Seto no hanayome (2007)


Seto no hanayome (TV Series 2007–2007)

Nagasumi's in hot water after a beautiful, young mermaid named Sun saves him from drowning. The deep-sea sweetheart's dad is a merman yakuza prone to executing anyone who learns his family's scaly secret! Luckily, there's a catch - if Nagasumi agrees to marry Sun, he just might avoid sleeping with the fishes!
IMDb   7.3 /10
Creator Tahiko Kimura
Release Date2007-03-31
GenreAnimation, Comedy, Fantasy
Content RatingTV-MA (TV-MA)
CompanyAnime International Company (AIC), Avex Mode, Gonzo
Nagasumi Michishioas Nagasumi Michishio
Nagasumi Michishioas Nagasumi Michishio
Gouzaburou Setoas Gouzaburou Seto
Sun Setoas Sun Seto
Shark Fujishiroas Shark Fujishiro
Lunar Edomaeas Lunar Edomae
Kai Mikawaas Kai Mikawa
Akeno Shiranuias Akeno Shiranui
Makias Maki
Lunar's Papaas Lunar's Papa
Yoshiuo Minamotoas Yoshiuo Minamoto
Octopusas Octopus
Grandmaas Grandma
Runa-Papaas Runa-Papa
Additional Voicesas Additional Voices
Haruko Momoi
Haruko Momoi
San Setoas San Seto

My Bride is a Mermaid

My Bride Is a Mermaid (Japanese: 瀬戸の花嫁, Hepburn: Seto no Hanayome, lit. "The Inland Sea Bride") is a Japanese manga series written by Tahiko Kimura. The manga was serialized between the September 2002 and May 2009 issues of Monthly Gangan Wing, and the June and December 2010 issues of Monthly Gangan Joker, both published by Square Enix. In 2004, a drama CD based on the series was released by Frontier Works. A 26-episode anime television series adaptation animated by Gonzo, directed by Seiji Kishi, and written by Makoto Uezu aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April and September 2007. Two original video animation episodes were released in November 2008 and January 2009. Odex, a Singaporean distributor, released it in English in Singapore as Seto No Hana Yome. The anime was licensed for a North American distribution by Funimation Entertainment and was released in July and September 2010 under the title My Bride Is a Mermaid!.


The story of My Bride Is a Mermaid revolves around a young teenage boy named Nagasumi Michishio. One day during his summer vacation at the Seto Inland Sea, Nagasumi is saved from drowning by a mermaid named Sun Seto. Under mermaid law however, either the mermaid whose identity was revealed or the human who saw the mermaid must be executed. In an attempt to save both Nagasumi and Sun's lives, Sun's family (which is the head of a mermaid Yakuza group) reluctantly decides that the two are to be married. Sun's father Gōzaburō is enraged about his daughter's sudden marriage. Between Gōzaburō's constant attempts on his life and the madcap antics of a slew of antagonists, Nagasumi has a hard time transitioning into his new married lifestyle.


Some mermaid/merman characters are named for star (or planet) names and sea names.

Michishio family

Seto family

Seto Group members

Edomae family

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The My Bride Is a Mermaid manga series was serialized between the September 2002 and May 2009 issues of the Japanese manga magazine Monthly Gangan Wing, and the June and December 2010 issues of Monthly Gangan Joker, both published by Square Enix. Sixteen tankōbon were released in Japan.

No.Release dateISBN
01February 27, 20034-7575-0880-8
02July 26, 20034-7575-0986-3
03November 27, 20034-7575-1073-X
04April 27, 20044-7575-1189-2
05August 27, 20044-7575-1257-0
06December 27, 20044-7575-1341-0
07April 27, 20054-7575-1417-4
08September 27, 20054-7575-1532-4
09March 27, 20064-7575-1648-7
10July 27, 20064-7575-1730-0
11November 27, 20064-7575-1818-8
12March 27, 20074-7575-1976-1
13July 27, 20074-7575-2058-1
14March 27, 2008978-4-7575-2247-3
15February 22, 2011978-4-7575-3141-3
16February 22, 2011978-4-7575-3142-0


The anime TV series adaptation directed by Seiji Kishi, written by Makoto Uezu and produced by Gonzo and AIC aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April 1 and September 30, 2007, containing 26 episodes. Episode 17 of the anime adaptation scheduled for broadcast on the Japanese cable network Anime Theater X on September 3, 2007 was canceled due to concerns of copyright infringement. Some of the characters who appear in that episode are believed to closely resemble characters from other works. The series was licensed by Funimation and was released under the title My Bride Is a Mermaid!. The first of two parts was released on July 20, 2010. Three pieces of theme music were used for the anime: one opening theme, and two ending themes. The opening theme is "Romantic Summer" by Sun (Haruko Momoi) & Lunar (Sakura Nogawa), which was written, composed, and arranged by Halko Momoi. In the opening video, the characters dancing behind Sun change depending on the episode whether it is dedicated or related to them (for example, Nagasumi dancing with the Seto's Special Squad brothers). The first ending theme, used for episodes one through thirteen, and then again for episode twenty-six, is "Asu e no Hikari" (明日への光) by Asuka Hinoi, which was written, composed, and arranged by Yugo Sasakura. In the video, the image in the ending changes slightly between each episode as new characters are introduced in the anime. The second ending theme, used for episodes fourteen through twenty-five, is "Dan Dan Dan" by Sun (Haruko Momoi) & Lunar (Sakura Nogawa), which was written by Gorō Matsui, and composed and arranged by Shūhei Naruse. In the video, the characters' animations change depending on the circumstances they undergo during the episode (for example, the Class President transforming into "Yes! Amazoness!").


An original video animation episode entitled Jin (仁) was released on November 28, 2008, along with the OVA ending theme single, "Mirai e Go" (未来へGo) by Dekabancho. The OVA's opening theme single, "Zettai Otome" (絶対乙女) by Sun&Lunar, was released on October 29, 2008. A second OVA entitled Gi (義) was released on January 30, 2009, along with its ending theme, "Kakehashi" (梯 -かけはし-) by Sun&Lunar. The opening theme for this OVA, "Tenshi Ranman Love Power" (天使爛漫 Love Power) by Haruko Momoi, Sakura Nogawa, Rika Morinaga, Eri Kitamura, was released on December 24, 2008.