Dogs with Jobs (2000–2009)


Dogs with Jobs (TV Series 2000–2009)

Heart warming stories of dogs around the world doing what they were bred to do, and touching lives in the process. The jobs include everything from acting, herding sheep, providing mental and physical therapy, working with fire and police departments, the list goes on. It's a nice, simple show with a simple premise but it's heartwarming and family-friendly.
IMDb   8 /10
Creator Serge Marcil
Creator Susan Mawhood
Creator Barbara Boyden
Creator Erna Buffie
Release Date2000-01-08
Content RatingTV-G (TV-G)
CompanyCineflix Productions, Dogs with Jobs, Life Network
Narratoras Narrator
Narratoras Narrator
Andrew Burr
Andrew Burr
Cindy Akman
Cindy Akman
Narratoras Narrator
Marie-Andrée Corneille
Marie-Andrée Corneille
Voice overas Voice over
Maura Kealey
Maura Kealey

Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with Jobs is a Canadian documentary television series about working dogs and show dogs. Each half-hour episode consists of two to three segments on individual dogs from around the world. The family-friendly series has featured service dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, herding dogs, and others. Segments show footage of dogs on the job, and also include stories of their rescue, training, and relationships with their owners and handlers.

Production and broadcast

The idea for the series came from Canadian writer Merrily Weisbord and her daughter, veterinarian Kim Kachanoff. They made use of a "doggie-cam", giving viewers a glimpse into the dog's perspective.

Weisbord and Kachanoff sold the show to Cineflix producer Glen Salzman, who presented it in a "market simulation" at the September 7, 1998 Banff International Television Festival. The series premiered on Canada's Life Network (now Slice), where it received positive ratings and reviews, before premiering in the US a year later in the form of a 90-minute compilation during a PBS pledge drive.

The series is produced by Cineflix, in association with Slice in Canada and the National Geographic Channel internationally. The series' initial run lasted five seasons, from January 8, 2000 to September 7, 2004, including 65 episodes, and airing in 57 countries. As of November 2014, the first three seasons were available on Netflix instant streaming. As of February 2016, the first two seasons were available to stream on Netflix instant streaming.


In his The New York Times review, film critic Matthew Hays wrote that "the gently narrated, heartwarming stories of Dogs With Jobs are certainly the antithesis of other reality-based animal programming like Fox's When Animals Attack!", and called the show "as simple and as slightly absurd as its name".

The series earned a cult following and achieved strong international sales. Said executive producer Glen Salzman, "This show really does work like magic with audiences." The series was featured on a segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show on September 4, 2000.

Common Sense Media awarded the show four out of five stars for quality, and three out of five points for inclusion of positive messages. They deemed it appropriate for children aged five and older, calling it "a good TV choice for the family" and "a great way to introduce kids to the idea of a 'working dog' so that they can recognize and respect those they might meet in everyday life."

Animals at Work dispute

On September 3, 2012, Merrily Weisbord, who developed the show, sued Cineflix and producer Glen Salzman in Quebec Superior Court for $400,000 over their program Animals at Work, also called Frisky Business. Weisbord alleged that the program was a knockoff or sequel of Dogs with Jobs, having the same structure, and even featuring at least fifteen of the same dogs.


