Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice (2008)


Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice (2008)
Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice (original title)

Cat Deely hosts the epic 'live' final of Britain's Got the Pop Factor, where musical acts R Wayne, 2 Up 2 Down and Geraldine battle it out for their own record deal and an automatic entry to the show Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice. Nicki Chapman, Neil Fox and Pete Waterman will judge their efforts, but who wins?
IMDb   6.7 /10
RottenTomatoes  8.0 /10
Director Peter Kay
Writer Peter Kay
Writer Paul Coleman
Release Date2008-10-11
Runtime2h 0min
GenreComedy, Music
Content Rating
AwardsAwards1 win & 2 nominations
CompanyLion Eyes Television
Geraldine McQueenas Geraldine McQueen
Richard - 2up2downas Richard - 2up2down
Rick Astleyas Rick Astley
Lionel Blairas Lionel Blair
Johnathan Brenner
Johnathan Brenner
Entertaineras Entertainer
Nicki Chapman
Nicki Chapman
Nicki Chapmanas Nicki Chapman
Cat Deeleyas Cat Deeley
James Devlin
James Devlin
4skin Lead singeras 4skin Lead singer
Cory English
Cory English
Helium singeras Helium singer
Jackieas Jackie
Neil Fox
Neil Fox
Neil Foxas Neil Fox
Adrian Gas
Adrian Gas
Danceras Dancer
Wendyas Wendy
Geraldine's Mumas Geraldine's Mum
CD Printing Workeras CD Printing Worker
David Hulston
David Hulston
Grahamas Graham
Gabriella Irimia
Gabriella Irimia
Gabriella Irimiaas Gabriella Irimia

Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice

Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice is a British television comedy show co-created, co-written, directed, produced by and starring comedian Peter Kay. The two-hour show was broadcast in two parts on Channel 4 on 12 October 2008.

The title and general format of the film is a parody of talent search-based reality television shows. The title of the show is an amalgamation of other talent-search reality shows, as well as a stage show (representing the show-within-a-show mentioned below); in order – Britain's Got Talent, Pop Idol, The X Factor, celebrity variants of pre-existing shows, Jesus Christ Superstar (in reference to Andrew Lloyd Webber's BBC series of musical-based talent shows), Soapstar Superstar, Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice.

As well as being the title of the show, Britain's Got the Pop Factor is the title of the fictional series within the show, where Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice is the name of another fictional talent show, to which the winner of Britain's Got The Pop Factor gains automatic entry.

After the end credits, the show advertised its "sequel", due to be shown the next year: Celebrity Fiddler on the Roof in the Jungle, an amalgam of British reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

It was the first show Kay had produced on the channel for four years, and was described by Channel 4 as the 'comedy forefront of the autumn schedule, which begin a year-long season of programmes'. The show was rerun in its entirety on 14 December 2008.

Due to the release of "I Know Him So Well", a duet by winner Geraldine McQueen and Susan Boyle for Red Nose Day 2011, the show was repeated on 26 March of that year, with the video for the song shown immediately afterwards.


The programme was shown in the style of a live final talent show hosted by Cat Deeley and judged by Nicki Chapman, Pete Waterman and Neil Fox (this being the original Pop Idol panel, minus Simon Cowell; Chapman and Waterman were also panellists for ITV's "Popstars" and Popstars: The Rivals respectively.)

Peter Kay appeared as solo artist Geraldine McQueen. Jo Enright, Karl Lucas, David Hulston and Sian Foulkes performed as group 2 Up 2 Down in which the two women were wheelchair users, and Marc Pickering played R Wayne: another solo artist.

The two-hour final exhibited various acts that did not make the final, and the three finalists' journeys on the show. It revealed their sob stories and the fact that sob stories were the driving force behind which contestants got through to the final. Geraldine McQueen had gone through gender reassignment surgery after being a male piano player on one of the Irish ferries and 2 Up 2 Down have had a multitude of bad experiences. R Wayne was originally eliminated at bootcamp for not having a good enough sob story but was brought back into the show after his grandmother (R Gran) died from a heart attack on hearing news of his elimination.

Later on in the show, a notable character from the first series of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, psychic Clinton Baptiste, revealed that R Gran was attending a pub quiz in heaven with Thora Hird and Heath Ledger.

The three finalists each performed a live medley (performed in a serious manner, with the insensitivity of the song selections providing the humour). At this point, R Wayne was eliminated and the final two acts then performed their own rendition of "The Winner's Song".

The winner of the show was Geraldine. She collapsed on stage during the last lines of her version of "The Winner's Song" from choking on a piece of glitter confetti. R Wayne, not noticing, ended up being the only person actually singing these last lines. After somebody asked for a doctor, Neil Fox jumped on stage and attempted to revive her.

The following day Kay, in character as Geraldine, was a guest on The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 and revealed that Neil Fox revived her, and she was recovering in an unknown (to her) hospital. She also appeared on Danny Baker's afternoon radio show on BBC London 94.9 three days later where she was still in hospital recovering and she was hoping to get a visit from Pete Waterman. She was also interviewed on Wave 105's breakfast show the following Friday, where she revealed that she was staying at Guy Ritchie's flat.

