Twins Mission (2007)


Twins Mission (2007)
Seung ji san tau (original title)

It's modern kung-fu action galore in this nonstop actioner starring everyone's favorite duo Twins (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung), the great Sammo Hung and Jacky Wu! When a precious Tibetan bead is stolen by rogue members of the mysterious Gemini Clan, the protectors of the bead, Lucky and Hey, enlist the help of the Gemini Clan leader the Principal and his former twin disciples Jade and Pearl to retrieve the bead and bring the thieves to justice. With energetic fight sequences and Charlene and Gillian at their most adorable, TWINS MISSION is mission accomplished for satisfying both action and Twins fans!
Hong Kong
IMDb   5.3 /10
TheMovieDb    5.1 /10
Director To-Hoi Kong
Writer Siu-Ming Tsui
Writer Sai-Keung Fong
Release Date2007-02-14
Runtime1h 39mins
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
Awards2 nominations.
CompanySundream Motion Pictures, Emperor Classic Films, Beijing Yinmeng Film & TV Art Co.
CountryHong Kong, China
LanguageCantonese, English, Filipino, Afrikaans
Uncle Luck (as Sammo Hung)
Chang Chung (as Yuen Wah)
Jess Zhang
Jess Zhang
Lilian Li
Steven Cheung
Steven Cheung
Lier Qiu
Lier Qiu
Happy (as Qiu Lier)
Mr. Mok (as Sek Sau)
Officer Lam
Andy Liang
Andy Liang
Wan Pau
Cody Liang
Cody Liang
Wan Lung
Fei Long
Fei Long
Kitten (as Long Fei)

Twins Mission

Twins Mission (traditional Chinese: 雙子神偸; simplified Chinese: 双子神偷) is a 2007 Hong Kong martial arts-action-comedy film directed by action choreographer Kong Tao-Hoi and starring Sammo Hung, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi and Wu Jing among others. The film is a bit of a spoof of the popularity and success of the Twins and leaves the audience with a cliffhanger ending.


An evil gang of twins hold up a train to steal a magical Tibetan artifact, the Heaven's Bead from 3 dalai lamas. This artifact has healing powers and is a highly desirable item. A battle ensues and the artifact is knocked from the hands of a parachuting villain into the bag of an unsuspecting passerby.

The passerby, oblivious, gets into his van and heads to Hong Kong. This is where the other set of twins come in; they are aided by the twin Laus and Uncle Luck as they try to get the Heaven's Bead back.

A secret mission takes place, in which the good twins infiltrate a high rise building in order to recover the item. Although they initially succeed, the artifact is then passed to the wrong twin. Happy, Lilian's sister, who is suffering from cancer is also kidnapped and held prisoner in the high-rise building.

The good twins eventually recover the Heaven's Bead and lose it again while rescuing Happy. The villains get away with the Heaven's Bead.


  • Gillian Chung as Pearl
  • Charlene Choi as Jade
  • Sammo Hung as Uncle Luck
  • Wu Jing as Lau Hay and Lau San
  • Yuen Wah as Chang Chung and Chang Yung
  • Jess Zhang as Lilian Li
  • Steven Cheung as Fred
  • Qiu Lier as Happy
  • Sek Sau as Professor Mok
  • Sam Lee as Officer Lam
  • Andy Liang as Wan Pau
  • Cody Liang as Wan Lung
  • Mona as Mona
  • Ammar as Ahao
  • Lisa as Lisa
  • Long Fei as Kitten
  • Long Ze as Puppy
  • Albert Leung as Iron Head
  • Herbert Leung as Bronze Head
  • Lam Ho as Marco
  • Lam Kit as Polo
  • Liang Yueyun as Miao Kam Fung
  • Bobby Yip as Miao Yam Fung
  • Chen Hao

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