
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
Self / ... 16 episodes, 2012-2019
Jeannine Michaelsen
Jeannine Michaelsen
Self - Host / ... 15 episodes, 2012-2019
Frank Sump
Frank Sump
Frank Tonmann 7 episodes, 2012-2019

Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt

Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt (English: Joko vs. Klaas – The Battle around the World) is a German reality series, broadcast on the German television network ProSieben on prime time.

It is a show that pins its two stars against one another in a series of challenges all over the globe. Hosts Joachim ‘Joko’ Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf give each other a series of outrageous and tough challenges in countries all over the world; they know where they're going but have no idea what they will have to do until they get there. It is a travel game show and reality series where each host tries to push the other to their limits in an attempt to be crowned the "world champion" by taking on all the obstacles and coming out on top as the one who has won the battle for world domination.

Since the 6 season, the show were done in two teams ( Team Joko and Team Klaas). Joko and Klaas sent several German celebrities from the other team to the challenges around the world. So both only did the challenge in the TV-studio.


Joko vs. Klaas

SeasonEpisodeDateWinnerCountries JokoCountries Klaas
1Episode 121 July 2012Joko England (Haggis Dinner on a plane), Mexico (Wrestling), US (Animal therapy with crocodiles), Jamaica (Donkey Race) Russia (Singing in a centrifuge), Japan (Bagel Head), China (Most dangerous trail in the World), Thailand (Blind Kickboxing)
Episode 225 August 2012Klaas Ecuador (Jungle drug), Belize (Climb the stake), US (Eskimo olympics), US (Whealchair rugby) China (Nightmare Bungee), India (Diving in the Ganges), South Korea (Eat octopus,wire acrobatics), Malaysia (Ranfing)
2Episode 319 October 2013Klaas South Africa (Superman for one day), Brazil (Jungle drug part 2), Canada (Sew up your mouth) Australia (Catch the kangaroo), Vanuatu (The Heufer*), New Zealand (The dumbest is out)
Episode 430 November 2013Joko Ethiopia (manhood ritual), US (Wedding in Las Vegas), Austria (Sleeping in a rockface) Russia (Illegal photoshooting), China (Suit of Bees), Bosnia Herzegovina (Caveexplorer extrem)
Episode 54 January 2014Klaas France (Waterskiing), Austria (Buried alive), Canada (Earth Song Cover Song) China (O sole mio), Vanuatu (Jungle Bungee), India (Bull-Surfing)
3Episode 66 September 2014Klaas England (Joko as a crash test dummie), US (Halo Jump), Jamaica (Float race) Bahamas (Bite by Sharks), Finland (Ice Diving), Jamaica (Float race)
Episode 725 October 2014Joko US (Zero G-Flight), Sweden (Formula Offroad), Russia (Commercial spot in the Underground) China (DIY Submarine), Columbia (Bulletproof Klaas), India (Crash a bollywood set)
Episode 822 November 2014Joko Switzerland (honking on a hot-air ballon), Egypt (Dugong) Venezuela (Angel Falls), Indonesia (Game Night with cannibals)
4Episode 926 September 2015Klaas India/US (Joko's special seat), Russia (Hook-bungee), Greenland (ice floe wrestling) Hungary (Mine Diving), Philippines (Klaas in Prison),Greenland (ice floe wrestling)
Episode 1031 October 2015Klaas US (Joko high UP), England (the golden mile), Croatia (G-Force battle) Venezuela (Ranfing trip with waterfall) Bolivia (blasting in the silver mine), Croatia (G-Force battle)
Episode 1112 December 2015Joko US (Ultimate Tazer Ball), Ecuador (Jungle drug part 3), US (human quiz bowling) Thailand (Karaoke on Tape), Venezuela (Playing a Game), US (human quiz bowling)
5Episode 129 September 2017Klaas Poland (house blasting with bombsuit), China (blood sausage out of your blood) , Nepal (hallucinogenic honey) US (Ropeswinging), Italy (Skiing on the Etna), Nepal (hallucinogenic honey)
Episode 1318 November 2017JokoAustria (Stunt helicopter), Scotland (Sink into the swamp), Croatia (Capture the flag)Brazil (junk meat and piranhas), Norway (Winterscheidt's 4-D cinema shows "Titanic"), Croatia (Capture the flag)

Team Joko vs. Team Klaas

SeasonEpisodeDateWinnerCountries JokoCountries Klaas
6Episode 1424 November 2018JokoCzech Republic (world's dangerous cooking show), Japan (German Schlagerstar Ralf Acapulco)Estonia (Estonia´s next Topmodel), Spain (Angel from the devil-mountain)
Episode 151 December 2018Klaas England (Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake), Swisterland (Halo jump part 2) Slovenia (Extreme Ironing), Jamaika*² (No drugs and alcohol)
Episode 1616 February 2019Joko Latvia (Museum of failure), Indonesia (Burning questions) China (Explosive wedding), US (The south-state Umlaufs)
7Episode 1731 August 2019KlaasRussia (Hook-bungee part 2), Portugal (Puke-ship)South Africa (Wild-life hotel), Nigeria (Bachelor in Nollywood)
Episode 185 October 2019Klaas Poland (Drinking games in the horror house), Mexico (Explosive hammer festival) Norway (Frozen meets ice-diving), Switzerland (How to land a hot air ballon)
Episode 1930 November 2019Klaas Belize (Great Blue Hole KLAASino), Italy (soccer-juggling on a mountain) Taiwan (Comedy Street Taiwan), France (blind bungee jump in Hungary)

(*: parody of "The Hobbit")

(*²: The task wasn't solved in the right way, so the audience voted if he gets the point for jamaika)

GREEN: Solved the Task

NEON GREEN Won the Battle

RED: Didn't solve the Task

DARK RED: Lost the Battle