A Estrada 47 (2013)


A Estrada 47 (2013)

During World War II, looking up the Mountain, in Italy, a Brazilian Expeditionary Force - FEB - mines weeping platoon is hit by a panic-attack that sets them running aimlessly right in the middle of 'no man's land'. Desperate cold and hungry, the ill-prepared soldiers have to choose between facing military court or delve deeper into enemy lines. After a tense discussion, they decide to save their faces with the Brazilian Army by tackling a daring military objective: to disarm the most feared minefield in Italy. On their way there, they end meeting two others deserters; a remorseful Italian soldier trying to join the Partigianos and German officer who is just simply tired of war. with unexpected help of their ex-enemy, the soldiers are set to accomplish a mission that so far had been deemed impossible.
IMDb   6.3 /10
TheMovieDb    6.6 /10
FilmAffinity   6.0 /10
Director Vicente Ferraz
Writer Vicente Ferraz
Release Date2015-04-22
Runtime1h 47min
GenreDrama, History, War
Content Rating
AwardsAwards8 wins & 17 nominations
CompanyTrês Mundos Produções, Primo Filmes, Verdeoro
CountryBrazil, Italy, Portugal
LanguagePortuguese, Italian, German, English, Spanish
Robertoas Roberto
Guimarães (Guima)as Guimarães (Guima)
Thogun Teixeira
Thogun Teixeira
Sergente Laurindoas Sergente Laurindo
Francisco Gaspar
Francisco Gaspar
Piauías Piauí
Tenente Penhaas Tenente Penha
Colonel Mayeras Colonel Mayer
Daniele Grassetti
Daniele Grassetti
Partigianoas Partigiano
Hassan El Jaï
Hassan El Jaï
Ruias Rui
Ricardo Prado
Ricardo Prado
Arthur Correiaas Arthur Correia
Partigiano con Barellaas Partigiano con Barella

Road 47

Road 47 (Portuguese: A Estrada 47) is a 2013 drama film written and directed by Vicente Ferraz, based on real events, about Brazil's involvement in World War II. The film stars Daniel de Oliveira, Richard Sammel, Sergio Rubini and Julio Andrade.

The film follows the trajectory of some men from the landmine clearance unit of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force who after a panic attack are trying to get tempers and defuse the mined road that separates them from a village monitored by enemy forces.



During World War II Brazil became an ally of Soviet Union, United States, UK and Free France, among other Allies. In the second half of 1944, it sent to the Italian Campaign, in several stages, a military contingent formed mainly by an infantry division to fight the forces of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Almost all these soldiers came from rural and poor backgrounds, and with no previous military experience, they had to learn in practice to fight for survival at the front.

Main Plot

After suffering a collective panic in a non specified point of Gothic Line, the soldiers Guimarães (Daniel de Oliveira), Piauí (Gaspar Francisco), Laurindo (Thogum) and their Lieutenant (Júlio Andrade), try to retreat of the site, but end up missing their company. So, they had to decide to return to their unit under risk of facing court-martial for dereliction of duty, or return to the position of night before at risk of facing a surprise attack by numerous forces of enemy. That's when a war correspondent, Rui (Ivo Canelas), tells them about an active minefield and they think this is a chance to redeem the mistake they committed, but much is yet to happen and the war is far from over.


  • Sergio Rubini as Roberto
  • Daniel de Oliveira as Guimarães 'Guima'
  • Thogun as Sergente Laurindo
  • Francisco Gaspar as Piauí
  • Júlio Andrade as Tenente Penha
  • Ivo Canelas as Rui
  • Richard Sammel as Colonnello Mayer
  • Daniele Grassetti as Partigiano
  • Giorgio Vicenzotti as Partigiano


In an interview, Vicente Ferraz said that he wanted to discuss Brazil's history in World War II, which he said was "forgotten by the Brazilians and which is completely unknown abroad." He used diaries, letters, and interviews as source material.


Road 47 premiered at the 2013 Festival do Rio.


Jonathan Holland of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "Competent but not inspiring, this is a simple and effective film which never does full justice to the stirring material it’s based on." Mark Adams of Screen International called it an "impressively mounted war film" and "high quality drama".