Islands (2011)


Islands (2011)
Isole (original title)

Ivan is desperate for employment. One day his search takes him to a nearby island, where he finds himself stranded, penniless and unable to make his way back home to the dingy apartment he shares with his ailing father. Help arrives, almost magically, in the form of a mute young woman. Martina has retreated into silence. She lives with a middle-aged priest recently impaired by a stroke. Don Enzo is proud and independent, his gruffness a sign of his resentment at being fussed over by a sister whom he suspects has ulterior motives. Enzo believes his caretaker has her eye on a piece of land used to house his beloved bees - and she is certainly disapproving of the bohemian life­style he has adopted by befriending strays like Ivan and Martina. Meanwhile, as Ivan spends more time on Enzo's property, he becomes intrigued by the mysterious young woman who seeks solace with the bees but refuses to say a word.
IMDb   6.8 /10
TheMovieDb    6.6 /10
Director Stefano Chiantini
Writer Giuliano Miniati
Writer Stefano Chiantini
Release Date2012-05-11
Runtime1h 32mins
Content Rating
Awards3 wins.
CompanyObraz Film
LanguageItalian, Czech
Anna Ferruzzo
Anna Ferruzzo
Pascal Zullino
Pascal Zullino
Vincenzo Crivello
Vincenzo Crivello
Philippe Guastella
Philippe Guastella
Padre Ivan
Beniamino Caldiero
Beniamino Caldiero
Uomo rissa 1
Eugenio Krauss
Eugenio Krauss
Uomo rissa 3

Islands (film)

Islands (Italian: Isole) is an Italian drama film released in 2011, directed by Stefano Chiantini and starring Asia Argento.

The film was presented in world première at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011, then at the Festival de Cine Italiano in Madrid, at the London Italian Film Festival 2012 and at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2012 in Sydney.


The first scenes of the film are set in the historical center of the town of Termoli. A young illegal immigrant called Ivan is looking for a job. He is a bricklayer and lives in a small flat with his old and sick father. Precisely in with the intention to find a job he sets off to the Isole Tremiti, Apulia, but cannot not return as planned and had to extend his sojourn. There he meets two people who are going to help him. One is Don Enzo, an uncommon priest who lives in a small house and takes care of his bees. The other is Martina, a young woman who, since her daughter's death, has closed herself in silence, and lives in Don Enzo's house, her former tutor. Martina and Ivan become friends, and even don Enzo starts to feel some sympathy for the youngster.

The three protagonists have nothing in common, except for one thing: they live in isolation because they are different from other people. It is not by chance that the story takes place in an isolated place, in fact on islands. But precisely the fact of being different is at the origin of the mutual interest that over time becomes sympathy and friendship. In defining the characters the director underscores the difference that often generates loneliness but may also bring people closer to one another. In a time where migration is a worldwide phenomenon Chiantini's analysis is interesting.

That description of the social relationship is completed by a last character, Father Enzo's sister. She is a selfish and greedy woman who, from the first instant, distrusts the young foreigner mainly because she is interested in the property of the Father. She symbolises the world around which is united against Ivan and Martina.


  • Asia Argento as Martina
  • Giorgio Colangeli asDon Enzo
  • Anna Ferruzzo as Vilma, Don Enzo's sister
  • Ivan Franek as Ivan
  • Pascal Zullino: Rocco, Vilma's friend
  • Eugenio Krauss as the Violent Man