Bob Hearts Abishola (TV Series 2019– )


Bob Hearts Abishola (TV Series 2019– )

Bob, a middle-aged compression sock businessman from Detroit, unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse while recovering from a heart attack and sets his sights on winning her over. Undaunted by Abishola's lack of initial interest or the vast differences in their backgrounds -- she's originally from Nigeria -- Bob is determined to win Abishola's heart in this comedic examination of immigrant life in America. From award-winning creator, executive producer and writer Chuck Lorre.
IMDb   6.7 /10
Metacritic   57 %
TheMovieDb    8.1 /10
RottenTomatoes  68 %
Creator Eddie Gorodetsky
Creator Alan J. Higgins
Creator Chuck Lorre
Creator Gina Yashere
Release Date2019-09-23
GenreComedy, Romance
Content RatingTV-PG (TV-PG)
AwardsNominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 2 nominations.
CompanyChuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros. Television
LanguageEnglish, Yoruba
Bob 38 episodes, 2019-2021
Abishola 38 episodes, 2019-2021
Douglas 38 episodes, 2019-2021
Kemi 38 episodes, 2019-2021
Dottie 37 episodes, 2019-2021
Christina 37 episodes, 2019-2021
Auntie Olu / ... 36 episodes, 2019-2021
Tunde / ... 36 episodes, 2019-2021
Gloria 35 episodes, 2019-2021
Goodwin 30 episodes, 2019-2021
Kofo 29 episodes, 2019-2021
Dele 24 episodes, 2019-2021

Bob Hearts Abishola

Bob Hearts Abishola (stylized as BOB ❤️ ABISHOLA) is an American sitcom television series created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, Al Higgins, and Gina Yashere that premiered on September 23, 2019, on CBS. It stars Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku as the respective title characters, with Christine Ebersole, Matt Jones, Maribeth Monroe, Shola Adewusi, Barry Shabaka Henley, Travis Wolfe Jr., Vernee Watson, Bayo Akinfemi, Anthony Okungbowa, and Gina Yashere in supporting roles. In February 2021, the series was renewed for a third season, which premiered on September 20, 2021.


Bob Wheeler runs his family's successful, highly-competitive sock company in Detroit with his mother Dottie and his younger twin siblings, Christina and Douglas. When the stress of the job lands Bob in Woodward Memorial Hospital, due to a mild heart attack, he is immediately drawn to Abishola Adebambo, his kind, hardworking nurse. Despite their differences, Bob falls in love with Abishola and sets his sights on getting her to give him a chance.



  • Billy Gardell as Robert "Bob" Wheeler, a divorced man who runs MaxDot, his family's compression sock manufacturing company in Detroit. When he has a heart attack because of the business and his family, he wakes at the hospital where he meets a Nigerian nurse and falls in love.
  • Folake Olowofoyeku as Abishola Bolatito Doyinsola Oluwatoyin Adebambo, Bob's nurse at Woodward Memorial Hospital; an immigrant Nigerian who lives with her son, aunt and uncle in a small apartment. She and her husband emigrated to America with their son approximately eight years prior to the start of the series events, but her husband returned to Nigeria after deciding he didn't want to start over in their new country.
  • Christine Ebersole as Dorothy "Dottie" Wheeler, Bob, Douglas and Christina's mother. Her late husband, Max, was the founder of MaxDot. After suffering a stroke, she moved in with Bob and receives nursing care from Abishola and Gloria at Bob's house.
  • Matt Jones as Douglas Wheeler, Dottie's son, Bob's younger brother and Christina's twin brother. He is the vice president of human resources at MaxDot, a position he got purely through nepotism. In season 2, Dottie demotes him to the warehouse floor, in an effort to teach him discipline and get him to take his job seriously. Despite hating the idea, Douglas comes to enjoy his new job and especially likes the relationships he builds with the warehouse workers, particularly Kofo and Goodwin.
  • Maribeth Monroe as Christina Wheeler, Dottie's daughter, Bob's younger sister and Douglas' twin sister. She is the sales department representative at MaxDot and was previously married, but the relationship ended after she stabbed her husband with a knife.
  • Shola Adewusi as Oluwatoyin "Olu" Ifedayo Olatunji, Abishola's aunt and Tunde's wife.
  • Barry Shabaka Henley as Babatunde "Tunde" Olatunji, Abishola's uncle and Olu's husband.
  • Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele Babatunde Adebambo, Abishola's son.
  • Vernee Watson as Gloria Tyler, a charge nurse at Woodward Memorial Hospital and Abishola's co-worker. She studied to become a doctor, but just as she was about to start her residency at Detroit Memorial Hospital, the doors were closed to her. Because she had a family and needed a job, she ended up becoming a nurse.
  • Gina Yashere as Kemi, Abishola's best friend for the last 20 years; she works in food service at Woodward Memorial Hospital.
  • Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin Aderibigbe Olayiwola, an employee at MaxDot and Kofo's cousin. They often speak to each other privately in Yoruba. In season 2, it is revealed that Goodwin was on a path toward becoming a professor of economics before leaving Nigeria.
  • Anthony Okungbowa as Kofoworola "Kofo" Omogoriola Olanipekun, an employee at MaxDot and Goodwin's cousin.


