The Oscars Library: A Tribute to the Academy Awards (TV Series 2019– )


The Oscars Library: A Tribute to the Academy Awards (TV Series 2019– )

This is Hollywood Insider's tribute to the Academy Awards, the dreams and aspirations it fosters in people all over the world. Without the Academy Awards, we would be left a barrage of constant mind-numbing, originality deficit, formulaic sequels over and over again. We hope this thorough 2 -hour feature detailing Academy Award/Oscar Award winners in the Best Actor/Actress categories and their speeches will reach audiences and inspire/empower them to believe in themselves. Actors and actresses all over the world know the goods and the bads that comes with their profession - thus the winners being recognized for their craft, talent and work with the coveted golden statuette known as Oscar is a dream that is shared by many all over the world. We sincerely hope that aspiring artists, performers, and people from all industries, can view this feature and be inspired as well as empowered to achieve their individual dreams. We created this video so that it entertains, educates and inspires ...
IMDb  10.0 /10
Creator Pritan Ambroase
Release Date2019-08-17
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CompanyHollywood Insider