Aspirants (2021– )


Aspirants (TV Series 2021– )

Aspirants is a story of 3 friends - Abhilash, Shwetketu(SK) and Guri. The story revolves around the past and the present time where the past captures the struggle and the drama behind the making of UPSC CSE aspirants in Old Rajinder Nagar of Delhi, while the present talks about the aftermath. It is the story of three UPSC aspirant's journey and most importantly - their friendship besides all odds!
IMDb   9 /10
TheMovieDb    8.7 /10
Creator Arunabh Kumar
Creator Shreyansh Pandey
Release Date2021-04-06
Content Rating
AwardsTop rated TV #54 | See the Top 250 TV shows as rated by IMDb users
CompanyContagious Online Media Network, The Viral Fever
Abhilash Sharmaas Abhilash Sharma
Abhilash Thapliyal
Abhilash Thapliyal
SKas SK…
Sandeepas Sandeep…
Dhairyaas Dhairya
Walia Uncleas Walia Uncle
Pema Rijijuas Pema Rijiju
Abhishek Solanki
Abhishek Solanki
Abhilash's PAas Abhilash's PA
Neetu Jhanjhi
Neetu Jhanjhi
Walia Auntyas Walia Aunty
Nupur Nagpal
Nupur Nagpal
Pragatias Pragati
Rahul Bharadwaj
Rahul Bharadwaj
Bar Manageras Bar Manager
Arpit Bhatia
Arpit Bhatia
Ankuras Ankur…
Darius Chinoy
Darius Chinoy
Abhilash's Bossas Abhilash's Boss
Udit Kulshrestha
Udit Kulshrestha
Aspirant on scooteras Aspirant on scooter…
Preeti Agarwal Mehta
Preeti Agarwal Mehta
Anuradha Tiwari IASas Anuradha Tiwari IAS
Lokesh Agarwal
Lokesh Agarwal
Opticianas Optician
Himansh Ahuja
Himansh Ahuja
Aspirant at juice centreas Aspirant at juice centre
Gaurav Bhatia
Gaurav Bhatia
Gaurd 2as Gaurd 2

Aspirants (web series)

Aspirants is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age web series produced by The Viral Fever (TVF) and created by Arunabh Kumar and Shreyansh Pandey, written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish and was directed by Apoorv Singh Karki. It stars Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, Namita Dubey and Sunny Hinduja. The story follows three friends, Abhilash, Guri and SK (Shwet Ketu Jha) who are preparing for the UPSC exam at Rajinder Nagar, Delhi.

The series began streaming on 7 April 2021, with five episodes have been premiered online on TVF's YouTube Channel and TVF Play. The season finale aired on 8 May 2021.


TVF Aspirants is about the past and present of three friends, Abhilash, Guri and SK, who are UPSC aspirants. The past explains their UPSC Aspirant life in Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi and their struggle to crack the examination, while the present examines their lives outside the Rajinder Nagar as adults.



  • Naveen Kasturia as Abhilash Sharma
  • Shivankit Singh Parihar as Gurpreet Singh (Guri)
  • Abhilash Thapliyal as Shwet Ketu Jha (SK)
  • Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep 'Bhaiya' Singh Ohlan
  • Namita Dubey as Dhairya


  • Kuljeet Singh as Walia Uncle
  • Bijou Thaangjam as Pema Rijiju
  • Neetu Jhanjhi as Walia Aunty
  • Nupur Nagpal as Pragati
  • Abhishekh Sonpaliya as Abhilash's PA
  • Darius Chinoy as Abhilash's boss
  • Preeti Agarwal Mehta as Anuradha Tiwari IAS
  • Sandeep Sharma as Manohar Prakash Sir
  • Jaspal Sharma as S. Chandrakant (Account head)


EpisodeTitleDirected byWritten byDate of Broadcast
1"UPSC - Optional Me Kya Hai?"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish7 April 2021
Abhilash entered the Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, to prepare for his UPSC CSE, which is famous for Coaching institutes of Civil service examinations. He is trying to change his optional subject but the things become difficult as it is his last attempt.
2"Teacher Sahi Hona Chahiye"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish14 April 2021
Abhilash became dissatisfied with his teacher in the institute eventually decided to leave his coaching institute as he is worried about his examination.
3"Positive Approach Rakh Yaar"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish21 April 2021
After being taunted regarding his negative approach, Abhilash went to study at the library, where Dhairya enters his life after which things turn positive. But, things turns out impotent.
4"Plan B Kya Hai?"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish28 April 2021
Finally, Abhilash realises that cracking UPSC is difficult, no matter how determined a candidate is. He also realises that he needs a backup plan.
5"UPSC - Pre...Mains aur Life."Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish8 May 2021
IAS Abhilash Sharma struggles when the past meets the present. Things took turn when Sandeep Bhaiya, his mentor cum friend from the past, returns as a colleague and advise him as he used to do.


Aspirants: Season 1 (Music From the TVF Original Series)
Soundtrack album by
Rohit Sharma, Tushar Mallek, Nilotpal Bora
Released7 May 2021
LabelContagious Online Media Network Pvt Ltd
ProducerTushar Mallek

The series' soundtrack features 11 songs composed by Rohit Sharma, Tushar Mallek, and Nilotpal Bora and written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Avinash Chouhan, and Hussain Haidry. The track "Dhaaga" which is originally from TVF's previous series Yeh Meri Family (2018) was reused in the series.

1."Aspirants Theme"Tushar MallekInstrumental1:40
2."De Mauka Zindagi"Avinash ChouhanNilotpal BoraNilotpal Bora2:47
3."Beparwaah"Deepesh Sumitra JagdishRohit SharmaArnab Dutta2:11
4."Mohbhang"Deepesh Sumitra JagdishRohit SharmaParul Mishra1:46
5."Dhaaga"Hussain HaidryNilotpal BoraNilotpal Bora3:52
6."Bairagi"Deepesh Sumitra JagdishRohit SharmaRohit Sharma3:00
7."Phod De Ya Chhod De"Deepesh Sumitra JagdishRohit SharmaNoxious D2:25
8."Guiding Light"Tushar MallekInstrumental2:32
9."Positive Shift"Tushar MallekInstrumental1:58
10."Triumph"Tushar MallekInstrumental2:05
11."Aspirants Theme (Extended)"Tushar MallekInstrumental2:53
Total length:27:09


Rahul Desai of Film Companion wrote that Aspirants "is an overstated TVF hybrid of Dil Chahta Hai and Kota Factory".