  • Tony Tambi as Chukwuemeka Mborata (season 1-present), a pharmacist who was Abishola's suitor and now is Kemi's love interest.
  • Kimberly Scott as Ogechi Mborata (season 1-present), Chukwuemeka's smothering and manipulative mother.
  • Conphidance as Pastor Balogun (season 1-present), the pastor at Abishola's church.
  • Vishesh Chachra as Dr. Sanjiv Chakraborty (season 1-present), an arrogant doctor who works at Woodward Memorial Hospital.
  • Nicole Sullivan as Lorraine Wheeler (season 1-2), Bob's ex-wife.
  • Dayo Ade as Tayo Adebambo (season 2-present), Abishola's Nigerian husband who finally grants her a divorce near the end of season 2.
  • Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Ebunoluwa (season 2-present), Abishola's mother and Olu's sister.


  • Missi Pyle as Liz (season 1), Bob's online date.
  • Wendie Malick and Marilu Henner as Jen Davenport and Trish Dolan (season 1), Dottie's friends.
  • John Ratzenberger as Hank Sobieski (season 1), a fellow stroke survivor whom Dottie meets.
  • Leonard Roberts as Guy (season 1), Hank's caretaker.
  • Ryan Cartwright as David (season 2), a salesman at a jewelry store where Bob and Tunde go to buy an engagement ring.
  • Jack McGee and Susan Ruttan as Mr. and Mrs. Clark (season 2), a patient at the Woodward Memorial Hospital and his wife.
  • Joel Brooks as Arnie Goldfischer (season 2), Bob's lawyer.
  • Tori Danner as Morenike


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
120September 23, 2019April 13, 2020
218November 16, 2020May 17, 2021
3TBASeptember 20, 2021TBA

Season 1 (2019–20)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Beth McCarthy-MillerChuck Lorre & Eddie Gorodetsky & Al Higgins & Gina YashereSeptember 23, 2019T11.101275.89
Bob, a Detroit business owner, suffers a heart attack and is immediately smitten with Abishola, the Nigerian nurse who is treating him when he awakes from surgery.
22"Nigerians Don't Do Useless Things"Beth McCarthy-MillerChuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina YashereSeptember 30, 2019T12.165025.36

Intrigued with the possibility of Abishola marrying into money, her Uncle Tunde and Aunt Olu tail Bob as he drives about town. Abishola later agrees to have tea with Bob during her break at work, but insists it isn't a date.

Title quotation from: Abishola, to Bob, when he asks her if she has any hobbies.
33"A Bird May Love a Fish"Beth McCarthy-MillerChuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina YashereOctober 7, 2019T12.165035.30

Bob asks Goodwin, one of his workers, to teach him Yoruba so he can tell Abishola he enjoyed having tea with her and would love to do it again. Meanwhile, Kemi creates a Facebook post implying that Abishola is in a relationship with Bob, and soon Abishola's friends and family want to talk to her about it. The pressure causes Abishola to tell Bob that they cannot be together.

First Appearance of: Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Douglas, to Bob, pointing out the glaring differences between his brother and Abishola.
44"Square Hamburger, Round Buns"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Carla Filisha & Gloria Bigelow & Marla DuMott
October 14, 2019T12.165044.87

Following Abishola's rejection, Bob explores the world of online dating, but his first date (Missi Pyle) is way too much to handle. Meanwhile, Aunt Olu tries to set up Abishola with Chukwuemeka (Tony Tambi), a Nigerian friend's son, but Abishola is unimpressed. The episode closes with Bob unexpectedly finding Abishola on their park bench. Abishola says she's glad he showed up.

Absent: Maribeth Monroe as Christina, Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele, Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Tunde, making a remark about his Wendy's double-baconator burger.
55"Whacking the Mole"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Chuck Lorre & Matt Ross
October 21, 2019T12.165055.27

Abishola is having frequent, recurring dreams of romantic encounters with Bob, to the point that she becomes ill from lack of sleep. Meanwhile, Bob is less than thrilled with the ad campaign pitched by Douglas and Christina, but soon realizes they may have a point.

Title quotation from: Gloria and Kemi, comparing Abishola's feelings for Bob to the arcade game, saying that she can whack the feelings down but they will just pop back up.
66"Ralph Lauren and Fish"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins
Teleplay by : David Goetsch & Gina Yashere
October 28, 2019T45.165065.71

Bob and Abishola go out to a fancy steak restaurant, where she insists that he have fish rather than steak or chicken, and spinach instead of French fries because of his recent heart attack. After dinner, Bob gets a call from Christina, who tells him something is wrong with their mother. From the symptoms that Christina describes, Abishola correctly deduces that Dottie is having a stroke. Bob and Abishola get to the hospital and find Christina in the waiting room, hopped up on Xanax she found in her mother's purse. Meanwhile, Douglas gets lost trying to get to the waiting room to meet up with Bob.

Absent: Vernee Watson as Gloria

Title quotation from: Bob, reminiscing over the cologne he put on for his date with Abishola and the food she made him order at the steakhouse.
77"Tough Like a Laundromat Washing Machine"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Matt Ross
November 4, 2019T45.165075.62

Bob hires Abishola to take care of Dottie in his home while she recovers, but Dottie has a hard time dealing with her limitations and takes it out on Abishola. Meanwhile, Bob enlists Kofo and Goodwin to run MaxDot while he is away to help look after Dottie, but they get carried away and the entire staff goes on strike.

Title quotation from: Goodwin, referring to Dottie's health.
88"Useless Potheads"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Gina Yashere & Ibet Inyang
November 18, 2019T12.165086.02

Abishola continues to care for Dottie, while also working at the hospital. Douglas and Christina take over when Abishola can't be there, and get high rather than properly taking care of their mother. Meanwhile, Goodwin and Kofo close a big deal with a customer while Bob is away.

