Therapy (2007)


Therapy (2007)

"Do you talk?" a young woman asks her new male therapist. She says her last therapist wouldn't talk. The therapist is a young man who has just begun his training as a therapist. The patient, a beautiful ex-ballerina, turns out to be not only suicidal but also to have four personalities. His supervisor at the training institute recommends that he refer the patient to someone more experienced, but the young man stubbornly insists he has what it takes to work with her. As her personalities reveal themselves, Bill becomes more involved. In his supervision sessions, his older supervisor questions whether Bill is developing a "countertransference" toward the patient. Bill lies and says he is perfectly fine. His girlfriend, Millie, is meanwhile becoming more and more jealous of this patient. Bill succeeds in integrating the patient's four personalities, and afterwords he drives her to her father's house, where he gets into a tussle with Jeanie's abuser. That night he makes love with Jeanie's...
IMDb   7.1 /10
Director Gerald Schoenewolf
Writer Gerald Schoenewolf
Release Date2007-02-07
Runtime2h 21mins
Content Rating
CompanyLiving Center Films, Newcomen Productions
Dr. Berger
Lisa McKellar
Lisa McKellar
Bob Walz
Bob Walz