Snow White: The Sequel (2007)


Snow White: The Sequel (2007)
Blanche Neige, la suite (original title)

Prince Charming was supposed to live long and happily with Snowwhite after kissing her back to live. However married life doesn't become them, given her lack of domestic skills and his prancing job. Soon each drifts to an affair, only the start of a whole series of perversions of various fairy tale characters' traditional good nature, such as the dwarfs acting as loan shark syndicate. The jealous 'good' fairy takes the cake, as motor of evil twists.
IMDb   4.7 /10
TheMovieDb    5.5 /10
Director Picha
Writer Tony Hendra
Writer Picha
Release Date2007-01-31
Runtime1h 22mins
GenreAnimation, Comedy
Content Rating
CompanyYC Alligator Film, Tchin Tchin Productions, Steve Walsh Productions
CountryBelgium, France, UK, Poland
LanguageEnglish, French
Blanche Neige / La Belle au Bois Dormant / Cendrillon (voice) (as Cécile De France)
Le Prince Charmant (voice)
La Bonne Fée (voice)
Les Sept Nains / Le Grand Veneur / Chanson des Sept Nains (voice)
Gérard Surugue
Gérard Surugue
Les Sept Nains (voice)
Benoît Allemane
Benoît Allemane
Le Narrateur (voice)
L'Ogre (voice)
François Barbin
François Barbin
La Bête (voice)
La Belle (voice)
Sasha Supera
Sasha Supera
Tom Pouce (voice)
Agathe Schumacher
Agathe Schumacher
Voix additionnelles (voice)
Voix additionnelles (voice)
Voix additionnelles (voice)
Olivier Cordina
Olivier Cordina
Voix additionnelles (voice)
Chansons de Blanche Neige (singing voice) (as Anaïs)

Snow White: The Sequel

Snow White: The Sequel (French: Blanche-Neige, la suite) is a 2007 Belgian/French/British adult animated comedy film directed by Picha. It is based on the fairy tale of Snow White and intended as a sequel to Disney's classic animated adaptation. However, like all of Picha's cartoons, the film is actually a sex comedy featuring a lot of bawdy jokes and sex scenes.


Prince Charming was supposed to live long and happily with Snow White after kissing her back to life. However the jealous 'good' fairy decides that she and the prince were meant to be, only the start of a whole series of perversions of various fairy tale characters' traditional good nature. The dwarfs (Horny, Grungy, Scumy, Filth, Funky, Spotty and Mental) suddenly become a greedy, blackmailing loan shark syndicate. Sleeping Beauty is now a hypocritical, overly virtuous, selfish Princess. Cinderella's case is more than just a 'rags to riches' story. The Prince must figure out how to deal with all of these problems and more to get back to his sweet, innocent, uncomplicated Snow White.


Original French Version

  • Cécile De France - Blanche-Neige / La Belle au Bois dormant / Cendrillon
  • Jean-Paul Rouve - Le Prince charmant
  • Marie Vincent - La Bonne fée
  • Jean-Claude Donda - Les sept nains / Le grand Veneur
  • Gérard Surugue - Les sept nains (voice)
  • Benoît Allemane - Narrateur (voice)
  • Marc Alfos - L'ogre (voice)
  • François Barbin - La Bête
  • Mona Walravens - La Belle
  • Anaïs - Blanche-Neige (singing voice)
  • Sasha Supera - Tom Pouce

Swedish Version

  • Mikael Håfström - Berättaren
  • Moa Gammel - Snövit / Askungen / Sovande Skönhet

Japanese Version

  • Hiro Shimono - Narētā (ナレッタ)
  • Megumi Toyoguchi - Shirayukihime (白雪姫) / Shinderera (シンデレラ) / Nemurerumorinobijo (眠れる森の美女)

English Version

  • Stephen Fry - The Narrator
  • Sally Ann Marsh - Snow White
  • Jackie Sheridan - Singing voice of Snow White
  • Simon Greenall as Prince Charming
  • Rik Mayall - The Seven Dwarves (Horny, Grungy, Funky, Scummy, Spotty, Filth, and Mental)
  • Michael Kilgarriff - Hannibal the Ogre
  • Shelley Blond - Cinderella
  • Lia Williams - Sleeping Beauty
  • Morwenna Banks - The Good Fairy
  • Robert Bathurst, Philip Bretherton, David Carling, April Ford, Tom George, Sarah Hadland, Vicki Hopps, Simon Schatzberger and Jimmy Hibbert as additional voices.

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