Title quotation from: Dottie, describing Douglas and Christina to Abishola on the phone.
99"We Were Beggars, Now We Are Choosers"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Carla Filisha & David Goetsch
November 25, 2019T12.165095.65

Chukwuemeka apologizes to Abishola for his chauvinistic behavior and asks for a second chance. Given that things with Bob are in a holding pattern, due to both being so busy, Abishola agrees to another date with Chukwuemeka. While Olu seems to approve of Chukwuemeka, Tunde still sees him as a jerk and secretly meets with Bob to tell him he feels Abishola is better off with him. Bob goes to Chukwuemeka's pharmacy, and sees why Abishola might be taken by him. When he tells Abishola he just wants her to be happy and supports whatever decision she makes, Abishola gets angry and tells Bob she wants someone who will fight for her. After Olu finds out what Tunde did, she throws him out of the house and he goes to Bob's house.

Absent: Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Olu, telling Tunde that Abishola now has choices for a man in her life.
1010"Ice Cream for Breakfast"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Matt Ross & Gina Yashere
December 9, 2019T12.165105.99

Frustrated with Bob, Abishola goes on a dinner date with Chukwuemeka, but finds him to be more arrogant than ever. Pushed by Tunde, Bob interrupts their date to make a passionate pitch to Abishola. Meanwhile, Dottie seems to enjoy having Tunde at the house, but she decides to convince Olu that she's lucky to have her husband in her life.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele and Vernee Watson as Gloria

Title quotation from: Bob, using a simile to tell Abishola that even though their relationship doesn't make sense, it still could be something good.
1111"Splitting the Hairs"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gloria Bigelow
Teleplay by : Carla Filisha & Ibet Inyang & Marla DuMont
December 16, 2019T12.165116.15

When Abishola insists to her friends that she wants to pursue Bob, Kemi asks Chukwuemeka for a date without telling Abishola. Abishola says it would be uncomfortable to have her best friend dating the man she is dumping, but Kemi goes on the date anyway. Kemi also finds Chukwuemeka to be boring and arrogant, leading her to ask Abishola for forgiveness. Elsewhere, Bob learns from the family lawyer that Dottie has not prepared a will, and that the business could be greatly affected if she passes away. Dottie agrees to make a will, while using the opportunity to bribe all three of her children into improving themselves. Bob and Abishola inadvertently have their first kiss.

Absent: Shola Adewusi as Olu, Barry Shabaka Henley as Tunde, Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele, Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Kemi, debating whether she lied to Abishola or was just "slow to tell the truth".
1212"There's My Nigerians"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Carla Filisha & Matt Ross
January 6, 2020T12.165126.66

When Abishola suggests that Dottie is getting depressed staying in her room, Bob arranges to have two friends from Dottie's club, Jen (Wendie Malick) and Trish (Marilu Henner), pay a visit. When that backfires, Olu and Tunde make a visit. Dottie decides to get out of the house and go to her club with Olu and Tunde. This leads to a discussion about Bob and Abishola's possible marriage, wherein Dottie angers her guests by mentioning the need for a prenup. Meanwhile, Chukwuemeka gives Kemi a necklace after a night of sex, but he returns the next day and wants it back.

Absent: Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Dottie, when she hears Tunde and Olu pull up to take her to the club.
1313"The Canadians of Africa"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Carla Filisha & Matt Ross
January 20, 2020T12.165136.50

After noticing that Dele seems unhappy, Bob brings it up with Abishola during a dinner date and ruins their night. Later, Dele proves Bob right by telling him he wants to be a choreographer, while his mother is dead-set on him becoming a doctor. Meanwhile, Kemi tries to navigate passionate nights with Chukwuemeka when his live-in mother is always in the next room.

Title quotation from: Kofo, describing women from Ghana after he and Goodwin suggest Bob will have to move on from Abishola.
1414"Full-Frontal Dottie"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Matt Ross
February 3, 2020T12.165145.85

With Dottie able to move her left leg for the first time since her stroke, she decides it's time to return to work. Bob tells Abishola that he's happy his mother is getting better, but is not looking forward to her being back in the office. Sure enough, on her first day, Dottie shoots down an idea her children had to add compression sleeves to the product line, and takes advice from Abishola over Bob. Bob responds by quitting, getting drunk, and driving a forklift through the warehouse.

Absent: Shola Adewusi as Olu, Barry Shabaka Henley as Tunde, and Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Douglas, bemoaning Dottie's belligerence upon her return to work.
1515"Black Ice"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Ibet Inyang
February 10, 2020T12.165156.00

During Valentine's Day dinner, Bob professes his love for Abishola, but she does not return his "I love you" due to cultural customs regarding showing affection. Abishola later tells Bob she is very committed to their relationship. Meanwhile, Goodwin tries to keep Kofo from riding his motor scooter, having promised relatives he would keep his younger cousin safe. Their dispute ends up in Douglas's office.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Kofo and Goodwin, telling Bob and Douglas about Michigan driving hazards that don't exist in Nigeria.
1616"Where's Your Other Wives, Tunde?"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre
Teleplay by : Al Higgins
February 17, 2020T12.165166.12

As Dottie mends fences with Olu and Tunde, Bob professes to the three of them that he and Abishola don't have a "real" relationship yet. An angry Abishola asks Bob to explain, and he later tells her that, among other things, they haven't had sexual relations. Abishola responds by saying that she has never had sex outside of marriage. After Bob sulks and drinks all day, Abishola calls him late at night to say she isn't ruling out the possibility of intimacy in the near future.

