Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie (2010)


Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie (2010)

Care Power On! Join Funshine, Share, Cheer and the whole Care Power Team as they organize the annual Giving Festival in this adorable tale!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   5.4 /10
TheMovieDb    2.0 /10
Director Larry Houston
Director Davis Doi
Writer Thomas Hart
Writer Linda Edwards
Writer Muriel Fahrion
Release Date2010-11-01
Runtime1h 7min
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
CompanySD Entertainment
CountryCanada, USA

Care Bears: The Giving Festival

Care Bears: The Giving Festival is a 2010 computer-animated feature film starring the Care Bears characters. It was made by SD Entertainment and released on DVD by Lionsgate on November 2, 2010. In the film, the Care Power Team—which includes Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear and Share Bear—organizes their annual Giving Festival, and must rescue a princess named Starglo from impending weather.


The DVD of The Giving Festival features an episode of the CBS series, Adventures in Care-a-lot, containing the stories "Belly Blanked" and "All Give and No Take".


As of November 2010, the film has received mixed reviews. C.S. Strowbridge of The Numbers, a box-office tracking website, said that it "is exactly what you would expect from the Care Bears. It's not exactly a feature-length film, and it feels a little episodic, but it is bright and full of adventure." Writing for DVD Talk, Paul Mavis gave it one star out of five. Deeming it "Dishonest right from the get-go", he also said, "When I want a Care Bears Christmas movie ... and I do ... I want it to actually be about Christmas, not some wishy-washy P.C. 'Giving Festival' euphemism."