No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date
11"Maggie & A.J."January 8, 2000
22"Bruno & Honey"September 4, 2000
33"Sarcelle & Sweep"September 5, 2000
44"Landris & Wolf"September 6, 2000
55"Nipper & Bellow"September 7, 2000
66"Endal & Dee"September 8, 2000
77"Petro & Mel"September 11, 2000
88"Willy & Rope"September 12, 2000
99"Corky & Malcolm"September 13, 2000
1010"Clipper & Bam-Bam"September 14, 2000
1111"Kavik & Mas"September 15, 2000
1212"Dani & King"September 18, 2000
1313"Sled Dog"September 19, 2000
141"Gracie, Tiger, & Klondike"January 15, 2001
152"Popsicle: Drug-bust Dog/Popsicle, Harvey, and Tattie"September 3, 2001
163"Tilly: Arson Dog/Tilly, Murphy, and Madison"September 4, 2001
174"Tokkolos: Big Cat Parent/Tokkolos, Barkley, and Rookie"September 5, 2001
185"Ginny: The Dog Who Rescues Cats/Ginny, Basil, and Freddie"September 6, 2001
196"Rowdy: TV Star/Rowdy, Wizard, and Rio"September 7, 2001
207"Tombre: Special Companion/Tombre, Rosa, and Gabe"September 10, 2001
218"MacKenzie: Guide Dog/MacKenzie, Bear, Tess, and Blue"September 11, 2001
229"Fay Wray: Artist's Muse/Fay Wray, Jake, and Toby"September 12, 2001
2310"Marty and the Madcap Mutts/Marty, Tasha, and Nana"September 13, 2001
2411"Kiyoshi: Double Duty Dog/Kiyoshi, Brix, Ellie"September 14, 2001
2512"Yukon: Search and Rescue Dog/Yukon, Biggles, and Kodak"September 17, 2001
2613"Johnny and the Sled Dogs/Johnny, Bozo, and Flip-Flop"September 18, 2001
271"Tuffy, Lulu, and Wiley"January 12, 2002
282"Kaze, Haci, and Paugan"September 2, 2002
293"Stan, Fudge, and Rocky"September 3, 2002
304"Kenny: A Hearing Dog/Kenny, Daisy, and Duncan"September 4, 2002
315"Eagle, Vasala, Tillamook Cheddar"September 5, 2002
326"Lucy, Harvey, and Chokydar"September 6, 2002
337"Cheko, Ben, Sam"September 9, 2002
348"Birba, Uga VI, & Maggie"October 22, 2002
359"Speedy and Friends: London Police Dogs/Speedy, Bruce Wayne, and Mr. Gomez"October 23, 2002
3610"Elite, Valen, and Tracker"October 24, 2002
3711"Peek, Canaan, Willi"October 25, 2002
3812"Beau, Dar, and Jumpin' Jack"October 25, 2002
3913"Turbeaux, Killu, and Ruby"October 25, 2002
401"Annie, Casey, and Sailor"January 11, 2003
412"Zelda, Azili, Amy"March 26, 2003
423"Moby, Morgan, Barney"March 27, 2003
434"Part-Ex, Bingo, Morgan"March 28, 2003
445"Teabag, Harris, Barack, and China"July 31, 2003
456"Bonita, Lily, Wheely Willy"August 1, 2003
467"Ben, Jonah, Koby"August 4, 2003
478"Nikki, Kelsey, and Aron"September 1, 2003
489"Kaiser, Tikva, Macho"September 2, 2003
4910"Vernon, Bodhi, Baron"September 3, 2003
5011"Eddie, Velino, Sir Lancelot"September 4, 2003
5112"Vera, Joe Cowboy, and Thirty"October 7, 2003
5213"Beauty, Cinder, and Blaze"October 8, 2003
531"Nyack, Cinder, Clancy"January 10, 2004
542"Cooper, Wasabe, Frito"January 11, 2004
553"Zoro, Suzy Q, and Sven"January 11, 2004
564"Dakota, Orca, and Target"January 12, 2004
575"Cass, Buddy, and Mercedes"January 19, 2004
586"Peewee, Zeke, Ozzy"January 26, 2004
597"Cindy, Chipper, Hope"February 2, 2004
608"Piripiri, Pugsly, Joshi"February 9, 2004
619"Ana, Bill, and Banjo"February 16, 2004
6210"Pay, Fergus, Blossom"February 23, 2004
6311"Huntaway Steam, Heavenly Angel, Mike"March 1, 2004
6412"Jassel, Ingrid, Hogan"September 6, 2004
6513"Keno, Mentor, Prince"September 7, 2004