Beremennyy (2011)


Beremennyy (2011)

A story of the pregnant man                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   4.0 /10
TheMovieDb    2.5 /10
Director Sarik Andreasyan
Writer Sarik Andreasyan
Release Date2011-09-08
Runtime1h 24mins
GenreComedy, Fantasy
Content Rating
CompanyEnjoy Movies
Lyudmila Artemeva
Lyudmila Artemeva
Sergey Dobrolyubov
Ekaterina Ershova
Ekaterina Ershova
Anastasiya Fedorkova
Anastasiya Fedorkova
Irina Frolova
Irina Frolova
Ekaterina Klimova
Ekaterina Klimova
Kiira Korpi
Kiira Korpi
Doktor (as Dmitriy Sharakois)

The Pregnant

The Pregnant (Russian: Беременный, romanized: Beremenniy) is a 2011 Russian comedy film directed by Sarik Andreasyan. It stars Dmitri Dyuzhev, Anna Sedokova, Mikhail Galustyan and Ville Haapasalo. The Hindi remake rights are owned by T-Series and Maddock Films.


Sergei and Diana Dobrolyubov have long dreamt of having a child, but Diana simply isn't getting pregnant. Sergei, who works as a TV presenter at the Muz-TV channel, makes a wish to a falling star (“I want a child”), and his wish is fulfilled, but with a catch: instead of his wife, he, himself, becomes pregnant. Sergei's friend, Zhora, convinces him that pregnancy is not a reason to hide, but instead is an opportunity to gain fame and money. The show "The Pregnant" becomes the most popular television project, and its main character - Sergei Dobrolyubov - a star. In the end, in order to give birth to his child in peace, Sergei decides to inform his fans that he falsified the pregnancy.


  • Dmitri Dyuzhev - Sergei Dobrolyubov
  • Anna Sedokova - Diana Dobrolyubova, Sergey's wife
  • Mikhail Galustyan - Zhora, Sergey's friend
  • Ville Haapasalo - Director
  • Dmitry Sharakois - Dr. Tikhonov
  • Svetlana Khodchenkova - Prosecutor
  • Dmitry Khrustalev - Edgar, gay man
  • Victor Vasiliev - Slavik, gay man
  • Lyudmila Artemyeva - Sergey's mother
  • Valentin Smirnitsky - Sergey's father
  • Vadim Takmenev - Cameo
  • Timur Solovyov - Cameo
  • Nikolai Naumov - Reporter
  • Anton Sasin - President of Russia


The film's score was written by Aleksandr Vartanov. The following songs are featured in the picture.

  • Egor Solodovnikov — "Beremenniy"
  • Anna Sedokova — "Kosmos"
  • Dmitri Dyuzhev — "Ya u togo poroga"
  • Grigory Leps— "Shelest"
  • Gloria Gaynor— "I Will Survive"
  • Queen— "I Want to Break Free"
  • Roy Orbison — "Oh, Pretty Woman"
  • Aleksander Serov — "Ya lyublu tebya do slyoz"
  • Yulia Nelson — "All I need is you"


The film received generally negative reviews in Russian media.