Title quotation from: Dottie, asking Olu and Tunde about polygamy in Nigeria.
1717"A Big, White Thumb"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Gina Yashere & Carla Filisha
Teleplay by : Matt Ross
March 9, 2020T12.165175.81

During a dinner with her family, Abishola invites Bob to church. Bob is a little reluctant and inadvertently offends Abishola while trying to explain his nonreligiousness, but eventually agrees to do so to make amends. After an uncomfortable experience during the church service, Abishola wonders how their relationship will ever last. Bob tells her that even though he's unsure about his belief in God, he does believe in miracles, citing the two of them as an example.

Absent: Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Tunde, extrapolating on Abishola's reluctance to invite Bob to church.
1818"Sock Wife!"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gloria Bigelow
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Dave Goetsch & Gina Yashere
March 16, 2020T12.165186.89

After discovering from Kemi that Bob's ex-wife Lorraine (Nicole Sullivan) has been admitted to the hospital, Abishola makes a visit to the woman's room. With Abishola's help, Bob prays for his ex-wife's happiness and slowly begins to let go of some of his animosity towards her. The exes share a hug that Kemi witnesses, and Abishola grows concerned that Lorraine still has feelings for Bob. Meanwhile, Christina recruits Kofo to help with online branding, and the two find themselves drawn to one another.

Absent: Christine Ebersole as Dottie and Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Kemi, out of breath from running and trying to explain Lorraine's presence in the hospital to Abishola.
1919"Angry, Happy, Same Face"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Gina Yashere & Ibet Inyang
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Carla Filisha & Marla DuMont
April 6, 2020T12.165196.73

When Bob's ex-wife Lorraine reconciles with Dottie and starts hanging out at Bob's house several days in a row, Abishola begins to take exception. Meanwhile, Christina continues to pursue Kofo, who resists her advances because he fears losing his job if the relationship ends badly. This forces Douglas and Bob, who know their sister's romantic history, to take drastic measures.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Kemi, explaining to Gloria how difficult it is to decipher Abishola's emotions.
2020"Randy's a Wrangler"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Gina Yashere
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Dave Goetsch & Carla Filisha
April 13, 2020T12.165206.81

After Dottie meets Hank (John Ratzenberger), a fellow patient in recovery, Abishola and Bob encourage her to explore the initial connection. Dottie and Hank meet for coffee, which only shows Dottie that she isn't ready for a relationship. However, when Abishola and Guy (Leonard Roberts), Hank's caretaker, arrange for the two to meet for their rehabilitation exercises, Dottie's reluctance seems to loosen, indicating that a relationship between them may be possible in the future. Meanwhile, Bob and Douglas video-chat with Christina, who has been attending a mental health and wellness program on a ranch, and fear that she is no better than when she left.

Title quotation from: Christina, describing the ranch-hand with whom she's become infatuated.

Season 2 (2020–21)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
211"On a Dead Guy's Bench"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Al Higgins & Nathan Chetty
Teleplay by : Gina Yashere & Matt Ross & Ibet Inyang
November 16, 2020T12.167015.22

With negotiating assistance from Tunde, Bob purchases an engagement ring for Abishola. Despite Bob's pleas to keep it a secret, Olu wheedles it out of Tunde, then blabs to Abishola. Abishola tells Bob she knows about the ring and is flattered, but feels it will be such a hassle to get a divorce from her Nigerian husband and get her village to approve Bob, it isn't worth the stress. Bob briefly considers staying together with Abishola while unwed, but soon decides he wants to marry her no matter what.

Title quotation from: Bob, referring to his and Abishola's favorite bench after she identifies the name on a dedication placard that's affixed to it.
222"Paris is for Lovers, Not Mothers"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Gina Yashere & Carla Filisha
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Gloria Bigelow & Marla DuMont
November 23, 2020T12.167024.90

Bob plans a fancy dinner with Abishola to celebrate their engagement, but they wind up at a coney stand that Bob says got him through some tough times. Kofo reveals to Goodwin that he's still hung up on Christina, despite the way she treated him in Arizona. Douglas asks Dottie for a promotion and a raise, but Dottie will only agree if he "earns it" by working at least a year on the shop floor. Meanwhile, Kemi is angry when Chukwuemeka tells her he's taking his mother to Paris, thinking he should be taking his girlfriend instead. Olu convinces Kemi that to win over Chukwuemeka, she has to act more like his mother.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Kemi, lamenting that Chukwuemeka is taking his mother to Paris instead of herself.
233"Straight Outta Lagos"Nikki LorreStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Matt Ross
Teleplay by : Carla Filisha & Dave Goetsch & Nathan Chetty
November 30, 2020T12.167034.92

Bob invites Abishola to a gala dinner where he will be presented with the Michigan Undergarment Association's Businessman of the Year award. As he introduces Abishola to some fellow businesspeople at the event, Bob does all the talking, causing Abishola to excuse herself from the room. Outside the banquet hall, Abishola tells Bob that she researched his business and prepared some jokes and conversation starters, and is disappointed that he felt the need to speak for her. Bob makes up for his error by praising Abishola during his acceptance speech, giving her credit for the changed man he's become. Elsewhere, Douglas puts in his first week on the MaxDot shop floor, and invites Goodwin and Kofo out for Friday evening drinks. Goodwin and Kofo feel out of place when Douglas takes them to an expensive club.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Bob, as he introduces Abishola to some big-wigs at the awards dinner.
244"Camp Bananas"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Matt Ross
Teleplay by : Ibet Inyang & Marla DuMont & Gloria Bigelow
December 7, 2020T12.167045.28

