Set Up (2005)


Set Up (2005)
Xiong nan gua nu (original title)

Hong Kong
IMDb   5.5 /10
Director Siu-Hung Chung
Director Jing Wong
Writer Jing Wong
Release Date2005-06-02
Runtime1h 34min
GenreCrime, Horror
Content Rating
CountryHong Kong

Set Up (2005 film)

Set Up is a 2005 Hong Kong horror film produced and written by Wong Jing, directed by Billy Chung and starring Christy Chung, Michael Tse and Roy Cheung.


Moon Siu is a horror story writer who got refractive surgery the day before her wedding. That night she stays at an unfurnished house in the suburb with her sister Yan. When Moon was sleeping, three robbers Pau, Kei and Man, who were hiding out there, kill Yan and her boyfriend and stuff her corpse in the refrigerator. Later Moon finds Yan's corpse and arrests Kei when her fiancé Ted arrives. Unknown to Moon, Ted actually belongs to the same gang as the robbers.


  • Christy Chung as Moon Siu
  • Michael Tse as Ted
  • Roy Cheung as Pau
  • Tony Ho as Kei
  • Winnie Leung as Yan
  • Johnny Lu as Edmund
  • Marco Lok as Man
  • Alan Ng as Red Ox
  • Pang Mei Seung as provision store boss

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