A follow-up programme, along the lines of the "winner's story" documentaries often produced for real-life talent reality shows, was broadcast on Channel 4 on 19 December 2008. Titled Peter Kay's Britain's Got an Extra Pop Factor and Then Some 2 + 1, the programme was hosted by Ben Shephard who, like Cat Deeley, was formerly closely associated with this type of programme.


R Wayne sang a medley of "Return to Innocence" by Enigma, "Love Train" by The O'Jays, "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson, "Y.M.C.A." by The Village People and "There's No-one Quite Like Grandma" by St Winifred's School Choir.

2 Up 2 Down sang a medley of "We Built This City" by Starship, "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child, "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton, "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler and "Hero" by Mariah Carey.

Geraldine sang a medley of "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen, the theme from "Born Free" by Matt Monro, "Free Nelson Mandela" by The Special AKA, "Umbrella" by Rihanna, "C'est la Vie" by B*Witched and "Milkshake" by Kelis.

Both 2 Up 2 Down and Geraldine sang versions of "The Winner's Song", which was co-written by the show's creator Peter Kay and Take That frontman Gary Barlow.

The music was produced and arranged by Mike Stevens, Take That's musical director.


Main cast

  • Peter Kay as Geraldine McQueen
  • Cat Deeley as herself
  • Nicki Chapman as herself
  • Neil Fox as himself
  • Pete Waterman as himself
  • Marc Pickering as R Wayne
  • Jo Enright as Jackie
  • Karl Lucas as Richard
  • Sian Foulkes as Wendy
  • David Hulston as Graham
  • Conleth Hill as Geraldine's Mum
  • Alex Lowe as Clinton Baptiste
  • Judith Alexander as R Mam
  • Gordon Isaccs as Bouncer 1
  • Dean Feasby as Bouncer 2
  • Peter Dickson as Voiceover Man

Guest stars

  • Rick Astley as himself
  • Lionel Blair as Dance Mentor
  • Todd Carty as Jesus H Christ
  • The Cheeky Girls as Mentors
  • Louis Emerick as Joseph
  • Rustie Lee as Neil Fox's assistant
  • Sally Lindsay as Mary
  • Paul McCartney as Mentor/Himself
  • Gary Newbon as himself
  • Ricky Wilson as himself

Cast of auditionees

  • Pearce Quigley as Dog Trainer
  • Smug Roberts as Angry Husband
  • Tim Whitnall as Auditionee with Eyepatch
  • Gemma Louise Carter as Bruschetta
  • Steve Royale as Baby Juggler
  • Jordan Smith as boy who jumps on Cat Deeley
  • Marc Silk as Martin Wallace
  • Philip Owen as Disco Dave

Viewing figures

On its initial broadcast, the first part of the programme attracted 6.25 million viewers on Channel 4 and 912,000 on Channel 4 +1, giving a total of 7.16 million viewers. The second part attracted 3.56 million viewers on Channel 4 and 454,000 on Channel 4 +1, giving a total of 4.01 million viewers.

The repeat showing of both parts combined on 14 December 2008 garnered 2.81 million viewers on Channel 4 and 389,000 on Channel 4 +1, giving a total of 3.20 million viewers.

Geraldine McQueen

Geraldine McQueen
Birth nameGerry King
BornDungannon, Northern Ireland
Years active2008–2011
Associated actsTake That
Susan Boyle

Geraldine McQueen is the fictional singer-songwriter from Britain's Got The Pop Factor... played by Peter Kay as a parody of the generic talent show winner.


She grew up as a male named Gerry King. As an adult, Gerry became a piano player on one of the Northern Irish ferries. Always believing that she was in the wrong body, Geraldine underwent a painful gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok under the watchful eyes of Dr Fungmewow, claiming, "he certainly knew his onions..." Her home life was poor though, as after her mother found a young Gerry cross-dressing, she stated that she didn't want anything to do with her son, saying "she is no son of mine!" However, during the final of Britain's Got The Pop Factor..., Geraldine's mother battled with her terminal HIV and inner-dislike for her child, but came to the studio on an IKEA flatbed trolley to support her. Geraldine's father died when she was younger.


The single "The Winner's Song" was written by Peter Kay and Gary Barlow; it was released on iTunes and in stores on 13 October 2008. On 19 October 2008, the song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 2. The follow-up single, "Once Upon a Christmas Song", was released on 15 December 2008 in stores and became available to download on 14 December. This was a charity single, and all proceeds were donated to the NSPCC.

When her Christmas single, "Once Upon a Christmas Song" was released, Geraldine made an appearance on GMTV to promote it, claiming it was a serious contender for the Christmas number 1 single.

Other appearances

After the release of "The Winner's Song", Geraldine made appearances on Take That Comes To Town. She was then seen performing it on The Royal Variety Performance (doing a medley which included "The Winner's Song" and "Once Upon a Christmas Song"), and The Paul O'Grady Show. After nearly three years away, McQueen appeared on Daybreak, Loose Women and The One Show to promote her new single, a duet with Susan Boyle. The Geraldine: The Winner's Story mockumentary was re-edited for the first episode of the compilation series Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle in 2016.



2008"The Winner's Song"21
"Once Upon a Christmas Song"5235
2011"I Know Him So Well" (With Susan Boyle)111040