Following Bob's less-than-stellar stress test at the hospital, Abishola meets with the Wheeler family to discuss changes that need to be made to improve Bob's health. Bob and Abishola decide to take a day off work to de-stress, but they have vastly different ideas on how to spend the time. Meanwhile, Christina takes over the management of MaxDot in Bob's absence and becomes a tyrant, especially enjoying rubbing her higher status in Douglas' face. Later, while cleaning out Douglas' office at Christina's request, Kofo and Goodwin find some of Douglas' pay stubs, causing friction. Also, Gloria takes over Dottie's physical therapy. While the two women share fond memories of Detroit's glory days, Dottie has to admit that her family was part of the "white flight" to the suburbs.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Dottie, describing the mental health ranch that Christina attended.
255"Sleeping Next to an Old Boat"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Carla Filisha
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang
December 14, 2020T12.167054.85

Bob wants to spend some time getting to know Dele, and says he will pay him to help clean up his garage. The two find several items that Bob bought and never used, so he gives them to Dele and his family. One item is a roomba, which begins to make Olu feel inferior about the way she cleans the apartment. Abishola takes the items back to Bob, saying she doesn't want Dele to be spoiled and receive things he didn't work to obtain. She then implies that Bob had everything handed to him, while people like Dele and herself have to work for all that they have. Dottie then tells Abishola about how Bob dropped out of college at age 20 to run MaxDot after his father passed away, and that he literally saved the family business by working long hours. Abishola sees Bob differently, but is disappointed that he never told her the story.

Absent: Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Olu, describing Tunde's snoring as he sleeps.
266"A Tight Ass is a Wonderful Thing"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Chuck Lorre & Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Dave Goetsch & Carla Filisha
January 4, 2021T12.167085.63

After a week letting Kemi ride along as he takes Abishola to and from work, Bob tells Abishola that Kemi's constant chatter is annoying. Abishola shares this with Kemi, making Bob angry. When Bob explains that there are some things you keep to yourself for the sake of not starting a fight, Abishola challenges him to reveal anything about herself that he won't tell her. Elsewhere, Goodwin is left unsure of himself as a manager after finding out Douglas has made some disastrous mistakes on the floor, as well as taking in Dottie's dishonest but effective solution for cleaning up her son's messes.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title quotation from: Kofo, assuring Goodwin that his reputation as a strict manager is a positive.
277"The Wrong Adebambo"Kristy CecilStory by : Al Higgins & Matt Ross & Gloria Bigelow
Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont
January 18, 2021T12.167065.55

After eight years in Nigeria, Abishola's husband Tayo returns to Detroit for business and has dinner with the family at the apartment. Bob sees this as a perfect opportunity for Abishola to ask for a divorce, but he learns from Kofo and Goodwin that divorce is very rare in Nigeria. Abishola gets angry when Tayo brags about his career and wealth, and boldly states Abishola would be a fool not to live with him in Nigeria. Bob also reminds Abishola that she's not the same person Tayo left eight years ago. Abishola then asks Tayo for a divorce, but he insists he will never grant her one.

Title quotation from: Bob, telling Abishola that while he looked up Tayo online, he found a funk bass player with the same name.
288"Honest Yak Prices"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Matt Ross & Ibet Inyang
Teleplay by : Gina Yashere & Nathan Chetty & Gloria Bigelow
January 25, 2021T12.167075.96

After Abishola's pastor and her mother, Ebunoluwa, both side with Tayo in his refusal to grant a divorce, Bob decides to play hardball and hires powerful attorney Arnie Goldfischer. Tayo counters by announcing he'll hire an equally powerful attorney whom Arnie knows well. Faced with the almost impossible task of getting Tayo to change his mind, Bob and Abishola resolve to live a life as if they are married, even if it isn't official. However, after seeing Bob and Abishola dance to a song Bob had chosen especially for his wife to be, Aunt Olu encounters Tayo outside of church and shames him into accepting a divorce.

Title quotation from: Ebunoluwa (Abishola's mother), pondering if her new wig might be made of yak hair.
299"Tunde the Boy King"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Carla Filisha
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang
February 8, 2021T12.167095.54

After a chance encounter in Chukwuemeka's pharmacy, Abishola and Christina unexpectedly hit it off and find that they complement each other. At MaxDot, Douglas brings some fun to the shop floor with dancing and games, which gives the workers a morale boost and surprisingly increases productivity. However, when Bob praises Douglas for his leadership abilities, Douglas begins to feel pressured.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele and Vernee Watson as Gloria

Title quotation from: Olu, telling Christina that Tunde was an Egyptian boy king in a past life.
3010"The Cheerleader Leader"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang
February 22, 2021T12.167105.56

Bob is upset that Tayo is still hanging around, but Abishola says it will be good for Dele to get to know his father. However, when Tayo picks up Dele from school and sees him working with his dance group, he gets upset and says it's a waste of time. Abishola asks for Bob's help to deal with Dele's subsequent moping, and ultimately tells Tayo that as long as Dele works hard in school and gets good grades, he can do what he wants in his free time. Abishola then learns that Tayo asked Dele to live with him in Nigeria during the summer, and that Dele wants to go. Elsewhere, Bob enlists Goodwin and Kofo in his quest to actually like soccer; not only does it end up working for him, but Goodwin and Kofo also try to enjoy NFL action and become fans of the game when they see a great play by a Nigerian-born player: Emmanuel Ogbah.

