Runaway (2012)


Runaway (2012)

A drama-thriller about the men who hide in the shadows of Dhaka city, and a rickshawalla turned bounty hunter named Babu hell-bent on finding these runaways and forcing them to face their past. His life mission comes to an ultimate crossroad when he meets is biggest prey: a corrupt politician named Akbar. Convinced an evil spirit possess him, Babu captures Akbar and forces him to retrace the winding and dark path that led him there. Little does Babu know the dark secrets that haunt Akbar are about to be unleashed...
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    7.5 /10
Director Amit Ashraf
Writer Amit Ashraf
Release Date2012-02-04
Runtime1h 30mins
Content Rating
Awards2 wins.
CompanyKazi House Productions
CountryUSA, Bangladesh
Akbar Rahman
Reetu Abdus Sattar
Reetu Abdus Sattar
Remi Rahman (as Reetu Satter)
Shahin Akter Swarna
Shahin Akter Swarna


Udhao (Bengali: উধাও; English: Runaway) is a 2013 Bangladeshi film directed and written by Amit Ashraf. It is an award-winning film which was released on September 28 on Star Cineplex and in October 4 commercially in around five cinemas. The film has brought home seven international awards and grants. The casts of the film includes Shahed Ali and Shakil Ahmed in the role of two protagonists – Babu and Akbar respectively – along with Animesh Aich, Ritu Sattar, Nawshaba Ahmed, Shaheen Akhtar Swarna, Saiful Islam and Ithila Islam.


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No song is added to the film as a separate item. There are only two folk numbers by Fakir Laal Mia that the actors sometimes hum keeping natural flow of the plot. Visitors at the Cineplex welcomed the director and spoke highly of the production.

"It was wonderful. Good story and good execution of the story," said popular singer Anusheh Anadil. "Among the actors Shahed Ali in the role of Babu and Shakil Ahmed in the role of Akbar were brilliant," said Kollol Kumar, a visitor. The film is the debutant production of Kazi House Productions.


  • Monir Ahmed as Akbar Rahman
  • Shahed Ali as Babu
  • Nawshaba Ahmed as Mita
  • Animesh Aich as Raj
  • Reetu Satter as Remi Rahman
  • Shahin Akter Swarna as Runa


Directed and written by Amit Ashraf Company credits: