Après la pluie (2019)


Après la pluie (2019)

An old unusual shepherd sits atop of a high hill watched by his dog. He shears a sheep and takes the wool and hurls it into the sky as a cloud. Then rain appears. The shepherd repeats the cycle several times including creating a cloud in the shape of a bone for the dog. One morning another sheep is ready for shearing. The dog sees this but the shepherd does not appear. The dog waits by the door of the shepherd's home. Finally, the dog wedges his way through the door and finds his master has passed away in his bed. When the dog awakens and leaves the shepherd's bedside, the landscape has dried up and the sheep are more than ready for shearing. The dog tries to pull the wool off the sheep and toss it into the air, but to no avail. Then the dog forces all of the sheep into the shepherd's homes. One sheep floats out the window and falls into a patch of sharp brambles. The sheep escapes but his been sheared its wool which rises into the sky as a cloud. The dog herds all of the sheep down to the brambles. The sky fills with clouds and the rain begins to fall. The landscape turns green again. The dog sits atop of the hill satisfied with his work.
IMDb   6.9 /10
TheMovieDb    7.5 /10
Director Rebecca Black
Director Céline Collin
Director Juan Pablo De La Rosa Zalamea
Release Date2019-10-25
GenreAnimation, Short
Content Rating