Title quotation from: Tayo, using a condescending moniker after Dele calls himself the choreographer for his dance group.
3111"I Did Not Raise Him to be a Teenager"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang
March 8, 2021T12.167115.20

Bob arrives at Abishola's apartment for dinner and Tunde warns him that Abishola is still not happy about Dele wanting to go to Nigeria. Bob tries to talk to Abishola, but her mind is set on not letting Dele go. At dinner, Dele rebels against his mother by not eating the food she's prepared, which is a serious insult in Nigerian culture. Dele stays with Christina and Douglas for the day as Abishola asked. They try to get Dele to talk about his feelings, but when he finally opens up, Douglas and Christina don't know what to say to help. Meanwhile, Abishola talks to her work friends about Dele, and they relate stories of when their children were teens. In the end, Abishola allows Dele to go to Nigeria for the summer, albeit with a few ground rules.

Title Quotation from: Abishola, reacting when Gloria says Dele is just being a teenager.
3212"We Don't Rat on Family"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Matt Ross
Teleplay by : Nathan Chetty & Gloria Bigelow & Carla Filisha
March 15, 2021T12.167125.10

Bob learns he's done everything wrong with regard to courting Abishola and Nigerian culture, and wants to make things right. He asks Tunde for advice, and Tunde says it's not just Bob marrying Abishola, but the two families marrying each other. Tunde sets out to learn as much as he can about Bob's family, including meeting with Lorraine to ask what went wrong in Bob's first marriage. Lorraine blames her cheating on Bob being married to his job. Meanwhile, Abishola and Kemi discuss how big the wedding will be, with Abishola wanting to keep it smaller that Nigerian tradition would dictate. She and Bob discuss having a courthouse wedding, but soon realize they want family and friends involved. Bob tells Abishola to be honest with him if he ever puts his job before her, but she sees working 70 hours a week as perfectly normal. Bob then has a Skype call with Abishola's mother who, after a brief discussion, surprisingly says she likes him.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele

Title Quotation from: Dottie, after learning that Tunde wants to dig up Wheeler family secrets.
3313"A Big African Bassoon"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gloria Bigelow & Dave Pilson
Teleplay by : Gina Yashere & Ibet Inyang & Marla DuMont
April 12, 2021T12.167134.74

With Gloria going on vacation for two weeks, Abishola takes over as Charge Nurse for her shift. Seeing this as a stepping stone in her career and wanting to impress her superiors with a tightly-run ship and productive staff, Abishola instead causes the nurses to rebel against her. Kemi finds her friend crying in the closet and tries to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, Bob learns more about Nigerian culture, as Olu, Tunde, Kofo and Goodwin all assure him that Abishola will never stop working toward the next stage of her career. This disappoints Bob as he dreams of buying a boat when he retires. As the episode closes, Abishola tells Bob she's learned that every higher nursing position takes her further from the patients, so she instead wants to become a doctor.

Title Quotation from: A nurse complaining to Kemi about Abishola's strict leadership.
3414"A Tough Old Bird"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Nathan Chetty
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Carla Filisha & Marla DuMont
April 19, 2021T12.167144.93

At the pharmacy, Bob learns from Chukwuemeka that he and Kemi broke up. Abishola finds out just as she and Bob are looking forward to a weekend alone, with his siblings taking Dottie to a casino in Sarnia, Ontario. Kemi explains to Abishola that Chukwuemeka's mother, Ogechi, insists on grandchildren, and Kemi is too old to have them. Kemi gives herself a garish makeover, and calls Abishola in the middle of the night while attempting to break into Chukwuemeka's apartment, forcing Abishola and Bob to come get her. Kemi and Ogechi then reach an understanding: Kemi will continue to date Chukwuemeka because they love each other, while she and Ogechi will look for a suitable woman to have Chukwuemeka's child.

Absent: Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele, Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo

Title quotation from: Bob, explaining to Chukwuemeka that Kemi is strong enough to get over their breakup.
3515"TLC: Tunde's Loving Care"Beth McCarthy MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Nathan Chetty
Teleplay by : Gina Yashere & Ibet Inyang & Marla DuMont
April 26, 2021T12.167154.69

After learning that Gloria graduated medical school but never became a doctor, Abishola angers her by suggesting she didn't work hard enough. Gloria later retorts that Abishola shouldn't judge her when she has Bob to pay her way. Abishola insists she never asked Bob to pay, then learns the real reason why Gloria was unable to complete her residency, and apologizes. Meanwhile, Tunde offers to fix the broken dishwasher in Bob's house, but insists on Bob learning how to do the work. Olu later tells Bob that Tunde has trouble with manual tasks due to arthritis, and thanks Bob for getting him involved in a project.

Title Quotation from: Tunde, offering his services and wisdom to Bob when Bob's dishwasher breaks down.
3616"Sights and Bites"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Ibet Inyang
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Carla Filisha & Nathan Chetty
May 3, 2021T12.167164.91

When Abishola worries about not knowing what Dele is doing during his upcoming trip to Nigeria, Bob suggests she put a tracker in Dele's phone. Abishola starts obsessing over watching Dele's every move via the tracker, ultimately tailing her son to a park where she sees him kissing a girl. This has her considering cancelling Dele's trip, until the rest of the family talks her down. Meanwhile, Bob thoroughly researches Nigeria, with help from Kofo and Goodwin, to make a "sights and bites" guide for Dele to take on his trip.

