Nabbeun Namja (2010– )


Nabbeun Namja (TV Series 2010– )

Geon-Ok is a young man with a tragic past who has come back to take revenge on the people who robbed him from his life and identity as a child. Young Mo-Ne soon develops a big crush on him, and although her older sister, Hong Tae-Ra, is suspicious of the stranger who suddenly seems to be everywhere around her family at first,she cannot stay away from him for long either. Meanwhile, Moon Jae-In's goal is to get married to boss' son, Hong Tae-Sung. Due to some misunderstanding she believes Geon-Ok to be the rich heir at first, but when she finds out the truth, she is somehow still intrigued by this mysterious stranger who never says anything about himself and only responds to questions with other questions.
South Korea
IMDb   7.7 /10
TheMovieDb    7.0 /10
Creator Lee Hyeong-min
Creator Jae-eun Kim
Release Date2010-05-25
GenreDrama, Mystery, Romance
Content Rating
AwardsAwards1 win & 5 nominations
CountrySouth Korea
Chae Tae-Sungas Chae Tae-Sung…
Ga-in Han
Ga-in Han
Moon Jae-Inas Moon Jae-In
Hong Tae-Sungas Hong Tae-Sung
Shim Eun-kyung
Shim Eun-kyung
Moon Won-Inas Moon Won-In
Hun-Yub Choo
Hun-Yub Choo
Mystery manas Mystery man
Hong Tae-raas Hong Tae-ra
Hong Mo-neas Hong Mo-ne
Mrs. Shinas Mrs. Shin
Director Jangas Director Jang
Jeon Gook-hwan
Jeon Gook-hwan
President Hongas President Hong
Inspector Kwakas Inspector Kwak
Lee Beom-Wooas Lee Beom-Woo
Choi Seon-Youngas Choi Seon-Young

Bad Guy (TV series)

Bad Guy (Korean: 나쁜 남자; RR: Nappeun namja) is a 2010 South Korean melodrama television series, starring Kim Nam-gil, Han Ga-in, Kim Jae-wook, Oh Yeon-soo and Jung So-min. Directed by Lee Hyung-min, it aired on SBS from May 26 to August 5, 2010 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 17 episodes.


In one night, Gun-wook (Kim Nam-gil) lost everything because of the Hong family. They took him in, believing he was President Hong's illegitimate son Tae-sung, and then cast him aside into the streets when it turned out to be a mistake. Years later, Gun-wook returns for revenge, taking down the Hongs and their Haeshin corporation step by step. The real Hong Tae-sung (Kim Jae-wook) and sisters Mo-ne (Jung So-min) and Tae-ra (Oh Yeon-soo) are all chess pieces in his impeccable revenge plan, but he never planned on meeting and falling in love with the smart and equally ambitious Jae-in (Han Ga-in).


Main characters

  • Kim Nam-gil as Shim Gun-wookKang Soo-han as young Gun-wook
  • Kang Soo-han as young Gun-wook
  • Han Ga-in as Moon Jae-in
  • Kim Jae-wook as Hong Tae-sungPark Joon-mok as young Tae-sung
  • Park Joon-mok as young Tae-sung
  • Oh Yeon-soo as Hong Tae-raMoon Ga-young as young Tae-ra
  • Moon Ga-young as young Tae-ra
  • Jung So-min as Hong Mo-ne

Supporting characters

  • Kim Hye-ok as Mrs. Shin
  • Jeon Gook-hwan as President Hong
  • Shim Eun-kyung as Moon Weon-in
  • Ji Hoo as Lee Beom-woo Chae Gun as young Beom-woo
  • Chae Gun as young Beom-woo
  • Kim Min-seo as Choi Sun-young Lee Ji-eun as young Sun-young
  • Lee Ji-eun as young Sun-young
  • Kim Jung-tae as Jang Gam-dok
  • Ha Joo-hee as Jeon Hye-joo
  • Park Ah-in as Da-rim
  • Jung Seung-oh as Uhm Sang-moo
  • Jeon Min-seo as Hong So-dam, Tae-ra's daughter
  • Song Ji-eun as Gun-wook's mother
  • Song Joo-yeon as Song Joo-yeon
  • Uhm Tae-goo as Tae-ra's bodyguard


In analyzing his character Gun-wook, Kim Nam-gil described him as "an innocent but bad guy," saying, "You can't hate him because while his actions may be based on vengeance; he's actually lonely and is longing for love." About portraying the pretty, smart and ambitious Moon Jae-in, Han Ga-in said she "accepted the role in the drama because I wasn't scared to brush off my goddess image from commercials." Hong Tae-ra's mundane life is shattered when she falls for Gun-wook, and Oh Yeon-soo admitted feeling nervous about her love scene with Kim.

Regarding the racy kissing scene between him and Oh, Kim commented that "Actually, I thought it would be good if it were steamy. I wanted to give this married woman with a child and a family a dangerous fantasy, or even a vicarious sense of satisfaction." He added that he prefers working with married women than single ones, saying, "The difference between shooting a melodrama with married and single actresses are they themselves seem to feel more comfortable and talk openly. It gives us a chance to become close and talk about this and that while not having to worry about getting involved in a scandal. In a way, married people are my seniors in life so I can learn a lot from them. I want to shoot more melodramas with married actresses from now on."

In the middle of filming, Kim received his draft notice for mandatory military service. He applied for a deferment in order to wrap up the shoot for the series, but it was not granted. Kim shot as much as he could (his scenes were reduced, and a body double was also used) until July 13, then entered the army two days later on July 15, 2010.


Episode #Original broadcast dateAverage audience share
TNmS RatingsAGB Nielsen
NationwideSeoul National Capital AreaNationwideSeoul National Capital Area
12010 May 2612.0%12.4%11.7%13.1%
22010 May 2712.8%12.9%10.7%11.8%
32010 June 312.2%12.5%12.1%12.8%
42010 June 914.2%14.3%12.9%14.1%
52010 June 1015.1%15.5%14.2%16.0%
62010 June 307.2%8.1%5.6%6.5%
72010 July 18.3%8.6%6.9%8.4%
82010 July 77.9%8.1%7.0%7.2%
92010 July 88.7%9.0%7.5%8.7%
102010 July 148.9%9.9%7.1%8.3%
112010 July 158.1%8.2%6.4%7.4%
122010 July 218.0%8.3%6.1%7.1%
132010 July 228.9%9.4%7.0%8.1%
142010 July 287.8%8.1%6.4%7.3%
152010 July 2912.4%12.7%10.4%11.3%
162010 August 48.8%8.8%7.5%8.5%
172010 August 59.3%9.4%8.4%9.6%

Awards and nominations

2010SBS Drama AwardsTop Excellence AwardKim Nam-gilNominated

International broadcast

Renamed as Black and Red (赤と黒) in Japan, it first aired twice on cable channel NHK BS Premium dubbed in Japanese. It was later broadcast in its original Korean audio with Japanese subtitles on the main terrestrial channel NHK starting September 4, 2011, airing two episodes a day from Monday to Thursday for a total of two weeks. NHK was also one of the drama's investors.

It aired in Taiwan on Gala TV beginning October 5, 2011.

It aired in Thailand on Modern Nine TV every Monday to Friday at 1:00 p.m. starting from March 2, 2012.