Apna Asmaan (2007)


Apna Asmaan (2007)

Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhi's intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle-class insecurities, neither recognize nor encourage his talent. Driven by Padmini's social insecurities and Ravi's guilt for dropping Buddhi as a baby, the parents chase an unreal dream of seeing their son as a normal good student who, like others, must become an engineer or a doctor. While Dr Sen, the neurologist, tries hard to make Padmini accept the reality, Ravi's accidental meeting with Dr Sathya - the maverick scientist, leads him to the experimental "Brain Booster" that can make Buddhi a genius. The magic drug has a side effect - Amnesia, which Ravi thinks is a blessing since Buddhi has no good memories to talk about. Initially, Ravi hesitates to administer the drug but one night, in an inebriated state, he is sufficiently provoked by Padmini to inject Buddhi with the Brain ...
IMDb  6.2 /10
Director Kaushik Roy
Writer Kaushik Roy
Release Date2007-09-07
Runtime1h 50mins
GenreDrama, Sci-Fi
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
Padmini Kumar
Dhruv Piyush Panjuani
Dhruv Piyush Panjuani
Buddhi (as Dhruv P. Panjuani)
Lalit Parashar
Lalit Parashar
Shop Keeper
Pinky Sharma