Title Quotation from: Bob's title for the guide to Nigerian scenic locations and restaurants that he makes for Dele.
3717"The Devil's Taste Buds"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Matt Ross
Teleplay by : Carla Filisha & Marla Dumont & Gloria Bigelow
May 10, 2021T12.167174.90

Dottie takes some time to clean out things in her house, and upsets Christina by saying she plans to sell the house and live with Bob permanently. As Abishola was expecting to care for Dottie at Bob's, she finds herself with a rare day off. Gloria and Kemi invite Abishola to their favorite jazz club, but while the girls get ready at Bob's, they start drinking and using the hot tub and never leave. Dele happens to face-time his mother from Nigeria after she's had several drinks. Tayo overhears the conversation and says Dele should stay with him and not return to Abishola. Meanwhile, Olu and Tunde rent Dele's room to a young Nigerian woman, Morenike, who accuses them of becoming too Americanized.

Title Quotation from: Olu, conversing with Tunde about Morenike's affinity for extremely spicy food.
3818"God Accepts Venmo"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Chuck Lorre
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Nathan Chetty & Ibet Inyang
May 17, 2021T12.167185.39

With their busy schedules, Bob and Abishola decide the best time to get married is in three weeks. Pastor Balogun insists that the two must go through two months of pre-marriage counseling to get married in the church, but Bob changes his mind with a generous donation. Abishola face-times with Dele and says she will arrange flights for him to return, while Bob asks Dele to be his best man. As the girls have a combined bachelorette and planning party, the guys get fitted for tuxedos and have a bachelor party. Bob gives Tunde, Goodwin and Kofo expensive watches for being his groomsmen, but leaves out Douglas. Bob tells his brother he doesn't need a watch, but Douglas is still upset about being overlooked. When Abishola calls Dele again to finalize travel arrangements, Tayo tells her that Dele is better off in Nigeria, explaining that his connections can get their son into one of the best colleges. Abishola asks Dele directly if this is what he wants, and he reluctantly agrees. Abishola, Bob, Olu and Tunde are then shown on a plane bound for Nigeria.

Title Quotation from: Pastor Balogun, after Bob tries to make a donation with a check.

Season 3 (2021)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
391"Welcome to Lagos"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Matt Ross
Teleplay by : Nathan Chetty & Carla Fisher & Ibet Inyang Beneche
September 20, 2021T12.173015.43

Soon after Bob, Abishola, Tunde and Olu arrive in Nigeria, Abishola kidnaps Dele and brings him to her mother's home. Bob is left to ride with Tayo, who knows where Abishola is hiding their son. While the two agree that Abishola has done a great job preparing Dele to be successful, Tayo says he's able to get Dele into a prestigious British university and that it's best for Dele to stay with him. Abishola later reluctantly agrees, after seeing Dele absorbing Nigerian culture and enjoying time with his half-sisters. Abishola and Bob decide to get married in Nigeria so that Dele and Ebunoluwa can be a part of it. Dottie, Douglas, Christina and Kemi are then shown arriving in Lagos.

Title quotation from: Tunde, making a somewhat sarcastic comment to an overwhelmed Bob upon the group's arrival in Nigeria.
402"Bowango"Beth McCarthy-MillerStory by : Al Higgins & Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont
Teleplay by : Matt Ross & Gloria Bigelow & Dave Pilson
September 27, 2021TBATBD
413"Dud"TBATBAOctober 4, 2021TBATBD



On October 5, 2018, it was announced that CBS had given the production an early pilot order. The pilot was written by Chuck Lorre, who executive produced along with Eddie Gorodetsky, Al Higgins and Gina Yashere. Production companies involved with the pilot included Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Television. On May 6, 2019, it was announced that the production had been given a series order. A day after that, it was announced that the series would premiere in the fall of 2019 and air on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. The series debuted on September 23, 2019. On October 22, 2019, it was announced that CBS had ordered an additional nine episodes of the series. On March 13, 2020, Warner Bros. Television announced that production was suspended due to the television impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shutdown left the last two intended episodes of the season unfilmed. On May 6, 2020, CBS renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on November 16, 2020. On February 17, 2021, CBS renewed the series for a third season which premiered on September 20, 2021.


On December 17, 2018, it was announced that five co-leads, opposite Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku as the title characters, had been cast, including Christine Ebersole, Maribeth Monroe, Matt Jones, Shola Adewusi and Barry Shabaka Henley.

This is Gardell's second starring role in a CBS sitcom, after Mike & Molly, which ran from 2010 to 2016 and was also executive produced by Lorre; in addition, Gardell has a recurring role on Young Sheldon as Herschel Sparks, a neighbor of the title character. Matt Jones is an alum of fellow Lorre/CBS series Mom. On January 30, 2020, it was reported that Anthony Okungbowa and Bayo Akinfemi had been promoted to series regulars.


While taking place in Detroit, Bob Hearts Abishola is filmed at Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in Los Angeles. Several Detroit references are incorporated into the show's setting. For example, the fictional Woodward Memorial Hospital where Abishola works is a reference to Woodward Avenue (Michigan Highway M-1), which is a main route running from Detroit to Pontiac. The Dele character attends Jamerson Middle School, a likely reference to the legendary Motown bass player James Jamerson. Also, the Abishola and Kemi characters ride to work on the 16 Dexter bus, which is a real bus line for the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT). Co-creator Lorre chose the location, in part, because of Detroit's rapidly growing immigrant population. While Detroit's U.S.-born inhabitants declined 5.3 percent between the 2010 census and 2014, the immigrant population rose by 12.7 percent. The cast and crew were originally going to do location filming in Lagos, Nigeria for some Season 3 episodes, but the COVID-19 pandemic made those plans untenable, so stories set in Lagos will be filmed in southern California instead.



