Jerusalem Syndrome (2008)


Jerusalem Syndrome (2008)
Le syndrome de Jerusalem (original title)

A young Israeli freshly returned from India who is madly in love with a Russian prostitute, decides to kidnap her from her Georgian pimp and in order to do so, he borrows a gun and steals a taxi. But problems start when he realizes that the cab is not empty and he finds himself dragging the passengers into his plot: a young and sexy soldier girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, a new age waitress on her way to a meditation festival, a yeshiva student conveying a sacred Streimel and a French civil servant who suffers from the Jersualem Syndrome and believes he is the Prophet Jonah.They join forces to free Ivana and starts running for their lives towards the desert, into a unique experience of tolerance, freedom and bonding.
IMDb   6.7 /10
Director Stéphane Bélaïsch
Director Emmanuel Naccache
Writer Stéphane Bélaïsch
Writer Emmanuel Naccache
Release Date2008-11-27
Runtime1h 33mins
Content Rating
Awards1 nomination.
CompanyChaos Films, Haim Buzaglo Productions, SDJ Productions
CountryFrance, Israel
LanguageFrench, Hebrew
The Inspector
Gala Kogan
Gala Kogan
Emmanuel Halpérin
Emmanuel Halpérin
Guy Adler
Guy Adler
Gilles Ben-David
Gilles Ben-David
Rabi Swarts
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen