Lik goo lik goo dui dui pong (2007)


Lik goo lik goo dui dui pong (2007)

Gi, who wants to start up her business in Fu Gui Mall, needs to learn to play Taiwan mahjong to be part of the tenants there. All the other tenants teach her the techniques of the game but Fu Ho defeats Gi. However, he is impressed with her determination and rents a place to Gi. Meanwhile, Fu Ho's son, Sun Gui, returns to Hong Kong and is planning to take over the mall. He finds four mahjong experts to gamble with the tenants. Gi, Sam, Lam and the others lose their money and means of survival. Luckily, Lam finds
Hong Kong
IMDb   3.7 /10
TheMovieDb    6.6 /10
Director Marco Mak
Writer Shing-Mo Cheng
Writer Jan-Yu Ham
Writer Chiu-Wing Lam
Writer Ka-Ming Lau
Release Date2007-02-01
Runtime1h 30mins
Content Rating
CompanyBuddy Film, Century Creator Co. Ltd.
CountryHong Kong
Beauty Lam (as Dayo Wong)
Fortune Teller Cheung
Ling (as Yeuk-Lam Kong)
Lo Mong-tak
Rich Man Chiu
Mahjong player
Chiu-Wing Lam
Chiu-Wing Lam
TV director
Mahjong player
Hiu-Tung Lee
Hiu-Tung Lee
TV hostess
Beauty Lam's bra customer
Yu Ting
Yu Ting
Old Chow
Chiu's son (as Ho-Yin Wong)

House of Mahjong

House of Mahjong is a 2007 comedy film directed by Marco Mak and written by Shing Mo Cheng, Chiu-Wang Lam, and Ka-ming Lau. It was released in Hong Kong on 1 February 2007.


Tenants of a run-down old mall play mahjong with the owner for their rent, including Gigi (Rain Li), a sexy new tenant who learns the techniques for playing Taiwanese mahjong in order to fit in. While she loses to the owner Fu Ho, he is impressed with her determination and rents the lot out to her anyway.

However the owner's son (Raymond Wong Ho-yin) hates the tenants and thinks they take advantage of his father. His father, though, likes things just the way they are, especially since Gigi (Rain Li), who looks like his old flame, has opened up shop. His son plans to run them all out and remodel the mall, so he hires a mahjong master (Matt Chow) to destroy them in a tournament to avenge his father.

Finding four mahjong experts to gamble with the tenants, Gigi, Sam, Beauty, and the other tenants soon lose their money and means of survival. Unwilling to simply give up, the tenants of the mall rally together and hone their mahjong skills in order to keep their place in the mall.


  • Rain Li - Gigi
  • Dayo Wong
  • Tat-Ming Cheung - Fortune Teller Cheung
  • Matt Chow - Lo Mong-tak
  • Chun Chau Ha - Rich Man Chiu (Fu Ho)
  • Emily Kwan
  • Elanne Kwong - Ling
  • Amanda Lee Wai Man
  • Sam Lee - Sam
  • Candy Lo - Hung
  • Chi Wah Wong - Beauty Lam
  • Raymond Wong Ho-Yin - Chiu's son (Sun Gui)
  • On-on Yu

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