On May 15, 2019, CBS released the first official trailer for the series.


Bob Hearts Abishola premiered in United States on CBS and Canada on CTV on September 26, 2019.


Critical response

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 58% approval rating with an average rating of 6.75/10, based on 12 reviews. The website's critical consensus reads, "Groundbreaking, but unfortunately grating, Bob (Hearts) Abishola undermines its own progressive premise with underwhelming humor that relies too heavily on outdated stereotypes." Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 57 out of 100 based on 10 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".


Primetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera SeriesPatti Lee (for "Ice Cream for Breakfast")Nominated
Art Directors Guild AwardsExcellence in Production Design for a Multi-Camera SeriesJohn Shaffner (for "Randy's a Wrangler", "Paris is for Lovers, Not Mothers" and "Straight Outta Lagos")Nominated
NAACP Image AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Comedy SeriesFolake OlowofoyekuNominated



Viewership and ratings per season of Bob Hearts Abishola
SeasonTimeslot (ET)EpisodesFirst airedLast airedTV seasonViewership
Avg. viewers
Avg. 18–49
1Monday 8.30p.m.20September 23, 20195.89April 13, 20206.812019–20437.54611.0
218November 16, 20205.22May 17, 20215.392020–21366.57590.8
3TBASeptember 20, 20215.43TBATBD2021–22TBDTBDTBDTBD

Season 1

Viewership and ratings per episode of Bob Hearts Abishola
No.TitleAir dateRating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1"Pilot"September 23, 20190.9/45.890.31.561.27.45
2"Nigerians Don't Do Useless Things"September 30, 20190.7/35.360.21.500.96.87
3"A Bird May Love A Fish"October 7, 20190.7/35.300.31.441.06.74
4"Square Hamburger, Round Buns"October 14, 20190.7/34.870.21.510.96.38
5"Whacking the Mole"October 21, 20190.7/45.27N/A1.43N/A6.70
6"Ralph Lauren and Fish"October 28, 20190.8/45.710.31.541.17.25
7"Tough Like a Laundromat Washing Machine"November 4, 20190.7/35.620.31.511.07.14
8"Useless Potheads"November 18, 20190.8/46.02N/A1.60N/A7.62
9"We Were Beggars, Now We Are Choosers"November 25, 20190.7/35.650.31.721.07.37
10"Ice Cream for Breakfast"December 9, 20190.7/35.990.31.571.07.56
11"Splitting the Hairs"December 16, 20190.7/
12"There's My Nigerians"January 6, 20200.8/46.66N/A1.59N/A8.25
13"The Canadians of Africa"January 20, 20200.7/36.50N/A1.60N/A8.10
14"Full-Frontal Dottie"February 3, 20200.7/35.850.31.671.07.52
15"Black Ice"February 10, 20200.7/
16"Where's Your Other Wives, Tunde?"February 17, 20200.7/
17"A Big, White Thumb"March 9, 20200.7/45.810.31.711.07.52
18"Sock Wife!"March 16, 20200.9/46.890.31.681.28.57
19"Angry, Happy, Same Face"April 6, 20200.8/46.730.31.471.18.20
20"Randy's a Wrangler"April 13, 20200.8/46.81N/A1.43N/A8.24

Season 2

Viewership and ratings per episode of Bob Hearts Abishola
No.TitleAir dateRating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1"On a Dead Guy's Bench"November 16, 20200.
2"Paris is for Lovers, Not Mothers"November 23, 20200.64.90N/AN/AN/AN/A
3"Straight Outta Lagos"November 30, 20200.64.920.21.400.86.32
4"Camp Bananas"December 7, 20200.
5"Sleeping Next to an Old Boat"December 14, 20200.54.85N/AN/AN/AN/A
6"A Tight Ass is a Wonderful Thing"January 4, 20210.65.630.
7"The Wrong Adebambo"January 18, 20210.75.55N/AN/AN/AN/A
8"Honest Yak Prices"January 25, 20210.85.96N/AN/AN/AN/A
9"Tunde the Boy King"February 8, 20210.85.540.21.351.06.89
10"The Cheerleader Leader"February 22, 20210.75.56N/A1.47N/A7.04
11"I Did Not Raise Him to be a Teenager"March 8, 20210.75.20N/A1.39N/A6.60
12"We Don't Rat on Family"March 15, 20210.65.10N/AN/AN/AN/A
13"A Big African Bassoon"April 12, 20210.54.74N/AN/AN/AN/A
14"A Tough Old Bird"April 19, 20210.64.930.21.450.86.38
15"TLC: Tunde's Loving Care"April 26, 20210.54.690.21.440.76.13
16"Sights and Bites"May 3, 20210.64.910.21.370.86.04
17"The Devil's Taste Buds"May 10, 20210.54.900.21.360.76.26
18"God Accepts Venmo"May 17, 20210.75.390.21.330.96.72

Season 3

Viewership and ratings per episode of Bob Hearts Abishola
No.TitleAir dateRating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1"Welcome to Lagos"September 20, 20210.55.43TBDTBDTBDTBD